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Pros and Cons of Moving to Santa Ana

Santa-ana-city Written by Marquette Carney

If you’ve been thinking about moving to Orange County, I’d like you to feast your eyes on one of the county’s most popular cities. 

Santa Ana. 

This historic city has been getting a fair amount of attention. But many are concerned about its not-so-stellar reputation. 

So today, I’ll reveal some of the biggest pros and cons of moving to Santa Ana so that you can make an informed decision. 

Let’s get started!

Con #3, Housing

Looking for a house on a budget?

Well, don’t even think about moving to Santa Ana–or anywhere else in Orange County for that matter. 

Houses here are very expensive. I mean, it is California after all. And considering this is the state where money comes to die, you best have a lot of it if you want to live comfortably. 

The median home price here is $798,616.

Yea…So I’d recommend either hitting the lotto or robbing banks if you plan on moving here anytime soon. 

Or, you can always rethink your way of life and join the group of people in this next con. 

Con #2, Homelessness

C’mon, are you really surprised?

Listen, If California was a business, I’m 100% certain its logo would be the silhouette of a homeless person. 

But just how big is the homeless problem in Santa Ana?

Well, in 2019 it was estimated that 1,769 homeless people lived in the city. That might sound like a huge deal. But when you compare that to LA’s population of 39,000 homeless people, it doesn’t seem too bad. 

Trust me, this isn’t something you’ll have to worry too much about. As long as you avoid getting too close to any tents and wear a decent pair of running shoes, you should be fine. 

However, you’ll need something a little more deadly than running shoes to deal with this next con.

Con #1, Crime

I’m sure you’re smart enough to know that wherever you find an influx of homeless people, crime is soon to follow. 

And in Santa Ana, this remains true. 

The interesting thing to note is that property crime in this city is lower than the national average. So you won’t need to be concerned with anything happening to your assets. 

However, the violent crime in this city is a bit higher than the national average. 

So if I were you I’d brush up on martial arts. Or at the very least, avoid some of the parts of the city where crime has been known to occur. 

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Ok, now let’s check out some pros of living in Santa Ana.

Pro #3, Historical buildings

If you’re into tourist attractions and rich history, then you’ll love this city. 

It has some of the best tourist attractions in all of Orange County. And one of the most flocked-to experiences is the historical buildings. 

The historic district in downtown Santa Ana has over 100 buildings that were built between 1877 and 1934. Which I’m 100 percent certain means they’re haunted. 

So if you’re interested in historic architecture, or want to reenact an episode of Scooby-Doo, then you’ll definitely appreciate this part of the city. 

Pro #2, Climate

It’s California. The weather is beautiful. 


Pro #1, Culture and arts

One of my favorite things about Santa Ana is the culture and arts scene. 

And that’s not just because I have a thing for ballet dancers–though there’s just something alluring about freakishly strong toes. 

But in Santa Ana, you’ll find over 900 active cultural organizations. 

Which include modern folk and dance troupes, theatre groups, and symphony orchestras. 

You’ll also have a number of museums at your disposal, including the famous Heritage Museum. 

You know, I think this pro alone makes Santa Ana a perfect place for date night. Before you swipe right on Tinder, make sure that your match actually has a home. 

I’ve been fooled before…

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