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Pros and Cons of Living in Arlington, TX

Arlington-Tx-City Written by Marquette Carney

Texas has only grown in popularity recently. And while most people seem to focus on Dallas or Austin, a small subgroup of people have noticed Arlington Texas.  

But the question is–how good is Arlington TX really?

Listen, you won’t have that question for long because I plan on revealing all of the skeletons in Arlington’s closet in this video. 

Let’s get started y’all…sorry about that. 

(btw, if you want to watch the video version of this article, you can check that out below).

Con #5, Public Transportation is a Myth

If you happen to be coming from a larger city like New York or Boston, this might be something that immediately puts a thorn in your side. 

Because in Arlington, public transportation is a lot like Big Foot…

It doesn’t exist. 

(if you want to argue with me about big foot’s existence please kindly see your way out). 

And you know what that means? Yep, you must have a car to live comfortably in this city. That is unless you plan on traveling on foot like Forrest Gump…but I wouldn’t recommend it. 

“Maybe that’s no big deal”,  I can hear you saying to yourself. Which is kind of weird because talking to yourself is a sign of major psychological issues. 

But we haven’t gotten to why having a car isn’t as elegant of a solution as you might think. 

And that’s due to…

Con #4, The Worst Plague known to Mankind…Traffic

If being stuck in traffic is your kink, then prepare for your toes to curl. 

Because Arlington has a fair amount of traffic. 

There are a few reasons for this. The first is Arlington’s location. It’s stuck right in the middle of two very highly trafficked cities–Dallas and Fort Worth. 

And with all of the events and constant commotion going on in the metroplex is what mainly contributes to the constant congestion. 

So if you plan on moving to Arlington, make sure you have a good Audiobook or are up to date on your Spotify subscription. 

Because you’ll definitely need them. And while we’re talking about needs, let’s focus on another valuable thing that’ll help you out a lot in Arlington. 

That being a cold bottle of water. 

Trust me, It’ll all make sense once you hear this next con. 

Con #3, Great Attention has to be given to B.O

No, I’m not saying that Arlington residents stink. 

But rather, with 300 days of sunshine per year, it gets hot in this city. 

And if you live a Matthew McConaheuy lifestyle (he doesn’t use deodorant…Google it), then you might want to rethink things. 

Listen, this is the type of heat that reminds you that global warming is coming to give us all a kiss goodbye. 

Depending on your temperament this could be a reason to avoid the city or a reason to move (because some strange people love being hot). 

All I’m saying is to make sure you factor it into your decision. And please wear plenty of deodorants so you don’t go to work smelling like a Jersey Mike’s sub. 

Speaking of subs…

Con #2, 3-Star food. 

“But wait, I thought Texas was known for its food”. Well, yea. But that doesn’t mean the entire state is filled with five-star chefs. 

And Arlington is one of those cities that are not particularly known for its life-changing cuisine. 

Now listen, I’m not saying the food here is bad. So any Arlington residents listening to this can put down their pitchforks…Especially considering I’m located in North Carolina, and with your traffic, it’ll be weeks before you can get here lol. 

What I mean by subpar food is that, compared to other cities in Texas, such as Dallas and Austin, there’s nothing special about the food scene in Arlington. 

And while a lack of exquisite food may not be a big deal, I guarantee that this next con will get your attention. 

Con #1, You can’t Carry Cash (it’s a bad idea)

If I were you, I probably wouldn’t walk around with a wad of cash Arlington. 

That’s because the crime rate here is definitely something to think about. 

Now, the crime rate in this city won’t warrant calling in the Avengers. But considering that it’s 33% higher than the national average (and 24% higher than the state), you might want to sit with this info for a minute. 

Arlington just isn’t one of those magical places where you can leave your door unlocked and have endless peace of mind. 

No, it’s one of those places where you might want to invest in a pitbull and keep a Glock handy. 

Ok, that might be overkill but you get the point. 

But listen, don’t swear off the city just yet. We still have to get to the cons (I promise that they’ll redeem the city a bit). 

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Ok, now back to the list. 

Pro #5, Arlington’s many Outdoor Activities

Ok, you know how I spoke ill of the weather in Arlington literally like 2 minutes ago. 


I may have overdone it a bit. Listen, it does get hot in this city, but that doesn’t mean that every day is like living on planet Mercury. 

Because on those days where it’s not unbearably hot? You and the whole family will be able to enjoy almost endless fun in the sun. 

Seriously, you’ll be able to enjoy days like those happy people in literally every pharmaceutical commercial…just without the side effects. 

Your options include traversing the popular River Legacy Parks, getting literally blown away at Tempest Tours, or bathing in urine-infused water at the Hurricane Harbor water park.

There are plenty of options, and you’ll soon find out that these are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Pro #4, It’s Impossible to get Bored

Here’s a little-known fact about Arlington Texas–it’s known as the entertainment district of the Metroplex. 

Sure, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the outside activities, but there are plenty of non-outdoorsy things you can enjoy too. 

You’ll be able to let out your inner kid at Six Flags, enjoy a lovely date night at Texas Live, and get your groove on at the Levitt Pavilion. 

And when you’re done with all of that, you can finish the night in downtown Arlington. Which honestly used to be a snore-fest, but considering that it has been highly influenced by UTA college culture as of late, you’re sure to have a good time. 

Pro #3, Arlington has a Stable Economy

In order to enjoy all of the activities in Arlington, you’ll need to have a decent job to help sponsor the fun. 

Or at least a good drug connect. 

Trust me, you won’t have a problem finding employment in Arlington (nor a problem with finding a drug connect. Remember what I said about the crime rate?)

There’s a projected growth of 2.7% in the job market. And when you combine that with the 38.9% potential growth, you have the recipe for a prosperous future. 

Even if you don’t want to work in the city, you’ll be surrounded by even more job opportunities in the surrounding cities. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s move ahead and talk about the opposite of being productive. 

Watching sports. 

Pro #2, Live Vicariously through Professional Athletes

Ah, I can hear the sound of buffalo wings and vibrating beer bellies now. 

If you’re a sports fan, you and Arlington Texas will be a match made in heaven. 

The city is home to both the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers.

This is great news because if you ever get bored watching games at the Globe Life Park, you can easily switch to enjoying players get CTE at the AT&T Stadium. 

Pro #1, Arlington is Prime Real Estate

Finally, we’ve reached the number 1 pro of living in Arlington Texas. 

And that is its unbeatable location. 

You see, Arlington is located directly between the bigger cities of Fort Worth and Dallas. 

This means that you’re typically only a 30-minute drive from either one of these locations…not including traffic. 

As you can imagine, just being in this situation takes all of the pros listed above, and greatly magnifies them. 

Because just being 30 minutes away from a city is pretty much like living in the city itself. 

So living in Arlington means you get to reap all of the benefits of living in Dallas and Fort Worth (and there are many benefits to be had). 

Honestly, I would recommend moving just off of this point alone. Plus I hear criminals don’t cross city lines, so if you’re ever chased by a mugger, just try to get to Dallas as soon as possible. 

Should you move to Arlington, TX?

So, what’s the verdict? 

Honestly, as long as you pick a good area in Arlington and are ok with the occasional hot day, I don’t see many downsides to living in the city. 

But you have to make that decision for yourself. 

Talk soon!

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