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8 Things to Know Before Moving to Union City, NJ

Written by Leigh Cooper

Union City, New Jersey, has a rich history, a convenient location, and a reputation for its unique charm, earning it the nickname “Havana on the Hudson” because of the high concentration of Cuban-Americans living there. 

Union City’s attractiveness lies in the fascinating combination of its historical significance as an immigrant city and its contemporary status as a center of cultural diversity. 

Here are eight things to know before moving to Union City, NJ.

1. It’s a safe place to live

Union City provides a secure environment for its residents! The city’s total crime rate sits at 13% below the national average, amounting to 2,040 crimes annually per 100,000 individuals. 

Specifically, its property crime rate is 11% lower than the national average, and the violent crime rate is 23% lower. The Union City community is supported by the Union City Police Department, boasting a team of over 200 sworn officers.

2. The cost of living index is 28.7% higher than the national average

Living in Union City offers numerous advantages, but the proximity to New York City also brings some expenses. The cost of living index in Union City stands at 28.7% above the national average. The median home price is $462,036, surpassing the average American home price of $430,000. RentCafe reports an average monthly rent of approximately $1,673 for a space of 643 square feet in Union City and its neighboring areas.

As per the Economic Policy Institute, a family comprising four individuals would require an annual income of $101,568 to sustain life comfortably in Union City.

3. Live in The Heights, West Hoboken, or Hudson Avenue

Even though it’s a tiny city, Union City actually contains a surprising variety of residential areas.

Different housing alternatives, from single-family houses to apartment complexes, give Hudson Avenue its own sense of community. The Heights is a neighborhood in Jersey City and Union City that boasts beautiful scenery thanks to its elevated position. 

West Hoboken, on Union City’s western edge, is a charming residential neighborhood with tree-lined streets and a variety of building types (row houses, brownstones, etc.).

4. Union City has a humid subtropical climate

Union City falls under the humid subtropical climate classification based on the Köppen system. Familiarity with New York and New Jersey weather will prepare you well for the climate here. 

Winter months typically see lows of 25°F, while summer months can reach highs of 85°F. Union City receives above-average rainfall for the United States, averaging 48 inches yearly, and experiences an average of 26 inches of snow annually.

5. The Union City Board of Education is a significant employer

Situated at the heart of the New York metropolitan area’s industrial hub, Union City offers convenient access to job opportunities. The most sought-after positions in the city include Software Engineer, Office Manager, and Director of Operations. 

The Union City Board of Education stands as the most prominent employer in the area. On average, workers in Union City earn around $72,000 annually, with an average hourly wage of $18.56, as reported by Payscale.

6. The Union City School District serves the city

The Union City School District is in charge of the city’s public school system, emphasizing high-quality education geared towards academic excellence and the success of its students. 

Notable institutions within the district include Jefferson Elementary and Union City High School. Offering a comprehensive educational network, the district encompasses elementary, middle, and high schools alongside specialized programs and magnet schools.

7. Enjoy delicious food at Casa di Napoli, Maria Mentiras Bar and Grill, or El Artesano

Maria Mentiras Bar and Grill is the best place in Union City to satisfy your cravings for Latin fusion meals, no matter how broad your tastes may be.

Union City is home to a sizable Cuban community, and with it comes excellent Cuban cuisine; luckily, El Artesano serves you the real deal!

What kind of city would it be, located so close to New York, without at least one excellent Italian eatery? Residents of Union City can have delicious, traditional Italian food at Casa di Napoli.

8. Have fun at Ellsworth Park, Washington Park, or Hamilton Park

For an outstanding shopping adventure in Union City, be sure to explore the Columbia Park Center. Ellsworth Park, boasting play amenities and walking paths, offers an enchanting setting for spending a day outdoors in Union City.

Renowned as the location of the historic Hamilton-Burr duel, Hamilton Park also offers a serene atmosphere along the Hudson River. Washington Park stands out as the comprehensive park in Union City, featuring sports fields, play areas, a dog park, and more to meet all your recreational requirements.

Final Thoughts

Moving to Union City, New Jersey, offers a vibrant experience steeped in rich history and cultural diversity. Boasting safety, a variety of residential areas, and employment opportunities, Union City stands as an inviting destination. Although the city has a high cost of living, it sure is worth it, as Union City presents an appealing lifestyle that seamlessly merges historical significance with modern-day amenities. 

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