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Key takeaways

  • Los Angeles real estate is some of the priciest in the nation, making the right LA realtor all the more important for home buyers.
  • Despite its current high price, property values in Los Angeles are still on the rise, creating ideal conditions for homeowners looking to sell.
  • Homes in Los Angeles typically stay on the market for 47 days, which is a bit higher than the national average. An experienced Los Angeles realtor may be able to negotiate a lower listing price for buyers if homes are not sold in a timely manner.

Top Real Estate Agents In Los Angeles

With thousands of people migrating to the City of Angels every year, Los Angeles consistently holds its place as the second largest city in the nation. Residents love Los Angeles for its diverse neighborhoods, spread out locations, and beautiful weather year-round.

Homes in Los Angeles—and California as a whole—are considered some of the priciest properties in the country. While finding an affordable home in LA isn’t impossible, the right Los Angeles realtor with their extensive expertise can make a huge difference in your search.

Los Angeles’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


Before you rush into La La Land’s competitive housing market, it’s important to equip yourself with a little real estate knowledge. Along with the help of a top realtor in Los Angeles, these figures will ensure a smoother process for both home buyers and sellers:

  • DataUSA reports the median household income for Los Angeles at $62,474—slightly above the national average of $61,937.
  • With higher incomes come higher property values. The average home price in Los Angeles falls just below $800,000—a 10% increase from the previous year.
  • Homes in Los Angeles stay on the market for an average of 47 days—much longer than the national average of 25 days. This may give buyers a chance to negotiate lower prices on homes that are waiting to be sold.

Best Buyer Agents In Los Angeles

The best way to navigate Tinseltown’s high-price luxury homes is by hiring an experienced realtor in Los Angeles. Buyers can fill our form to discover an agent in the area, and may be linked with one of these top LA realtors:

Karen Anderson

With 24 years of experience and over 500 successful real estate transactions, it’s no surprise that 85% of Karen Anderson’s clientele are returning customers and referrals. Karen specializes in helping buyers by getting them pre-approved and helping them plan for future real estate purchases.

Tami Pardee

With over 900 positive reviews, 484 of them praised Tami Pardee for her help with purchasing a home. Tami is truly committed to the Los Angeles community, with her hard work as a realtor and founding of multiple housing charities. She is owner of Halton, Pardee, & Partners, which has sold over $4 million worth of real estate in Los Angeles.

Steven Hill

As a top buyer agent, all of Steven Hill’s reviews have been five-star rated. Steven specializes in some of LA’s most popular neighborhoods, including Glendale, West Hollywood, and Burbank.

Best Seller Agents In Los Angeles

Though LA is currently a seller’s market, houses here tend to stay listed for longer than the national average. A top real estate agent in Los Angeles can help homeowners sell their property quickly and turn a higher profit. 

By filling out our seller’s form, you’ll discover the right agent to meet your needs. A few of the best names in Los Angeles real estate include:

Stephanie Vitacco

Throughout her career, Stephanie Vitacco has sold over 6,000 Los Angeles homes. According to Homelight, Stephanie sells homes 47% faster than the average LA area realtor. As a seller agent, Stephanie always tries to get her clients top value for their property—she even managed to sell a home for 14% above listing price in July of 2020.

Arto Poladian

Arto Poladian is one of the area’s most recommended seller agents for Los Angeles county. Since 2013, he has earned over 300 five-star reviews from clients. As a listing agent, Arto is consistently praised as the best realtor in Los Angeles for his knowledge and negotiation skills.

Stephanie Younger

Stephanie Younger prides herself on her communication skills. She believes that streamlining information between clients, legal advisors, and escrow officers is the best way to get a home sold quickly and efficiently. With over 400 positive reviews and 9 sales in the last year, the numbers don’t lie when it comes to Stephanie’s real estate skills.

Get To Know Los Angeles

Before you jump into the world of LA real estate, it’s important to familiarize yourself with other parts of the city. Here are a few tips every Los Angeles homeowner should know:

What is the population of Los Angeles?

The population of Los Angeles falls just short of 4 million. For the entire Los Angeles metro area, the population encompasses 12.8 million people.

What are the employment opportunities in Los Angeles?

Though LA is known as the capital of the entertainment industry, Angelinos work in a wide variety of other fields. Some of Los Angeles’ biggest employers include the University of Southern California, the Department of Water and Power, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

How are the schools in Los Angeles?

With over 1,693 schools, Los Angeles has plenty of options regarding education. In Los Angeles county, residents have their choice of 768 elementary schools, 487 middle schools, and 365 high schools.

What are the healthcare options in Los Angeles?

There are more than 80 hospitals in the Los Angeles area, including the highly rated UCLA Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and Stanford Healthcare Hospital.

Are there natural disasters in Los Angeles?

Due to its location and weather patterns, Los Angeles is at higher risk of earthquakes, wildfires, and landslides than other parts of the country.

What is there to do in Los Angeles?

Outdoor lovers can take a hike or bike ride through one of LA’s 132 nature trails. If you’re looking for some fun with a little less dirt, take a studio tour of Paramount, Warner Bros., or Universal. Angelinos can also grab a bite to eat at popular restaurants like Catch LA, Dave’s Hot Chicken, or Teddy’s Red Tacos.

Hottest Zip Codes

Los Angeles is incredibly diverse—making each neighborhood feel like a city of their own. A better understanding of LA geography will be crucial to successfully buying or selling a home. 


Located in oceanside Santa Monica, Niche rates this the #1 zip code in Los Angeles. With close proximity to the beach, highly rated schools nearby, and a popular nightlife, this urban suburb is a great place to call home.


Also known as Larchmont Village, this adorable neighborhood is one of the few walkable areas in the city of Los Angeles. With a lively strip of small businesses and plenty of beautiful homes, residents love this zip code for its quiet convenience.


If you’re searching for an affordable suburb, look no further than Encino, CA. Located in the San Fernando valley, Encino offers family-sized homes for lower prices than some of LA’s other neighborhoods. The suburban environment of this zip code is perfect for Angelinos who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Find Your Los Angeles Real Estate Agent

By using your knowledge of the market, and the help of a real estate agent in Los Angeles, it’s possible to make your property dreams a reality in California’s largest city. Once you’ve found the perfect house and signed the paperwork, your new life in La La Land can begin. 

Let us know whether you’re looking to buy or sell on our form, and we’ll help you begin your journey into Los Angeles real estate, today.