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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Rocklin, CA

Written by Aislyn Hobbs

Rocklin, California, a suburb of Sacramento, is a stunning place with a long and storied past. The Maidu Native American tribe lived there before the gold rush and railroad moved in during the 1850s and permanently displaced them. Trees, houses, and children of various ages populate the streets in this suburban neighborhood.

Rocklin is home to a sizable population that values its proximity to downtown Sacramento and the relative safety of its neighborhood. Let’s talk about ten things to know before moving to Rocklin, CA.

1. A higher-than-average cost of living

The cost of living in Rocklin is quite high. Compared to the rest of the country, living in Rocklin will cost you 36% more. However, it is still an affordable city in California since it is 4% less expensive than the state average. 

The housing market is primarily to blame for Rocklin’s high cost of living, which is 88% higher than the national average. Rocklin has a competitive housing market, with an average home price of $540,000, or $247 per square foot. The average cost to rent a property is $1,736 per month.

2. Live in Whitney Oaks, Sunset Heights, and Clover Valley Woods

Many wonderful neighborhoods can be found all across Rocklin. The most desirable areas are Sunset Heights, Whitney Oaks, Clover Valley Woods, and Old Town Rocklin. 

Many retirees call Sunset Heights home, making it a good choice for those in Rocklin who value a more relaxed pace of life and an established neighborhood. With a championship course, Whitney Oaks is a highly sought-after neighborhood. Parents of elementary school and middle school students flock to this area of Rocklin. This region is considered one of Rocklin’s more affluent due to the high prices of the properties there. 

Older retirees looking for a spacious house and acre or more land appreciate Clover Valley Woods. Recent users of real estate website Redfin have ranked Old Town Rocklin as one of the most excellent neighborhoods in Rocklin.

3. Year-round lovely weather

The climate in Rocklin is pleasant throughout the year, which is a major selling point for the city. Highs in Rocklin average between 57 and 97 degrees Fahrenheit, while lows hover around 38 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit on average. 

Rocklin has a moderate climate and receives only a few days’ worth of precipitation per month. On average, there are no rainy days in July and August, the two driest months.

4. Have fun at Johnson-Springview Park or Quarry Park Adventures

From parks and landmarks to exciting events, Rocklin has it all. 

Johnson-Springview Park is the place to go if you’re in search of parks in Rocklin. If your kids are into sports, you’re probably already familiar with this park, so bring the whole family!

For a fun and exciting date, take your significant other to Quarry Park Adventures. There’s much to do here for a whole day of excitement, from zip lines to rock climbing to free fall platforms and beyond. There is a designated area for children, making this an ideal outing for families in the Rocklin area. 

Rocklin’s shopping options are also plentiful and easily accessible, with places like Rocklin Commons, Walmart, and Blue Oaks Town Center.

5. Eat at Boneshaker Public House or BarnBurner

Need a quick bite to eat? What about a romantic dinner for two? You can count on these Rocklin’s best eateries to satisfy your cravings:

In Rocklin, Boneshaker Public House is the place to eat, drink, and catch a game or go on a romantic dinner. This is an excellent eatery, with its selection of specialty brews and traditional American fare. It has received almost 400 glowing reviews on Google.

Searching for the best spot for a morning meal? The best spot to go is BarnBurner. They provide all the hot breakfast foods you love, from pancakes to eggs benedict. If you’re looking for a place to take the kids for breakfast in Rocklin, you should consider eating at this restaurant because it caters to families.

6. Work in nearby Sacramento

The labor force in Rocklin stands at 30,608. Jobs in human resources, operations, nursing, and business analysis are among the most sought-after in Rocklin. An average annual salary in Rocklin is $73,000, which is $18.23 an hour. 

The surrounding city of Sacramento is also home to a sizable workforce. Rocklin is only 21 miles from Sacramento, making the journey there a feasible option.

7. The Rocklin Unified School District serves the city

The excellent Rocklin Unified School District is luring families to the area. Valley View Elementary School, Western Sierra Collegiate Academy, Granite Oaks Middle School, and Whitney High School are some of the best-known schools in the Rocklin area. Heritage Christian and The Phoenix Schools are two of the private schools available to families in Rocklin. 

All of these schools have received a Greatschools rating of 9 or higher because of their excellent performance on standardized tests, small class sizes, and welcoming environments for students from minority groups.

8. You’ll need a car to get around

Although there are a number of options, driving is the most convenient way to get around Rocklin. Rocklin has a low Walk Score of 34, so getting around on foot will require relying on other modes of transportation or bringing your own. A score of 51 indicates that there is some support for bicycling.

Rocklin’s one heavy rail station, Amtrak Rocklin, plus the city’s many bus stops make it convenient to get around town. Depending on your current location and your desired destination(s), you may be able to use heavy rail for your daily commute or vacation travel.

9. Enjoy nightlife at Coach’s Classic Bar & Grill, Black Cat Lounge, or Blacktop Comedy

After work, you can visit one of the bars or lounges in Rocklin. Rocklin may be the county seat of Placer County, but if you want to find more excitement, you’ll have to venture to neighboring communities. If you want to meet new people or spend time with old ones, consider these top-rated hangouts:

Coach’s Classic Bar & Grill, Black Cat Lounge, Blacktop Comedy, Sully’s Bar & Grill, or Craft Beer Vault.

Since it’s close to Sacramento, you could easily travel for even more entertainment options.

10. A safe city to live in

The crime rate in Rocklin is lower than the average for the United States. Rocklin’s rate of 10.5% is around half the national average of 22.76% for violent crime. At 28.4, the property crime rate in Rocklin is also lower than the national average of 35.4.

This means that residents of Rocklin can rest easy, as the city has a lower crime rate compared to many others in the United States.

In Conclusion

Rocklin, California, is a beautiful place to call home, and although the cost of living is more than average, it’s well worth it. Some of the best schools in California can be found in the Rocklin Unified School District. 

Even if you’re bored in the city, there’s always something to do in the suburbs, and the job market is booming. Rocklin has a lot going for it. However, also keep in mind that you’ll need a car to get around this city.

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