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Pros and Cons of Moving to Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis-city Written by Marquette Carney

Welcome to Indianapolis Indiana. 

This big city has been known to capture the hearts of many people. But it’s also been known to deter others. 

So in today’s video, I plan to put on my Sherlock Holmes thinking cap so I can unearth what makes this city special, along with what skeletons might be hiding in its closet. 

So buckle up Watson, and let’s get started!

Con #4, Weather

While it’s true you can experience all 4 seasons in Indianapolis, which we’ll get to later, there’s one season in particular that will have you cursing Jack Frosts’ name. 

And that season is winter. 

Pretty much the only thing to do in Indianapolis during the winter is to hibernate. Because not only does it get frigidly cold here but the winter season pretty much shuts down life as we know it. 

Going outside in these conditions will it force you to embrace Eskimo habits. But not only that,  you’ll also have to endure extremely poor road conditions. 

You see, Indianapolis has a reputation for having bad roads which are mainly due to the constant freezing and thawing that give way to potholes. 

My point is, if you have a problem with staying indoors for an entire season, this may not be the city for you. 

Con #3, Public transportation

Listen, folks, you will not be living a car-free life when moving to Indianapolis. 

Saying this city technically has public transportation is like me saying technically I’m a chef because I can make a mean bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.

Sure, the city has a public bus. But considering you likely won’t live anywhere near a bus stop you’ll need to catch a ride just to catch the bus. 

The bus system is called Indygo, but considering the situation, I recommend the name be changed to Catch22. 

But even if you don’t mind needing a car to live in this city, I promise this next con might make you rethink things. 

Con #2, Traffic

You may expect a city located in the midwest wouldn’t have bad traffic. 


And that’s because Indianapolis is home to 2.5 million residents. And they all have places to be. That means you can definitely expect plenty of honking horns and brake lights to be in your near future. 

Don’t get me wrong, comparing the traffic here to cities like New York is laughable. But just because the traffic here isn’t the worst in the world, doesn’t mean you won’t spend a lot of time looking at another vehicle’s butthole. 

Con #1, Boring landscape

It’s safe to say that the landscape in Indianapolis is, well, yawn-inducing. 

This city doesn’t really have any rolling hills, mountains, a large body of water, or really anything that would make outdoor activities enjoyable. 

This isn’t really surprising considering it’s located in the midwest. But you’d be amazed at how many people expect more variety when they visit the city. 

However, this might be a pro if you’re like me and don’t really care about outdoor activities. 

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Ok, now let’s check out some pros of moving to Indianapolis.

Pro #4, Four Seasons

No, I’m not talking about the overpriced hotel. 

But rather, I’m speaking about how the city of Indianapolis allows you to experience 4 distinct seasons when living there. 

This means you’ll get to see leaves change colors during the fall, take your shirt off during the summer, sneeze during the spring, and get a white Christmas. 

What more could you ask for?

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Pro #3, Cost of living

One of the best things about living in Indianapolis is you get most of the pros of living in a big city without the price tag. 

Because living here is really affordable. 

It’s been voted the 48th most affordable city in the US. This means prices here aren’t really below the national average, but they’re also not above the national average. 

You’ll find that the housing here is affordable whether you want to live in the city or prefer more suburban areas. 

And speaking of suburbs

Pro #2, Suburb living

This pretty much piggybacks off the last point, but if you’re someone raising a family and want a more quiet place to live, then Indianapolis is perfect. 

You will have the slow-paced lifestyle of the suburbs, but you’ll have many big-city amenities at your disposal. 

Indianapolis really offers the best of both worlds. 

But what really makes it special is the suburban living paired with the endless options of entertainment. 

Which brings me to the next pro. 

Pro #1, Things to do

It’s safe to say that when living in this city, it’s impossible to run out of fun activities. 

For starters, the city is known for professional sports. 

You’ll be able to go to games to see teams like the Indianapolis Colts, and the Indiana Pacers, and even attend the Indianapolis 500 where you’ll never see my face because I couldn’t care less about car races.

But even if you’re not a sports fanatic, you’ll still have plenty of options. 

Downtown Indianapolis is pretty large and compact. And there are tons of activities you can do within walking distance. 

You can check out the numerous museums, restaurants, the always busy convention center, and of course, the handful of sports arenas. 

If you ask me, downtown Indianapolis more than makes up for the lack of outdoor activities in the city. 

And that about does it!

I hope you enjoyed this video and learn a few surprising facts about Indianapolis. 

If you found the video valuable, make sure to drop a like and subscribe to our channel for more content. 

Until next time!

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