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Pros and Cons of Moving to Spokane, WA

Spokane-WA-nature Written by Marquette Carney

Looks like a city by the name of Spokane Washington has sparked your interest. 

I can understand the fascination. Spokane is the second-largest city in Washington and has a population of around 220,000 people in the city. 

So obviously, it’s a pretty popular place

But if you’ve never been to Spokane and want to get a quick overview of the pros and cons of the city, then make sure to stick around as I cover some of the known, and not so well known facts on what makes this city great for some, but terrible for others. 

Let’s get started

Con #4, Winter

I’m not gonna lie, it does get pretty cold in Spokane. 

The average temperature in winter is about 22 degrees. Which is wayyy too cold for my blood. My elbows just get ashy just thinking about it. 

But the temperature isn’t the thing that makes the winter a cause of seasonal depression.

The reason for that is just how infrequently you’ll see the sun during the winter months. 

Spokane has about 174 days of sunshine per year. And all of those days where the sun doesn’t shine are concentrated in the winter months. 

If you’re someone who needs a dose of vitamin D to get your day started, then this may not be the place for you. 

At least not during the winter. 

Con #3, Air pollution

I like to call Spokane the city of asthma attacks. Because the air quality here sucks.

And this is largely due to the uncontrollable wildfire smoke that plagues the city. However, if you’re not opposed to adding a gas mask to your Amazon wish list, then go for it. 

Just keep in mind that this is a problem that Spokane is constantly monitoring. So when the conditions are worse than usual, they have procedures in place to mitigate the effects. 

But obviously, there’s no real way around this problem. So keep that in mind and that gas mask in your cart. 

Con #2, Sales tax

If you’re a big fan of sales tax, then you’ll love this next point. 

Because Spokane has the highest sales tax in the nation. Doesn’t that just make you all warm and bubbly inside?

In all seriousness, this is one of the top things to despise about living in Spokane. The sales tax rate is 8.9% and the national average is only 7%. 

On the flip side, Washington doesn’t have a personal income tax. So you’ll be cut a break there. But honestly, I don’t like the idea of paying a higher rate than other people in the country.

So it’s gonna be a no for me, dawg.  

Con #1, Crime rate

If you happen to be a criminal watching this video, then you’ll love living in Spokane. 

Because living in Spokane, you’ll be surrounded by your peers and may even learn a thing or two about how to be the best criminal you can be. 

The crime rate in Spokane is 165% higher than the national average. Which means there’s more crime committed in this city than there was in the movie “Despicable Me”. 

However, the crime here seems to be on a downward trajectory as of late. But I don’t think that’s due to police in Spokane being better equipped. 

If I were a betting man, I’d say the crime was reduced because ski masks don’t protect people from COVID.

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Ok, now let’s check out some pros of living in Spokane.

Pro #4, Cost of living

Saving money is always a good thing. And when living in Spokane, making your dollars stretch will be easier than ever. 

That’s because the cost of living here is 4% lower than the national average. 

Just about everything is cheaper in Spokane. And that includes the houses. For example, a 3-bedroom house in this area will cost you around $300,000. 

So, I’d say moving to the area is worth the risk of living next door to El Chapo. 

And if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, I’m sure this next pro will. 

Pro #3, Weather

While living in Spokane, you’ll have 4 distinct seasons without the weather getting too extreme in any of them. 

For example, the average temperature in the summertime is a tolerable 83 degrees and the lowest the temperature gets in winter is 22 degrees. 

But the seasons aren’t why I included the weather on this list. 

You see, Spokane is a landlocked city. And because of this, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any tornadoes or hurricanes. 

So while places like Florida are under constant threat of being blown off the map, you will have uninterrupted peace of mind in Spokane. 

That is until the robbers come. 

Pro #2, Outdoor activities

When living in Spokane, there’s one thing I can promise you–you absolutely won’t be bored. 

That’s because the city has a good number of outdoor activities that will appeal to just about everyone. 

The city is surrounded by dozen of lakes. So if you like to jet ski, fish, or swim. And during winter the area becomes a winter wonderland. Creating the perfect opportunity to go skiing or snowboarding. 

You’ll also have access to plenty of trails so you can desperately seek out the vitamin D that the city deprives residents of. 

But the best thing to do when living in Spokane is to check out its amazing downtown area. Speaking of which. 

Pro #1, Downtown

One of the most enjoyable parts of living in Spokane is enjoying its lively downtown scene. 

And the funny thing is, not too long ago, this part of Spokane was pretty much laughable. But the once-neglected part of the city is now filled with mom and pop shops, restaurants, and a vast mixture of entertainment.

On top of that, the downtown area is extremely walkable and has a diverse mixture of architecture that is sure to capture your interest on an evening stroll. 

It’s one of those things you just have to experience to appreciate. 

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