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8 Things to Know Before Moving to Woodstock, NY

8 Things to Know Before Moving to Woodstock, NY Written by Allie Gardner

Nestled in the scenic Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, Woodstock is a small town known for its vibrant arts scene, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

This beautiful town is home to about 2,922 people. From its artistic legacy to the natural beauty that surrounds it, Woodstock is a great place to call home.

Let’s talk about 8 things to know before moving to Woodstock, NY!

1. Natural beauty abounds here

Situated in the stunning Catskill Mountains, Woodstock offers residents unparalleled access to natural beauty. Its features include the majestic peaks of the Catskills, captivating waterfalls such as Kaaterskill Falls, the serene Ashokan Reservoir, and the enchanting seasonal changes. Hiking trails, cascading waterfalls, and serene lakes provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Woodstock’s commitment to sustainability and environmental initiatives further enhances its natural allure. From exploring Overlook Mountain to swimming in the Big Deep swimming hole, you will find plenty to enjoy in and around Woodstock.

2. Woodstock has a small-town vibe

Woodstock maintains a small-town atmosphere with its welcoming community, walkable streets, and emphasis on local businesses and community values.

With a population of a little over 2,900 residents, the town fosters a tight-knit community where neighbors know each other and actively participate in local events. It’s a place where you can expect a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a sense of belonging.

3. Visit Byrdcliffe Arts Colony for some creative adventure

Woodstock has a vibrant artistic community and is renowned as a creative town. It gained prominence through its association with the historic Woodstock Festival in 1969, which symbolized peace and artistic expression. The town is home to art galleries, and worthy of note is the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony.

Set amidst the natural beauty of the Catskill Mountains, Byrdcliffe Arts Colony provides an inspiring environment for artists to live, work, and collaborate. It also offers residencies and workshops for artists across various disciplines. Its enduring legacy as an artistic haven continues to shape and inspire the creative community in Woodstock. If you’re an artist, musician, writer, or performer, Byrdcliffe has something for you.

4. Living in Woodstock means embracing a rural lifestyle

Woodstock is a rural community characterized by tranquil surroundings, a strong connection to nature, a sense of community, and a focus on sustainability.

Here, residents enjoy the serene beauty of the Catskill Mountains and engage in outdoor activities. The town’s agricultural presence fosters a farm-to-table lifestyle, while the close-knit community promotes a sense of belonging.

However, while the town offers a serene retreat from bustling city life, it also means that amenities and services might be more limited compared to urban areas. You should therefore prepare yourself for a slower pace of life where enjoying nature and engaging in community activities take center stage.

5. Woodstock has a great location

Despite its rural setting, Woodstock is conveniently located within a few hours’ drive of major metropolitan areas. It is approximately 2 hours from New York City and Albany, making it feasible for weekend getaways or commuting to larger cities for work or leisure.

This town is conveniently accessible by car and benefits from its location near major transportation routes. While there is no direct public transportation to Woodstock, nearby cities provide train and bus options. Woodstock is also within driving distance of Stewart International Airport and Albany International Airport, offering travel connections from farther distances.

Overall, Woodstock’s great location makes it an inviting destination if you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or to live in a place with artistic and natural attractions.

6. Woodstock’s living expenses are 39% higher than the national average

Woodstock’s desirability and proximity to major cities have had an impact on the cost of living. According to Best Places, the town’s cost of living is 39% higher than the national average.

Healthcare and transportation expenses are higher than the national average by 21% and 18%, respectively. Grocery prices are also higher by 13%. A gallon of milk costs $4.90, and a carton of eggs is sold for $4.75. Housing expenses are also higher than the national average, with a median home price of $680,000.

Energy prices are, however, lower than the national average by 2.2%. Woodstock is an expensive place to live; so you should take this into consideration before making the move to this town.

7. Enjoy all four seasons in this town

Living in Woodstock means experiencing the beauty of all four seasons. From vibrant autumn foliage and snowy winters to blooming springs and sunny summers, each season brings its own unique charm to the town.

Each season also comes with its own unique outdoor activities. Go swimming and kayaking in summer. Leaf peeping and apple picking are popular autumn activities here. While winter is for skiing and snowboarding, spring is for hiking and birdwatching.

Be prepared for the joys and challenges of seasonal changes, including snowfall and the need for appropriate outdoor gear.

8. Seasonal influx of tourists

Woodstock attracts tourists, especially during the summer and fall seasons. In the summer, people come to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and attending outdoor concerts. In the fall, the famous fall foliage draws visitors who engage in leaf peeping, scenic drives, and photography.

Seasonal tourism has positive economic impacts by boosting local businesses and creating job opportunities. However, it can also strain infrastructure and disrupt the daily routines of residents. You should therefore be prepared for increased traffic and a bustling town atmosphere during peak tourist times.

In conclusion

Moving to Woodstock, NY, offers a unique blend of artistic inspiration, natural beauty, and a close-knit community. Understanding the town’s creative legacy, embracing a rural lifestyle, and being prepared for the cost of living, the seasonal influx of tourists, and the four seasons will guide your transition and help you settle well in Woodstock, NY!

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