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The Pros and Cons of living in Philadelphia, PA

Downtown Philadelphia PA Written by Marquette Carney

Well hello, there boys and girls. 

I’m happy to say that I have a special treat for you, especially if you’re a fan of the show “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”. 

That’s because today’s article is all about the city of brotherly love. 

And I plan on stress testing that label and seeing just how loving this city is. So if you’re ready to learn about all the major pros and cons of living in Philly, go ahead and grab a seat and let’s get started. 

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Con #5, Overcrowding

Personally, I think this is the worst con on the list. Because I’m not too fond of people. 

Why else do you think I make these videos in my bedroom closet?

Anyway, overcrowding is a bigger problem in Philadelphia than most realize. Mainly because of the second-order effects. 

The overcrowding in this city causes a major problem with traffic and air pollution. And before you scoff at that pollution claim, consider this. 

The pollution in the city has actually made it hotter. Meaning the city of Philadelphia is warmer than neighboring cities because of the concentrated air pollution.

So even if you have doubts about global warming, city warming is absolutely a real thing.  

Con #4, Traffic

To piggyback off that last point, traffic in Philadelphia is horrendous. 

It’s been voted the 9th most congested city in the US. And residents on average spend 112 hours per year in their vehicles.

Listen, I don’t care how fancy cars are these days. There isn’t a vehicle on earth that I’d want to spend that much time in. 

Worst of all, most of that commute time is due to people trying to get to work. And when you hear this next con, it’ll make the idea of traffic even more infuriating. 

Con #3, Wage taxes

No one is a fan of taxes. 

But want to know what’s worst than taxes? High taxes. 

And that’s exactly what you’ll experience if you choose to work in Philadelphia. A 4% wage tax is levied against the citizens who work in the city. 

When you combine that with the state and federal taxes that they also have to pay, it’s enough to make you stay away from Philly for good. 

I mean, situations like this make you want to have a stiff drink after work. Yea, about that. 

Con #2, Liquor license laws

If you think you’ll be able to grab a quick drink while out to eat, think again. 

Because Philly has pretty intense liquor license laws. And they’re so bad that many restaurants have a bring your own bottle policy. 

Which might make it the perfect city for alcoholics trying to get clean. But if you’re looking to have some libations with your steak, you might want to look into moving elsewhere. 

Con #1, Job market

And now for the biggest con of all.

The job market in this city isn’t the best compared to other east coast cities. And that’s not because there’s a small number of jobs, but rather, a third of the city’s jobs are focused on healthcare and education. 

To be honest, I would only move to this city if you already have a job lined up. 

Ok, that’s enough of being negative nancies. Let’s take a look at some of the good things about Philadelphia. 

Pro #5, Walkability

If you’re not a fan of being in your car for 112 hours per year then you’ll appreciate the fact that you don’t need one in Philly. 

That’s in part due to the cities walkability. You’ll find tons of walkable neighborhoods and sidewalks when exploring the city.

But that’s not all, because Philly is also very bike-friendly. In fact, it’s been voted the 6th best city in the nation for bikers. 

So whether you want to walk, bike, or use the endless public transportation in the city, you won’t need to have a car to get around. 

Pro #4, History 

Philadelphia is one of those cities that has a lot of history. 

You’ll be able to check out Independence Hall, which is where the declaration of independence was signed, and even visit the cracked liberty bell. 

This makes it the perfect place for history buffs who really appreciate that sort of thing. 

Just try not to touch anything. I had to learn the hard way that the liberty bell is easy to crack. 

Pro #3, Arts and museums

To really appreciate the rich history of the city, you should check out the plenty of museums and art galleries available. 

The city is home to the Museum of Consitution, the Franklin Library, The National Museum of Jewish-American history, and plenty of art galleries. 

And if you don’t like museums, what else are you gonna do? Grab a drink at a restaurant? Haha because we both know that’s impossible. 

Pro #2, Location

Philly definitely has plenty of things to do, like most metropolitan areas. 

But what makes this city really special is it’s location. 

You see, Philly is close to bigger cities such as New York and Washington DC. Making it the perfect spot for frequent weekend getaways. 

And when you consider the last pro I’m about to share, it kind of makes this city a no-brainer. 

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Ok, now where were we. 

Pro #1, Cost of living

Even though you’ll be close to cities like New York and Washington D.C. when living in Philly, the cost of living is nowhere near as expensive as those cities. 

Which means you’ll get the benefits of living that metropolitan lifestyle without the price tag. Listen, more money in your pocket is always a good thing. Especially if you get the convenience of living in a major city. 

And as long as you make sure to secure a job before making the move, there really is no reason to not move to Philly. 

Sure there are some cons that go with it, but in my opinion, the pros greatly outweigh them. 

That’s all folks!

Everything you need to know about Philadelphia Pennsylvania to make a moving decision.

Until next time. 

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