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8 Things to Know Before Moving to Ramona, CA

Written by Zach Spanton

Tucked away in San Diego’s North County Inland lies the gorgeous city of Ramona. 

Ramona provides a peaceful and scenic environment, ideal for individuals in search of a peaceful life far from the chaos of the city. Located in the midst of hilly terrain, vast vineyards, and green spaces, Ramona is home to stunning natural scenery that never fails to enchant locals and tourists.

Here are eight things to know before moving to Ramona, CA.

1. Ramona is 35 miles away from San Diego

Residents looking for a tranquil lifestyle close to city conveniences often flock to Ramona, which is located east of San Diego’s central business district and encircled by stunning natural beauty.

The city of Ramona is conveniently situated near other important cities and tourist destinations. A tranquil setting just 35 miles northeast of San Diego’s downtown makes it easy for residents to make use of the city’s many services and attractions. In addition to its own retail, dining, and entertainment services, the city is ideally situated near neighboring North County Inland cities like Poway and Escondido.

2. You get to be part of a welcoming community

The close-knit community is one of Ramona’s biggest selling points. A sense of community is deeply ingrained in the city, where people are friendly and supportive of one another and where everyone knows each other’s names. Ramona is a great place to live for families, retirees, and anybody seeking a close-knit community since its residents are proud of their neighborhoods and work hard to make them welcoming to everyone.

Despite its tranquil rural setting, Ramona is conveniently located near major highways that serve the greater San Diego area. 

3. Ramona Unified School District serves the city

The area’s major public school system is the Ramona Unified School District.  It oversees the elementary, middle, and high schools, and each one has its own advantages and programs. Examples of schools that provide students with opportunities for intellectual and personal growth include Ramona High School, which provides a variety of AP classes and extracurricular activities. Supporting kids’ personal, social, and emotional growth is a top priority for the district’s educators.

Several schools and universities are conveniently located around Ramona for those seeking higher education. California State University, San Marcos (CSUSM), and San Diego State University (SDSU) are two well-known universities in the area. Various undergraduate and graduate programs are available at these schools, allowing students to pursue knowledge throughout their lives and progress in their chosen fields.

4. Attend the Ramona Country Fair or the Ramona Music Fest

Ramona creates an exciting and inviting atmosphere all year round by hosting a number of community events, festivals, and get-togethers. Among the most notable is the Ramona Country Fair, an occasion when locals and tourists alike gather to honor the area’s long history of farming. Everyone can enjoy themselves at the fair thanks to the many livestock exhibitions, agricultural displays, live performances, and exciting rides.

The Ramona Music Fest is a yearly event that gives local musicians a stage to perform and exhibit their skills in Ramona. Music lovers from all over the world come to this festival, which adds to the thriving local arts and culture sector.

5. Explore the Barnett Ranch Preserve or the Ramona Grasslands Preserve

Numerous parks in Ramona are available for a wide range of outdoor activities. One of the best-kept treasures in town is Barnett Ranch Preserve, where visitors can enjoy magnificent hikes across undulating hills while taking in stunning vistas of the rural landscape. The preserve is perfect for a day of outdoor discovery because it offers avenues for birdwatching, photography, and picnicking.

With its many horseback riding trails and equestrian facilities, Ramona is a paradise for horse lovers. You can take in the region’s natural splendor while on horseback along routes created especially for equestrian riding at places like the Ramona Grasslands Preserve and the Ramona Routes Association.

6. The job opportunities in Ramona are limited

Residents of Ramona should expect a rather high median income. With a median household income of $79,075—20% more than the state average—Ramona is a little wealthier than the neighboring areas. However, the local community, small enterprises, and agriculture are the main drivers of Ramona’s economy. Because of this, residents of the city may have a hard time finding work in more specialized industries. 

Some residents may have to commute or look at openings in nearby areas if they want to work in certain industries or earn more money.

7. Living costs in Ramona are 35% higher than the national average

Living expenses in Ramona are around 35% greater than the national average. The average listing price for a home in this area is $605,000, which works out to $303/sq. ft. With numerous offers, houses typically sell in less than three weeks in today’s highly competitive real estate market.

It is possible to rent a home in Ramona, even though most residents own one. As a whole, 32% of Ramona locals are renters, with $1,470 being the average monthly deposit. 

8. Summers are quite hot in Ramona

As far as weather goes, Ramona is just like any other southern California town. Ramona experiences hot, dry summers and moderate, wet winters, which are characterized by a Mediterranean climate. August is when you can expect to see the highest temperatures in Ramona, with an average high of 90.3°F. 

Though it gets rather hot throughout the day, Ramona and the rest of southern California see daily temperature swings of about 30 degrees. Thus, the nights and evenings cool down considerably, even on the warmest days. December and February are the coolest months, with average highs of 64.8°F. 

In Conclusion

If you’re considering a move to Ramona, CA, you get to enjoy a serene and scenic environment, a tight-knit community, great schools, and local festivals. However, job opportunities are limited, summers are hot, and living costs surpass the national average. Ramona offers a tranquil lifestyle embraced by nature, but prospective residents should weigh the trade-offs of limited job prospects and higher living expenses.

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