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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Warwick, RI

Written by Leigh Cooper

The lovely city of Warwick, Rhode Island, is located about twelve miles south of Providence’s downtown. The second-largest in Rhode Island, this city has been around since 1642. 

Warwick has a rich colonial past and is famous for its proximity to saltwater beaches. Warwick is a popular place to live because it is the site of Rhode Island’s main airport.

Are you thinking of moving to this city? This guide tells you ten things to know before moving to Warwick, RI!

1. Live in Oakland Beach, Gaspee Point, or Norwood

Oakland Beach, Pilgrim Park, Conimicut, Pawtuxet Village, Gaspee Point, Pawtuxet Village, and Norwood

are some of the loveliest communities in Warwick. Living in Oakland Beach is a great choice if you enjoy the ocean and great restaurants. Conimicut is a wonderful spot for retirees to buy waterfront property. 

Apartments and condos make up the majority of Gaspee Point, which is somewhat commercial. Many people travel to Pawtuxet Village to see the annual procession and sample the delicious cuisine that the village is famous for. 

Norwood is the most outstanding choice if you are seeking a family-friendly neighborhood in Warwick. For anyone seeking a more suburban lifestyle, Pilgrim Park is the ideal Warwick community to consider. 

2. It rains a lot in Warwick

No matter the time of year, Warwick residents can count on mild temperatures. Warwick seldom gets unbearably hot, with average highs of 37°F in January and 83°F in July. Lows in Warwick typically range from 21°F in January to 64°F in July. 

It rains a lot in Warwick as well, usually between six and nine days a month. From November to May, Warwick experiences the heaviest rainfall. Living here will allow you to experience all four seasons, with the added bonus of snowfall around Christmas Time. But the high humidity makes it seem hotter than it actually is during the summer.

3. Have fun at Rocky Point State Park or Launch Trampoline Park with the family

Is your family exploring kid-friendly activities in Warwick? In terms of customer service and security, Launch Trampoline Park is second to none. Rest assured, this is an amazing, family-friendly trip that is perfect for any season, thanks to the 500+ excellent ratings on Google. The price to jump is $18 for an hour or $28 for two hours.

One must-see Warwick monument is Rocky Point State Park, which houses historic sculptures and artifacts from the former amusement park. Locals and tourists alike flock there nowadays to explore the site’s past and have fun in the park’s open spaces. 

There are few things that Warwick has to offer that families can’t enjoy. Get ready for some top-notch Warwick sightseeing!

4. Eat at Iggy’s Boardwalk or Top of the Bay

In search of a tasty meal? Head on over to these award-winning favorites.

Warwick’s Iggy’s Boardwalk is an excellent choice for families with young children. Enjoy a meal with a view while they serve up traditional seafood dishes. The restaurant’s location on the water ensures that the seafood is fresh, so you can enjoy your meal with confidence. You can tell it’s good since Iggy’s has over a thousand positive reviews and a 4.6-star rating on Google.

A romantic dinner for two awaits at Top of the Bay, a restaurant in Warwick. Steaks, wines, and seafood are served at this casual restaurant. You won’t find a more picturesque spot with a view of the bay for a romantic dinner for two. Locals love it for date night, and Google users agree—the restaurant has 800 reviews with 4.2 ratings.

5. Travel to nearby Providence for work

Warwick is home to 43,606 workers and an average wage of $64,000. Executive housekeeping, catering sales manager, and corporate travel sales manager are the top three occupations in this city, but the job market isn’t particularly diverse.

Thankfully, Providence is also home to a sizable workforce. People in Warwick often travel to Providence for work, which is 21 miles away.

6. Attend Community College of Rhode Island

Warwick is highly sought after due to its excellent educational institutions. Among the top schools in the area are Sherman, Holden, Warwick Neck, Greenwood, and Scott Schools. Additionally, Warwick features renowned private options like Bishop Hendricken High School and St. Francis of Assisi School. 

The stellar reputation of both public and private schools has led to a significant influx of individuals choosing Warwick for its educational opportunities. Moreover, for further studies, residents often pursue education at the Community College of Rhode Island.

7. Learn about the city’s history at Warwick City Hall, Apponaug Village, or the Warwick Museum of Art

Relocating to Warwick will, to put it mildly, satisfy your interest in history. With a rich history that dates back centuries, Warwick is the second-oldest city in Rhode Island. Much of the city’s history, which goes all the way back to the American Revolutionary War, has been preserved so that both inhabitants and visitors can enjoy it. 

Warwick City Hall, Apponaug Village, and the Warwick Museum of Art are some of the must-see attractions in the area. Visiting the colonial era is like stepping into another world!

8. The city is bike-friendly

Few people know this, but Warwick is really bike-friendly. Fifty km of bike lanes are available for leisure and transportation inside the city. 

Whether you’re an eco-conscious commuter or you just love a nice, leisurely bike ride, Warwick is pedal-friendly, which is a major plus. Get on your two-wheeler, zoom down the beautiful roads, and welcome to a more active lifestyle!

Warwick, Rhode Island is famous for its picturesque scenery, which includes miles of shoreline framed by luscious countryside. 

The coast of Warwick is adorned by stunning marinas and tranquil beaches situated near the mouth of Narragansett Bay. This city is the perfect coastal retreat for those who enjoy water sports, sailing, or simply lounging on the beach. The beach at Goddard State Park is still a favorite among residents; it’s the ideal location for a picnic or sunny day.

10. Living costs are 5% more than the national average

Compared to the rest of the country, Warwick is currently 5% more costly. But Warwick is actually 3% cheaper than the typical Rhode Island home. The cost of living is slightly buffed up due to groceries, transportation, and utility costs.

Warwick is a cost-effective location to live in if you are already planning to make Rhode Island your permanent home. Real estate in Warwick typically sells for around $364,360.

In Conclusion

Warwick, RI, presents an attractive mix of history, neighborhoods, and coastal beauty. Its diverse communities, family-friendly activities, and biking infrastructure make it appealing. Yet, the frequent rainfall and living costs higher than the national average are factors to consider. 

Still, its proximity to Providence for work and excellent educational opportunities add to Warwick’s appeal for those seeking history, coastal living, and community amenities. 

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