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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Southlake, TX

Written by Aislyn Hobbs

Located primarily in Tarrant County but also extending into small parts of Denton County, Southlake, Texas is a posh Dallas/Fort Worth suburb. Southlake was not incorporated until 1956, following the completion of Grapevine Lake construction, although the area had been inhabited since the 1840s, when it comprised the Whites Chapel, Dove, Union Church, and Jellico communities. 

Southlake experienced fast population growth in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s due to its proximity to DFW International Airport, which was established in the 1970s and transformed the area from rural to urban. Southlake Town Square, a retail precinct with more than 800,000 square feet of space, is one of the city’s most recognizable features today. Other notable features include beautiful neighborhoods, excellent schools, and an exceptional quality of life.

Let’s talk about ten things to do before moving to Southlake, Texas!

1. Housing costs in Southlake are almost triple the national average

The cost of living in Southlake is a bit tricky. While utilities, healthcare, groceries, and transportation all cost lower than the national average in this city, housing is quite exorbitant, with Southlake’s median home price pegging at $1,164,836. 

So while you might easily afford all other stuff in Southlake, the housing can be quite steep.

2. Live in South Ridge Lakes, Palomar Estates, or Cambridge Place

Southlake is home to a wide variety of wonderful neighborhoods, and some of them are mentioned below.

Approximately forty-five homes will make up the Palomar Estates development, which is situated in northwest Southlake in Carrollton. The average lot size is approximately 1.3 acres and the prices of homes in the neighborhood range from $900,000 to $1.7 million. Situated inside the exceptional Southlake-Carroll ISD school system, this community is conveniently close to the DFW airport. 

South Ridge Lakes is a neighborhood in south-central Southlake that was developed in the 1990s and is home to approximately 400 custom-built homes. Homeowners can enjoy the neighborhood’s clubhouse, swimming pools (including a competition pool and a wading pool), playgrounds, sports facilities (basketball and volleyball), eight lakes, and more. Located within a short distance from DFW Airport, South Ridge Lakes offers convenient access to both Fort Worth and Dallas. 

Cambridge Place is a neighborhood in East Southlake that was built in the late 90s and early 2000s and features approximately 145 mansions with prices ranging from $450,000 to $1.1 million. A pond, jogging, and cycling trails, a playground for kids, and a neighborhood park are all part of it. If you’re looking for a great Italian restaurant on Ira E. Woods Ave., Cambridge Place is only a seven-minute walk away.

3. It’s really hot in Southlake

During the steamy “hot season,” when Southlake’s average daily temperatures soar beyond 88°F, heat seekers will be perfectly satisfied. While August’s average temperature is 95°F and lows are still a hot 75°F, it’s probably best to spend the whole month indoors, air-conditioned, if you’re not a fan of heat.

No need to fret over seemingly endless winters in Southlake, thanks to a short cool season that begins at the tail end of November and continues well into February, with temperatures ranging from 37°F to 57°F. Since less than an inch of snow falls on average in Southlake, you should not expect to see much of it.

4. Go shopping at The Shops of Southlake or Southlake Town Square

There is more than plenty to choose from if you want to kill a few hours window browsing or max out your credit card on a weekend! 

The Shops of Southlake on E. Southlake Blvd. and Southlake Town Square on Grand Ave. are two excellent examples of luxury retail, eating, and entertainment venues in the area. For a one-stop shop for health and fitness, continue down E. Southlake Blvd. a little distance to the Village at Timarron.

5. Work in the management, sales, or financial sectors

Anyone seeking employment will find a plethora of options in and around Southlake. In this city, the average annual salary is $240,248. Management, sales, and commercial and financial occupations make up the bulk of the local labor force. 

Sabre Holders, TD Ameritrade, Carroll ISD, Gateway Church, and Keller Williams are among the most well-known employers. 

6. Southlake is home to The King’s University and Southlake Carroll Independent School District 

The biggest school district in Southlake is Southlake Carroll. Over 1,100 people fill out the staff at these eleven schools, which educate 7,800 students in grades k-12. The Clariden School and Fusion Academy Southlake are two of the eight private schools in Southlake, which together educate more than 400 kids.

Located on E. Southlake Blvd., The King’s University is an evangelical, accredited institution of higher learning in Southlake. There are a number of public libraries in the Southlake region, including the City of Southlake Public Library, that students can use for free.

7. Eat at Calabrese or Malai Kitchen

Southlake is a paradise for foodies, with an eclectic array of restaurants serving up delectable dishes from around the world. Whether you’re craving traditional Italian at Calabrese or the Southeast Asian specialties at Malai Kitchen, you’re sure to find the perfect dish. 

Serving delicious food since 2001, Feedstore BBQ has become a Southlake restaurant. Famous pork ribs, sliced brisket, and chicken fried steak are among the menu’s highlights. 

8. Enjoy nature at Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve, Bicentennial Park, or Central Park

With more than 1,100 acres, Southlake is proud to provide its inhabitants with a wide variety of parks and recreational areas where they can relax and enjoy nature. Picnicking or jogging on the hiking trails of Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve is sure to put you in a tranquil mood. Go for a walk in Central Park or Bicentennial Park with your furry friend, or get a fantastic workout at The Marq Southlake.

Southlake is a great place for families and people to enjoy a wide variety of parks, trails, and green areas. Indulge in an active lifestyle while taking advantage of Southlake’s lovely surroundings.

9. Join the #DragonPride culture

Whether you’re a first-year student or a senior, you’ll quickly notice that at Southlake, every student is a Dragon. Dragons are the mascots of all students in grades pre-K through 12, and since the Dragon mascot is used by all grades and schools, there is no sense of competition among them. Carroll School District in Southlake is a community where everyone pitches in.

Since #DragonPride brings everyone together, this place has a culture all its own. You should get some Dragon apparel to show off your green and white loyalty if you’re planning to move to Southlake. 

10. The nightlife scene isn’t the most vibrant

You can easily fill a Saturday with activities at Bicentennial Park, Bob Jones Nature Center, and the Southlake Public Library, all of which are great places to take kids. On the other hand, Southlake isn’t the place to be if you’re planning a wild date night. 

In the evenings, you could visit Harkins to see a movie, The Ginger Man for a refreshing drink, or Red Door Escape Room to solve cryptic puzzles. On the other hand, if you’re into the wild nightlife of Dallas, you’re an Uber ride away from all the best clubs and rooftop lounges.

To Sum it All Up

With its upscale neighborhoods, top-ranked schools, robust job market, and abundance of shops and restaurants, Southlake offers a high quality of life. While housing costs are steep, Southlake provides excellent amenities and activities for families, nature lovers, foodies, and professionals. However, be prepared for sweltering summers and a limited nightlife scene.

For those seeking a safe, affluent community near the big city, yet with a cozy small-town vibe, Southlake checks all the boxes. With its parks, trails, community spirit, and proximity to both Dallas and Fort Worth, Southlake is sure to delight newcomers ready to join the #DragonPride. 

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