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Pros and Cons of Living in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Night image of Virginia Beach Written by Marquette Carney

Well hello, people. 

I’m very excited that you chose to check out yet another video. 

And today, I have a special one for you because we’ll be covering Virginia Beach, Virginia.

There are many good reasons to move to this lovable beach town. But for every good reason, there’s also a bad one. 

That’s why I’ve decided to go over the biggest pros and cons so you can determine if Virginia Beach is the right place for you. 

So let’s get this party started! 

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Con #3, Jet noise

I know, this is kind of a random problem to start things off. 

But considering that Virginia Beach is mainly a military town, the loud jet noises are a problem you must contend with when living in the area. 

Now, just how big of a problem is this? Well, if you don’t mind stopping conversations for 30 seconds while a jet passes overhead, then it won’t be a major issue for you.

But if living in the auditory world of a mission impossible movie isn’t your thing, make sure you pick a spot in Virginia Beach where this is less of a problem. 

Con #2, Traffic

If you want to know what the locals of Virginia Beach complain about the most, it’s traffic.

Now don’t misunderstand me. The traffic here is nothing compared to major metropolitan areas, but that doesn’t mean it’s not annoying. 

Virginia Beach isn’t one of those places that have traffic and any time during the day. But they do have pretty intense rush hour traffic. 

So, just keep that in mind. 

Con #1, Hurricanes

This next con might blow you away. 

Because Virginia Beach is one of those places where Hurricanes and tropical storms are pretty much a virtual certainty. 

But before you swear off living here for all eternity, you must understand that the bark is often worst than the bite. 

The hurricanes that are said to impact Virginia Beach end up changing course more often than not. So the true con here isn’t that you’ll deal with many hurricanes. But rather, you’ll have to deal with the threat of many hurricanes. 

Honestly, you can just do what the locals do and laugh it off and go on about your day. Just make sure to not default to this every time or else you’ll end up with the Wizard of Oz. 

Ok, now let’s switch things up a bit and take a look at some of the pros of living in Virginia Beach. 

Pro #3, Education

If you value education, you’ll love this part of Virginia. 

Because Virginia Beach has some of the best school districts in the entire state. 

Some of those top-ranked schools include Ocean Lakes, Princess Anne, and Salem. 

It’s pretty much guaranteed that your child will be exposed to an awesome education in Virginia Beach. 

And if you’re lucky, one day your kid will be able to make YouTube videos about the pros and cons of different cities professionally. 

Ahem…please try to steer them to another career path. 

Pro #2, Job market

In Virginia Beach, chances are you’ll have no problem landing a well-paying job. 

That’s because this city has an unemployment rate that’s lower than the national average. And the income per capita is higher than the national average as well. 

You’ll be able to choose from jobs in the military, farming, and private industry gigs. 

And with all of that money you’ll save up, you’ll be able to take advantage of the number 1 pro on this last. 

But before we get to that, I have something to share.  

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Ok, now where were we. 

Pro #1, Things to do

In Virginia Beach, there are a lot of activities to enjoy, especially outdoor activities. 

To be honest, this is one of those places that apples to those looking to live an active lifestyle.

If that’s you, then you’ll certainly enjoy the many waterways and long stretches of sand that Virginia Beach has to offer. 

And if you get a chance, make sure to check out First Landing State Park. It has beach dunes, freshwater ponds, and extensive trails that will keep you busy for hours. 

Oh, and if you don’t like beaches or dunes, or outdoor activities. I only have one question…why are you watching this video? Seriously, Netflix exists. Scram. 

And there you have it. 

If you’re still reading, then you have all the information you need to make a decision on moving to Virginia Beach. 

Seriously, I’m keeping a list of people who don’t follow these instructions. 

Until next time. 

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