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Pros and Cons of Moving to Pittsburgh PA

pittsburgh-city Written by Marquette Carney

Today I want to talk with you about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

If you’ve been curious about whether this city is worth relocating to, then you’ve come to the right place. Who better to inform you of a city better than someone who doesn’t live there. 

Basically, your options are to read my entertaining descriptions or listen to some boring and desperate real estate agent. Yuck. 

I know which option I’d pick. 

So, if you’re ready to learn the true pros and cons of living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, let’s get started!

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Con #4, High income tax

The first piece of bad news I must share is about your wallet.

Because Pittsburgh has been known to have a pretty high income tax. The city taxes its citizens at 3%. And it honestly boggles my mind why anyone would consider living here. 

Just the thought of it makes me want to put on a George Washington wig and revolt. But when I remember what type of advanced weaponry the military has, I quickly change my mind. 

Con #3, Traffic

If you like taking twice the amount of time to get to your destination, then you’ll love this. 

Because Pittsburgh has terrible traffic. 

Specifically, routes 837 and 28 have been known to make drivers consider if life is really worth living. 

And with all the tunnels and the need to merge lanes at weird intervals, it’s very easy to see why traffic is such a nightmare in this city. 

But the bad infrastructure isn’t the only reason why Satan is adding Pittsburgh traffic as a new torture method. 

This next con only amplifies just how bad driving in this city is. 

Con #2, Weather

When choosing a new place to live, it’s normal to consider how pleasant the weather is. This is an important detail because the weather can have a huge impact on our emotional state. 

Sunny days can bring a lust for life. While, cold, gray, and wet days can make us feel gloomy. 

In Pittsburgh, be prepared to feel gloom. Because the weather here sucks. 

For starters, you’ll barely get any sunny days here. So that lust for life that I referenced earlier, might as well be a myth. 

Also, it rains entirely too much in this city. And recent studies suggest that Pittsburgh may actually get more rain than Seattle. 

I’ve heard that it rains so much here that every neighborhood must have a lifeguard on duty at all times. 

But the worst aspect of the weather is just how cold it gets. In the winter months, it’s pretty much normal for the temperature to get below freezing. 

Listen, I know we’re about to get to the list of pros, but honestly, are they even worth hearing at this point?

Con #1, Dwindling economy

Ok, well if the weather is bad, there must be something to offset it, right? 

I mean maybe this place has plenty of opportunities that make up for dismal weather and horrendous traffic. 

Ah, my poor desperate friend. 

And I do mean “poor” literally because if you move to this city being destitute might be your new reality. 

The unemployment rate in Pittsburgh is at 7.1 percent. Which is higher than the national average. 

Even worse, job growth in the city is expected to occur at a slower rate than job growth on a national scale. 

This is not to say you’re destined to be unemployed. Obviously, people in the city have jobs–why else would they subject themselves to too much traffic?

But it might be a better use of your time to move to a city with more opportunities. 

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Ok, now let’s check out some pros to living in Pittsburgh. 

Pro #4, Rich culture

Pittsburgh is a city that has a ton of activities to keep you entertained. 

And if you’re someone who loves experiencing rich culture, then this city may have a place in your heart. 

The Benedum Center and the Heinz Hall of Performing Arts are where you can get your fix for musical and theatrical performances. 

And if museums are more of your speed, you’ll have a good amount of options there as well. Some of the more popular options are the Andy Warhol Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Art. 

What’s that you say? You’re not into all the culture mumbo-jumbo? Perhaps that’s because you lack class and what you need is a better education. 

Speaking of education. 

Pro #3, Education

If you have kids, my condolences. 

I can’t imagine being trapped indoors with those mini-chaos machines during a cold winter in Pittsburgh. 

But, I won’t talk you out of being a masochist. If you’ve got your heart set on the city, you’ll be happy to know that your kids will have a fine education. 

Which should lead them to become great decision-makers and catch the first thing smoking out of the city. 

Pittsburgh has 75 public schools and an overwhelming number of them have at least a B rating. 

So at least moving to this area will keep your kids’ brains stimulated. 

But if you’re looking to do the opposite with your brain, this next pro is perfect. 

Pro #2, Pro sports

If your idea of a good time is watching someone else live out their dreams, so you can forget about not living out yours, Pittsburgh has the perfect solution. 

This place is a pro sports fans’ paradise. 

You’ll be able to watch pro hockey, football, and baseball games in the area. 

I’d say, for sports fans, this is the main pro that makes dealing with all the cons of Pittsburgh worth it. 

Pro #1, Affordability

Many people assume that since Pittsburgh is the second-largest city in Pennsylvania, that homes are expensive. 

And they’re often surprised to learn that the city is much more affordable than it may appear. 

The average price for a home in Steel City is around $238,000. And that’s considerably lower than the national average. 

And when you consider just how low priced the homes are, it might be the best place for first-time homebuyers to finally secure their first property. 

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