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Key takeaways

  • California is a great place for anyone wanting perfect weather and endless opportunities to explore.
  • The state has a huge homeless problem that’s only getting worse. So you might want to move to a place where this is less of an issue.
  • The state has a highly rated public school rating so moving here with kids can be an excellent decision.

Should You Move to California?

Known for its perfect weather, movie business, and popular tourist attractions, California is considered to be one of the most beloved states in the US. Many states claim to have something for everyone, but California is one of the few that over delivers on that promise. 

However, considering how popular the state has become, you’re almost guaranteed to pay a higher cost of living here than almost anywhere else. Not to mention moving here destines you to experience nightmarish traffic and unavoidable natural disasters. 

But even with those downsides, many people claim that they’ll never leave the state. And if you’re considering making the move, make sure to keep reading while we cover some important details of what it’s like to live in California.

California’s Housing Market

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Get To Know California

What is the population of California?

Currently, 39.35 million people call the state of California home. But it should be known that a lot of people are leaving the state due to its high cost of living.

What are the employment opportunities in California?

Finding a job in this state can be challenging. In fact, the Bureau of labor statistics has found California to be the fourth hardest state to find full time employment (which probably plays into why there are so many homeless people). 

Just to be clear, if you’re looking for entry level work it’ll be relatively easy to find a job. But finding a quality job with decent pay will most likely take some time.

How are the schools in California?

California is one of three states that has earned an “A” for its quality education. This ranking primarily focuses on the quality of the public school system. 

But it should also be noted that the state has a few highly rated colleges. Namely UCLA and Berkely.

What are the healthcare options in California?

California ranks in the top 10 states with the best healthcare. And while this is good news for residents, it should be noted that it also ranks as the 16th most expensive state for healthcare.

How is the weather in California?

One of the best things about living in California is the near-perfect weather conditions. The state has a Mediterranean-like climate. These conditions include warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

What is there to do in California?

When you’re not busy fending off the homeless, California can be a great place to soak up the sun and go on an adventure. 

The state is full of excitement. You can check our Disneyland if you’re a sucker for nostalgia, or head over to Hollywood to see some movie magic. 

But if you have more simple interests, there’s tons of outdoor activities to enjoy in California. The state has a number of popular beaches but residents have also been known to go hiking, surfing, and even fishing. 

This section couldn’t possibly cover all the fun activities in California. Just know that you could go years without being bored once.

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