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15 Things You Must Know Before Moving to Temecula, CA

15 Things You Must Know Before Moving to Temecula, CA Written by Brittany Slagle

If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, head south to Temecula. This city is great for young people starting their careers and established families looking to expand.

The locals have ideal weather all year long, and the mild environment makes it a great place to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor pursuits like horseback riding, hot air ballooning, and hiking.

Here are fifteen things to know before moving to Temecula, CA!

1. Housing costs are almost double the national average

Housing and other living costs in California are notoriously expensive, and Temecula is no different. With an index of 144, the cost of living is 44% higher than the national average. Although this is lower than other SoCal cities, it’s still on the high side.

The same goes for housing, with the city’s median home price being $734,540. This might be tough if you’re moving from a more affordable place, so you should be prepared for this.

2. Temecula’s crime rate is lower than the rest of the state

Temecula ranks among the state’s safest cities in terms of both violent and property crime. The city has a violent crime rate of 11.5 and a property crime rate of 36.3.

Even while these figures are greater than the national average, they are much lower than those found in much of California.

3. It rarely snows, but you get lots of Sunshine

Temecula, like many other Southern California communities, enjoys mild temperatures throughout the year. It rarely snows in the city, which is a bonus to its almost 115,000 citizens.

Moderate to mid-90s with low to medium humidity are typical during the summer. Temecula is unique in that despite its 280 sunny days a year, it is still a Mediterranean climate.

Keep a light jacket on hand at all times because mornings and nights will be cooler than the rest of the day.

4. A lower unemployment rate than the national average

The goal of Temecula’s Office of Economic Development is to stimulate growth in the city’s economy.

Some of the fastest-growing corporations in the country are headquartered in the city, which provides a welcoming environment for enterprises of all kinds. The healthcare, arts and entertainment, educational services, manufacturing, and retail sectors are all vital to the economy.

The city’s low unemployment rate (2.6%) can be attributed to its strong economy.

5. Temecula has high tax rates

People in California are used to paying more taxes than their counterparts in other states.

You shouldn’t count on a tax cut in Temecula just because of the city’s high cost of living. Temecula’s property tax rate, at about 1.2%, is one of the highest in California. Every purchase is also subject to a total sales tax rate of 8.75%.

It’s not just federal income tax that you have to pay yearly, but also state. Based on your yearly income, the state will tax you anywhere from 1% to 12.3%.

6. There are no ski resorts in the city

You should go elsewhere in the state if you want to engage in snow-based recreational activities and/or participate in winter sports. It never snows in Temecula.

Luckily, there are a ton of fantastic ski resorts within a day’s drive, including the world-famous Bear Mountain. There isn’t even a chance of snow, so look elsewhere if you’re a fan.

The good news is that Big Bear Mountain Resort is only three hours away, and there are more big ski destinations within four hours.

7. The people aren’t the most welcoming

Temecula has a reputation for being a Christian community. Some of these people have a reputation for being hostile to anyone who doesn’t share their Christian and conservative values.

Locals who don’t fit this profile say the prejudice they’ve experienced isn’t much of a problem. However, they feel it’s important to bring it up, even though they don’t want it to be a dealbreaker for potential new residents.

8. There’s a risk of earthquakes and fires

Temecula is a terrific area to experience the beauty of nature because of its mild climate throughout the year. Unlike in many other regions of the country, you won’t have to worry about natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

Temecula, however, is vulnerable to earthquakes and wildfires, just like the rest of Southern California.

The city has a high risk of earthquakes, but the number of earthquakes has decreased significantly during the past decade.

Scientists have calculated a 97.05% likelihood of a large earthquake striking this area within the next half-century.

9. Temecula has a major homelessness problem

Years of effort have been put into solving California’s homelessness crisis. The state has the highest number of homeless persons in the country, at approximately 152,000. Unfortunately, Temecula is not exempt from this issue.

Thankfully, this issue has not contributed to a rise in the city’s crime rate. You are still safe to go on a walk at night.

Although Temecula has a high safety rating, visitors should always exercise common sense and avoid dangerous situations.

10. It could get too hot for some people

Temecula has year-round summer temperatures because of its high number of sunny days (280 on average). It’s like a dream come true for those people. Some people, though, are not going to agree.

If you’re looking to move somewhere with four distinct seasons, Temecula isn’t it. Temperatures rarely drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, even in the winter.

11. Temecula is close to Los Angeles and San Diego

Is Los Angeles your dream city, but you’ve been put off by its excessive traffic, crowds, pollution, high costs, and safety issues? Temecula is conveniently located 85 miles from Los Angeles and is part of the LA Metro Area. If you live in or around Los Angeles and are looking to improve your quality of life and your dollar, Temecula may be a good choice.

Driving from Temecula to downtown Los Angeles at an average speed of 55 mph (without traffic) takes roughly 90 minutes. However, bus, train, and tram travel will take significantly longer.

Temecula is only 58 miles south of San Diego, even though it is considered part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. About an hour is all it takes for a resident of Temecula to reach San Diego, where they can enjoy the city’s famous beaches, world-class surfing, and vibrant cultural scene. 

12. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of California

Access to the ocean and numerous stunning beaches is a major selling point for the Golden State. Temecula is located within easy driving distance of many beautiful beaches. Some are in Orange County, while the majority are in San Diego County.

Less than 30 miles, or a 25-45 minutes drive, separates Temecula from the nearest public coastline beaches. Oceanside Beach, with its lively pier, Harbor Beach, Buccaneer Beach, and the Carlsbad State or Municipal Beaches, are just a few of the top-notch options in the area.

13. If you love golf, you’ll love Temecula

Temecula is a golfer’s paradise. The city has seven courses, and the surrounding area has another twenty-three. They are beautiful, well-kept, and opulent. The facilities and service are also exceptional.

Temecula Creek Golf Club, Redhawk Golf Course, Cross Creek Golf Course, and The Legends Golf Club are some of the area’s most frequented courses (aka Temeku Hills Golf and Country Club). The 18-hole public golf course and driving range at Journey at Pechanga Resort & Casino are equally complimentary for all hotel guests.

14. Enjoy the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival

Seeing a brightly colored hot air balloon glide across the sky is about as fantastical and enchanted as it gets. Imagine looking down on the grapes of Temecula from a great height. This is exactly what you should expect during the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival.

Kids’ activities, wine tasting, live entertainment, and a spectacular display of hot air balloons are just some of the highlights of this yearly celebration, which is held on the first weekend of June or in late May.

15. Have fun at the Pechanga Resort & Casino

Temecula is home to the state’s largest casino, so you can forget about taking a trip to Las Vegas since Pechanga Resort & Casino has everything you could ever want.

There are over 5,000 slot machines, 158 gaming tables, a smoke-free area with 38 poker tables, and a bingo room with 700 seats.

There’s a golf course, spa, fitness center, fine restaurants, and top-notch shows like stand-up comedy, boxing, and concerts at Pechanga.


Temecula has a lot to offer. There’s lots of sunshine, festivals and fun places to go, golf courses, beautiful beaches, and outdoor recreational opportunities. On the other hand, the city also has high tax rates, a high cost of living, and a high risk of natural disasters.

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