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Pros and Cons of Living in Los Angeles (all skeletons revealed)

Los-angeles-street Written by Marquette Carney

We’ve all heard tales about how amazing Los Angeles is. 

This city has been glamorized so much that you may believe it’s a magical place filled with flawless people with perfect lives. But with that blinding aura comes a fair amount of darkness. 

So keep reading while I reveal the truth of what you can expect when moving to LA.

Con #5, You’ll have to Fist-Fight Beautiful People for Work

A city as big as Los Angeles should have an endless supply of jobs, right?

Well, not really. 

Because although LA has a good amount of opportunities, it’s hard to ignore that the city is suffering from an unemployment rate of 11%.

That stat alone makes it technically one of the worst places to find a job. 

And just a word to the wise, if you spot an opportunity to work for the Kardashians, run. Just trust me on this. 

(btw if you want to watch the video version of this article, I included it below).

Con #4, You’ll Get Mercilessly Robbed (by your bills)

This should come as no surprise, but living in LA is quite expensive. 

Like, I’m talking make 6-figures and still frequently eat at McDonald’s type of expensive. 

Part of this is due to the rising home costs. The median price for a home is around $756,000. 

Listen, I remember when paying that much for a home was enough to get you onto an episode of MTV’s Cribs. 

Those were the good ol’ days. 

But now? We’re talking about a basic 2 bedroom setup. 

And house prices aren’t the only thing that will keep you up at night. The price of groceries, haircuts, entertainment, and just about anything else you can name are much higher in LA. 

In other words, only lottery winners should apply. 

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Con #3, Public Transportation is a Joke

If you’re a big fan of public transportation, you’ll experience a deep hatred for Los Angeles. 

The public transportation here might as well not even exist. 

That said, you’ll 100 percent need a car if you plan on moving to this expensive city. And if you already have a car and you think that it solves all your problems, I have 2 things I want you to know. 

  1. Gas prices in LA are some of the highest in the country. 
  2. Well, let’s just get make this the next con. 

Con #2, Living Here Requires a Comfortable Vehicle

Because you’ll spend A LOT of time in your car.

If there’s one thing that LA is known for it’s for its legendarily bad traffic. 

I mean, traffic here is so bad that it might take you an hour to check the mail. 

And just to put a hard number on how bad it is, residents have been said to spend over 100 hours in their cars per year. 

When I tell you that I would 100 percent drive off of one of those beautiful cliffs if that were me, I truly mean it. 

Con #1, Your New Friends may not have a House

One of the worst things about living in LA is just how bad the homeless problem is. 

And what makes this problem even worse is that it’s unavoidable. It’s not one of those things you can just pretend like doesn’t exist. 

That’s because it’s in your face every single day. And the contrast of seeing an unhoused person one second and a face that’s been botoxed to oblivion can make you feel sick to your stomach.

Which, for many LA newcomers, may lead to regret.  

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Pro #5, Unforgettable Weather

The weather in LA is one of those things that can quickly get you hooked on the city. 

Like, knowing that LA has good weather is one thing. But experiencing it is entirely different. This place gets around 284 days of sunshine per year. 

Making for gorgeous views that might make you forget you’re stuck in traffic. 

And while the weather here isn’t really diverse, you’ll be able to find diversity literally everywhere else. 

Pro #4, Diverse Experiences

One notable thing about LA is that there is a ton of diversity. 

To give you an idea, 48 percent of residents are Hispanic, and 28% are white. This effectively makes it the 2nd most diverse city in the US after New York. 

It’s easy to see that by moving here, meeting interesting people will be the least of your worries. 

But before you go out there making a ton of friends, try to make sure they live near you. And by that, I mean literally live down the street. 

Because a 15-mile drive in LA can quickly turn into an hour-long commute. You’ve been warned. 

Speaking of being close, if you decide to move to LA, it’s best to use a realtor in the area. So here’s a list of the best real estate agents in Los Angeles.

Pro #3, You’ll Never Be Bored

Now, this is where LA will really spoil you. 

Because there’s almost an infinite amount of things you can do while in the city. 

Everything from art exhibits, museums, festivals, and beaches. To parks, professional sports games, and celebrity tours. 

But one of the best things to do in LA requires a knife and fork. 

Speaking of which. 

Pro #2, You might Gain Happy Weight

LA is ranked as having one of the best food scenes year after year. And for good reason. 

The key to why people love to dine in this city so much is due to the variety. 

You’ll find both Michelin star restaurants here as well as fantastic cheaper options. 

Plus, the different neighborhoods in the city tend to focus on different cultures. So you’ll be able to dine on a variety of ethnic cuisine. 

I’m talking about everything from Ethiopian to Persian food that can be experienced here. 

For me, this is the only reason why I’d ever be caught dead in LA traffic. 

Pro #1, You’ll Live Among Dreamers

While there are many reasons to move to LA. The number 1 reason remains that it’s the place where dreams come true. 

If you’re looking to get into the entertainment industry, there simply is no better place. Best of all, you’ll be surrounded by other people who also are trying to make it. Giving you a deep sense of community. 

Sure, the odds aren’t great that you’ll become the next big thing. But you certainly won’t regret moving to such a beautiful lively place and giving it a shot. 

Worst case scenario you’ll fail at your dream while chowing down on the best food mankind has created. 

I’d say that still makes you a winner. 

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