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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Hendersonville, TN

A map of Hendersonville, TN Written by Aislyn Hobbs

Located in Sumner County, only 18 miles north of Nashville, Hendersonville is a popular Middle Tennessee destination. The city sits atop a high plateau in the Cumberland Mountains.

Henderson, after General William Henderson, was the inspiration for the city’s naming in 1784. The Historic Rock Castle is only one of several attractions in Hendersonville, which has a rich history. In 1984, the town marked its 200th anniversary. The city is known for being home to many famous country musicians like Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Hendersonville has a thriving wine industry, beautiful historic architecture, and many apple orchards.

Let’s talk about ten things to know before moving to Hendersonville, TN.

1. Summers are hot and humid

Summers in Hendersonville tend to be very warm and muggy. Temperatures average 84 degrees Fahrenheit in July, with humidity hovering around 78%. Typically, thunderstorms and showers will occur throughout the afternoon. Temperatures in the fall are usually pleasant, hovering around the 70-degree mark. Temperatures in the mid-30s to high 40s are common during the winter, while temperatures in the mid-60s to low-70s are regular for the spring season.

Hendersonville receives around 44.5 inches of rainfall annually on average. 

2. Visit Drakes Creek Park or Memorial Park

Drakes Creek Park is one of several green spaces in the city that welcome outdoor enthusiasts. There’s a basketball court, a walking path through the woods, and a playground at this park. On a beautiful day, this is the ideal location for a picnic or a stroll. Drakes Creek is a local waterway that winds its way through the park. 

In addition to its gorgeous lake and walking paths, Memorial Park is home to sports fields, playgrounds, picnic spaces, tennis courts, and more. Youngsters can use the makeshift bridge to reach a tiny island, where they can feed the fish and ducks and play on equipment generously provided by Taylor Swift.

There is a baseball field and pavilions at Berkeley Mills Park. Tennis courts and a mini-golf facility can be found in Boyd Park and an old natural spring in Lenox Park.

3. Choose from one of the lovely neighborhoods

Regardless of your specific needs, Hendersonville has a community that will fit you.

Starting at $265,000, the price range for a home in Maple Row Estates goes all the way up to $475,000. These single-family homes have an average of 1975 square feet, 3–5 bedrooms, and 2–6 baths. After finishing up at Robert E. Ellis Middle School and Nannie Berry Elementary School, the students continue their education at Henderson High School.

Many of the homes in Cumberland Hills have views of Old Hickory Lake, and there are also some homes for sale directly on the lake’s shore. The typical home in this region is three floors tall, with three or more bedrooms and baths. An average 3,900-square-foot property in today’s market will cost you around $449,000. The tranquil environment attracts not just families but also many working professionals.

There are ranch, split-level, and modern homes in the Cherokee Woods neighborhood on the Indian Lakes Peninsula. Mansions on the water’s edge can cost a million dollars or more, while homes further inland can be bought for around $200,000. 

4.  Visit Historic Rock Castle or Strike & Spare Family Fun Center

Hendersonville is full of exciting attractions. The city is home to the Historic Rock Castle. The Historic Rock Castle in Tennessee is a stunning structure from the state’s early years. One of the earliest inhabitants in the area, Daniel Smith, erected this house in 1828. Tours of the house, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, are available to the general public. 

Bring the kids to Strike & Spare Family Fun Center or Holder Family Fun Center, where they can enjoy bowling, arcade games, and other fun activities.

Stop by the Hendersonville Memory Gardens to pay your respects to Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, and Sheb Wooley. Come to Trinity Music City to catch a live recording of the Huckabee show.

5. There are 16 public schools in the area

The public schools in Hendersonville are managed by the Sumner County Board of Education. There are a total of nine primary schools, four secondary schools, and three secondary schools in the area. The Merrol Hyde Magnet School serves students in kindergarten through twelve grades. Hendersonville Christian Academy and Pope John Paul II High School are two of the city’s private secondary education options. Station Camp High School accepts students from outside the city borders. 

The city’s Merrol Hyde Magnet School is one of the region’s best-kept public school secrets. This language magnet school is one of the few places where kids in grades K-12 can receive an education focused entirely on the target language. Merrol Hyde is a highly selective school, with just roughly 60 students in each grade.

Hendersonville is home to 32 schools and universities within a 50-mile radius, including Middle Tennessee State University and Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Hendersonville is a wonderful place to call home for art lovers. In addition to exhibits and art lessons, the Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center also offers a historic house and garden for private events.

Woodland Gallery is owned by a married couple. The man is well-known for his photography, and his wife is an accomplished potter. Take a class at their gallery and learn to use a pottery wheel, or just buy one of their works of art.

Local actors and actresses regularly appear in productions put on by the Hendersonville Performing Arts Company.

7. Eat at Lyncoya Cafe or The Chop House

Lyncoya Cafe, with its waterfront location and flavorful meals, is the place to go for excellent food in Hendersonville.

The Chop House, originating from Tennessee but now also in Ohio and Georgia, is widely considered to offer the finest steaks in the region. The Chop House provides something on the menu for everyone in the family.

Locals will swear by The Meat Sweats if you ask them about a good BBQ joint. Smoky barbeque and daily specials make this family-owned restaurant a local favorite.

8. The cost of living is 8.2% higher than the national average

Hendersonville may be where many in the music industry call home, but you don’t need to earn a fortune from songwriting to make it your own home too. The cost of living in Hendersonville is 8.2% higher than the national average. The price is a little high, but it’s still relatively acceptable.

The city has an above-average median property price of $493,319. A year’s worth of living expenses for a single person in Hendersonville would set you back $37,480. This includes rent or mortgage payments, groceries, child care, gas for the car, medical care, insurance, and taxes.

9. You’ll need a car to get around

Without a car, life in Hendersonville would be quite difficult. Most of Hendersonville’s commercial establishments are not located in one central business district. 

The cost of an Uber ride into the city center is exorbitant, and there is no public transportation between Hendersonville and downtown Nashville. You will probably need a car to run just the basic errands like grocery shopping and work commute. 

10. Suburban living at its finest

While many well-known country performers have made Hendersonville their home away from the big city, it is also a welcoming community for families, seniors, and even some young professionals. 

There is a warm sense of community in this city because of its size and location. This community has the kind of atmosphere where people wave and stop to speak as they stroll through the streets. Some residents say it captures the best of both rural and urban America.

In Conclusion

Hendersonville residents get to enjoy the best of suburban life, excellent schools, a thriving arts scene, and lots of places to explore. However, the city has a high cost of living, you’ll need a car to get around the city, and the summers are hot.

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