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Pros and Cons of Moving to Lakewood, CO

Lakewood-City Written by Marquette Carney

Ok, I’m pretty sure you’re very curious about the little city of Lakewood Colorado. 

Either that or you have absolutely no clue how to use YouTube. 

But considering you’re here for the right reasons, you absolutely should be curious about this city. Because Lakewood is one of Colorado’s most beloved locations. 

Sure, it’s not perfect, but many people call this place home for a reason. 

But, if you’re on the fence about moving to this area, then you should stick around. 

Because in this video, I’ll share all the need-to-know pros and cons of Lakewood so you can make up your mind. 

Let’s get started.

Con #4, Weather

Ok, how do I put this?

You know how most people have that one crazy ex that was always all over the place emotionally?

Well, that’s how the weather is in Lakewood. 

Now don’t misunderstand me. I not saying the weather here will charge at you with a steak knife like my ex-girlfriend Tiffany–who last I heard was on the run so call the number in the description if you have any details on her whereabouts. 

Where was I? Oh, the weather. Yea, the weather here sometimes can be unpredictable. Snowstorms can take you by surprise during the winter and Thunderstorms also can scare the living crap out of you when you least expect them. 

But the worst surprise of all is the hail. It’s nearly impossible to predict how big these ice cubes of satan will be before they fall from the heavens. So if living with that constant fear is too much for your feeble little heart, then Lakewood may not be for you. 

Con #3, Cost of living

Let me be frank. You’re gonna need Cliff Huxtable money if you want to live comfortably in Lakewood. 

The cost of living here is around 7% higher than the national average. And when you combine that with the high inflation the country is currently facing, it can mean spending a lot more on everyday goods and services. 

If you happen to not have that type of money but still want to make the move, I highly suggest packing a few ski masks in your Uhaul. 

Just so we’re clear, I’m telling you to rob people. This is definitely financial advice.

Con #2, Traffic

150,000 people currently call Lakewood home. And the number is expected to rise as more transplant residents move to the area. 

And you know what that means–traffic. 

Lakewood happens to be surrounded by some of Colorado’s most busy highways. So trying to commute during Rush Hour is almost laughable. 

I know, I know. I hate traffic too. It almost makes me wish Thanos actually existed so half of these lunatics would be snapped away. 

Con #1, Altitude sickness

If you live in Lakewood you can pretty much consider yourself an astronaut. Because the altitude is so high here, one good trampoline jump will throw you out of the atmosphere in no time.

The city’s height is around 5,518. And if you’re not used to being this high up, you’ll need to get acclimated. 

But don’t worry, this is an easily solvable problem. Just drink a good amount of water during your first few weeks at this higher altitude and you’ll be fine. 

And try to avoid any activities that’ll make you get even higher. Yea, that includes mary jane. 

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Ok, now let’s check out some pros of living in Lakewood.

Pro #4, Affordability

Ok, a quick caveat. 

The homes here are definitely higher than the national average. However, when you compare them to other homes in Colorado, living arrangements in Lakewood are definitely cheaper. 

It’s for this reason that many people are leaving Denver to move to Lakewood. 

Like I said earlier, you may need a ski mask to live in Colorado in general, but you’ll need to use it less often if you choose Lakewood as your home. 

Pro #3, Events

I’d bet my bottom dollar that you won’t get bored in Lakewood. 

Why? Because the city has a good number of events that are sure to keep you entertained. 

Events such as Cidar Days. Which is an annual fall celebration where you can experience apple pressing, tractor pulls, and much more. 

On Earth Day you can have a blast listening to live music, trying out the beer garden, and climbing challenging walls. 

There’s also a plethora of farmers’ markets that offer fresh food during the summertime. 

It’s safe to say that living in Lakewood will teach you how to have fun. 

But it’s not the only thing it’ll teach you…

Pro #2, Good schools

Lakewood has around 100 schools that range from public schools, charter schools and private academies. 

But vast numbers of schools isn’t why I bring this up. 

I bring it up because Lakewood has been known to have high-quality schools. For example, Jefferson County R1 schools have been known to perform at or above the national average. 

And we all know how much living in a good school district can up your property value. So this is just another reason why moving to Lakewood is a good move. 

That is assuming little Timmy isn’t as dumb as a pile of bricks. 

Pro #1, Proximity to Denver

Ok, this has to be the number one reason why people love Lakewood. 

When it comes to Colorado, Denver is the place to be. Which is obvious wants you learn that it has over 700,000 residents. 

The city is huge and obviously has many amenities at its disposal. However, it can be expensive. So not everyone has the pockets to live in such a city. 

So what’s the next best thing? Moving to Lakewood. 

Lakewood is only a 10-30 minute drive away from Denver. So you can easily enjoy the many job opportunities and activities that Denver has to offer without paying the hefty price tag.

All in all, I’d say this city is the perfect place in Colorado to call home. 

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