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10 Things to Know Before Moving to PROSPER, TX

Written by Zach Spanton

About 35,000 people call the hamlet of Prosper, Texas home. It’s located about 35 miles from Dallas’s central business district. The town is expanding at a rapid pace. Great schools, fantastic dining options, and proximity to major cities make it an attractive location.

Prosper, Texas, has been an increasingly desirable place to live in recent years. Many individuals are moving to Prosper from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so you might be asking if it’s the perfect choice for you if you’re already there and want a more peaceful place to settle down. Let’s check out ten things to know before moving to Prosper, Texas.

1. Prosper Independent School District is a stellar school system

Prosper has built a brand new, massive school, and the existing ones are excellent. Their educational institutions are highly competitive with a great focus on athletics. 

Four middle schools, two high schools, and fourteen elementary schools make up the Prosper Independent School District, which is home to over 22,000 students and over 2,600 teachers and other personnel. 

The graduation rate of Prosper High School was 99.1 percent in 2020. The high graduation rate in Prosper and the surrounding Dallas area is typical of the state of Texas, which places a premium on education. 

A second option is Collin College, which serves over 53,000 students through its 100+ degree and certification programs. Although there are other institutions in the northern part of Texas, Collin County does not have any public colleges other than this one. 

2. Eat at The Brass Tap or Hana Hibachi & Sushi

Prosper offers a wide variety of cuisines to suit every taste, whether it’s Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Pizza, Subs, or something else entirely. In general, Texan cuisine is fantastic, but if you visit Prosper or other suburbs of Dallas, you’re in for a real treat. 

Some of the many dining options in Prosper include Eddie’s Napolis, Hana Hibachi & Sushi, The Brass Tap, Prosper Pantry, and lots more.

3. The Dallas area is home to many firms

The expansion of firms brings about a rise in work prospects, among other advantages. Living in the Prosper, Texas area is practically guaranteed employment. Just in the past year, more than twenty-one firms have relocated to Texas, with the majority settling in the surrounding Greater Dallas area.  Anybody looking to relocate to Prosper or the adjacent Dallas suburbs will be pleased to hear that. 

The fact that the economy improves as a whole is just another advantage of Dallas—and Prosper in particular—luring new enterprises. It’s a win-win situation for sure. 

4. Prosper is home to master-planned communities

One feature that sets Prosper apart from other places is the prevalence of master-planned neighborhoods. These neighborhoods boast first-rate conveniences and are the envy of their surroundings. Incredible mansions aside, these communities offer fitness classes, social gatherings, a complex of sports courts, swimming pools, playgrounds (including ones for dogs), paths (sometimes even a beach) for hiking and bicycling, and a plethora of parks.

Many Prosper residents rank Windsong Ranch among their favorite master-planned communities. Homebuyers, particularly those from other states, are taking notice of this area, which boasts a stunning beach and shoreline. 

5. Traffic is a problem

In Prosper, congestion on Highway 380 is a real problem at peak hours due to the area’s rapid population increase. You could be delayed for a considerable amount of time due to excessive traffic. Thus, you should factor it into your timetable planning in Prosper.

Knowing that, though, makes finding solutions and making preparations much easier. This shouldn’t be taken as a major issue, but it is something to keep in mind. 

6. No state income tax

With an average household income of approximately $147,000, the absence of a state income tax in Texas is a significant advantage. The fact that one does not have to pay state taxes results in a significant amount of money being saved. 

For people who are migrating to Texas, Christmas has just become a lot more enjoyable this year. 

7. The cost of living is 11% higher than the national average

Prosper thrives as an affluent town, with a cost of living approximately 17% higher than the Texas average, primarily due to elevated home prices. The city has a cost of living index of 111.

The typical property here hovers around $789,301, significantly surpassing the state’s and national average. Nevertheless, these upscale residences, often situated on expansive lots and with generous square footage, solidify Prosper’s real estate as a lucrative and worthwhile investment.

8. Prosper is a safe city to live in

Prosper maintains lower crime rates compared to the entire United States. Recent statistics indicate a violent crime rate of 11.2, significantly below the national average of 22.7. Similarly, the property crime rate stands at 21.6, contrasting with the US average of 35.4. 

These figures imply that Prosper offers a notably safer environment than numerous other regions across the country, appealing to those in search of tranquility and safety.

9. The climate is hot and humid

In Prosper, Texas, the weather is characterized by a hot and humid climate. Summer temperatures typically hover in the low 90s, while winters bring cooler weather, with highs reaching only the mid-60s. 

Throughout the year, there’s ample rainfall, especially during the summer, attributed to frequent thunderstorms. Spring and fall are drier and milder, making these seasons perfect for exploring this city. Prosper only gets 1 inch of snow a year, so you won’t be doing any shoveling here.

10. Visit the Gentle Creek Country Club

A fantastic destination for families in Prosper is the Gentle Creek Country Club. This family-friendly club offers various activities catering to all ages, including golfing on their pristine course, swimming in the pool, and enjoying delicious meals at the onsite restaurant. 

The club frequently hosts family-oriented events, providing a vibrant social setting and ample opportunities for both relaxation and recreation for everyone in the family.

Final Thoughts

Prosper, Texas offers a desirable lifestyle with top-notch schools, diverse dining options, and proximity to major cities. The area’s booming economy and planned communities provide upscale living, but escalating traffic on Highway 380 can be a hassle. Despite the absence of state income tax, the cost of living, especially housing, stands significantly higher than the national average. However, the town boasts low crime rates, a pleasant climate, and family-friendly attractions.

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