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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Clarksville, TN

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Clarksville, TN Written by Leigh Cooper

Clarksville, Tennessee, is a lovely city that is most known as the location of Austin Peay State University. The city has been recognized as one of the best places to live in Tennessee by Money Magazine. And the oldest newspaper in Tennessee, The Leaf-Chronicle, was founded right here.

Located roughly 40 minutes northwest of Nashville along Interstate 24, the lovely city of Clarksville can be found in the North Tennessee area.

Are you thinking of moving to Clarksville? Here are ten things to know before moving there!

1. Great prospects for increased job growth

Clarksville is a wonderful location for not only living but also working. The work market is booming, with a 1.7% year-over-year gain and a predicted 36.8% increase in employment over the next decade, which is significantly greater than the United States average of 33.5%.

Clarksville’s major economic drivers include production, tourism, education, government, wholesale/retail, healthcare, and social assistance.

A few of Clarksville’s top employers are the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Community Health Systems, Agero Clarksville, and Austin Peay State University.

2. Have a great time at night in the city

Spending the evening at one of Clarksville’s many pubs or nightclubs is a fun way to unwind after a day spent seeing the sights. The city is home to a wide variety of nightlife options, from bars and restaurants with live music to those with a specific theme.

Enjoy live bands, karaoke sessions, and games at O’Connor’s Irish Pub and Grill. A & E Bar and Lounge has some of the best bar food and nicest cocktails. After a drink, get on the dance floor at Pea Patch. 

3. Summers are hot, but you get to enjoy lots of sunshine

Clarksville is well-known for its hot, muggy summers and cold, damp winters.

Mid-May through late June and late July through early October are the ideal times to visit Clarksville in terms of the weather, with average highs of 89 degrees and lows of 30 degrees. The city enjoys about 220 days of sunshine in a year.

Usually, late May to mid-September is the hottest time of year. July has the highest average temperatures, with a high of 90 degrees and a low of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

On average, Clarksville receives 51 inches of rain and 5 inches of snow a year.

4. The schools in Clarksville have a 94.3% graduation rate

Clarksville’s public schools, which are a part of the excellent Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, have an above-average student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. The school system has over 36,426 students enrolled in its public schools. 

Clarksville’s 94.3% graduation rate is significantly better than Tennessee’s 89.6% average because of the city’s emphasis on providing kids with options both inside and outside the classroom.

Clarksville is also home to two highly regarded educational institutions: Austin Peay State University and North Central Institute.

In particular, bestvalueschools.org recommends Austin Peay State University, a public four-year institution with 8,195 undergraduate students and ranks the top among the 46 Finest Masters Degree in Psychology Programs in the United States.

5. Cut costs by living in this city

Clarksville has an 11% cheaper cost of living than the U.S. average, at an index of 88.8. The city’s affordability is a major factor in its meteoric surge in population, despite the fact that overall expenditures have increased by 1.3% over the past year, with the most significant increases seen in transportation, food, and housing.

Housing is also cheaper than the national average, at a median home price of $306,866, so if you’re looking to cut costs, Clarksville is just right for you.

6. Check out fun outdoor spots like Dunbar Cave State Park or McGregor Park and Cumberland Riverwalk

Since the Cumberland and Red Rivers are so close, many locals spend their free time on the water during the warmer months, engaging in water sports, including boating, fishing, water skiing, kayaking, and canoeing.

Visit Dunbar Cave State Park, the 208th largest cave complex in the world. Check out the museum at McGregor Park and Cumberland Riverwalk, or just take in the scenery. Billy Dunlop Park has a playground the kids can have fun at. Take your dog on a walk to Port Royal State Historic Park. 

7. The city offers the best of local and exotic cuisines

Clarksville is home to a wide selection of cafes, world-class restaurants, and fashionable diners serving creative recipes that fuse traditional southern cooking with flavors from around the world.

In Clarksville, you can choose from a wide variety of excellent restaurants, whether you’re craving seafood in a classy ambiance or home-style cooking in a more casual environment.

Enjoy some sushi and cake at Kohana Sushi and Kitchen, a Japanese restaurant. If you’re in the mood for some steak, head over to Liberty Park Grill. For something more exquisite, check out Strawberry Alley Ale Works, offering full-course meals.

8. The city’s traffic is caused by inadequate infrastructure

Clarksville’s traffic problems have been growing annually. The city’s infrastructure hasn’t kept up with the population boom over the years, which is a major factor. Yet the city has been hard at work developing workable plans of action to help lessen the congestion. By 2025, most of the road repairs and upgrades should have been finished.

If you must drive during rush hour, factor in an extra 15 to 20 minutes for travel time.

9. Clarksville has a significant drinking culture

Clarksville is the perfect place to relax with a drink because it is home to numerous breweries, wineries, and distilleries. The city has expanded from a one-brewery village to a popular drinking destination in recent years, resulting in a boom in the craft beverage business.

Some of the most popular breweries in town include Blackhorse Pub and Brewery, Beachaven Vineyards and Winery, Gladiator Brewing Co., and Tennessee Valley Brewing Company.

10. The crime rate is higher than the national average

Even though Clarksville has one of the lowest crime rates in Tennessee, the crime rate in the city is still 22% higher than the national average

At a rate of 32.67 crimes per 1,000 residents, every hour and 37 minutes, someone in Clarksville becomes a victim of crime. Homes in Clarksville’s southeast are generally considered the safest option for potential buyers.

To Sum it All Up

Is Clarksville the right city for you? The city comes with its pros and cons. Some of the great things about Clarksville include its low cost of living, great education system, and exciting outdoor spots to explore. It’s, however, important to consider the city’s high crime rate and traffic problems before moving.  

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