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8 Things to Know Before Moving to Sebastopol, CA

Written by Allie Gardner

Sebastopol, California, is a beautiful little town in Sonoma County, perfect for people who prefer a more relaxed way of life. Gravenstein apples are Sebastopol’s claim to fame, but the city is also well-known for the large number of retirees who call it home. 

It is not surprising that Sebastopol is experiencing a surge in population, given its closeness to wine country and the abundance of things to do in the area. Here are eight things to know before moving to Sebastopol!

1. Living in Sebastopol costs 51% more than the national average

Living in Sebastopol does not come cheap. The city has a cost of living index of 151, making it 51% more expensive than the national average. The median home price is $1,120,220, almost three times the national average.

A single adult in Sebastopol spends $51,729 a year on housing, food, child care, transportation, healthcare, taxes, and other necessities. This is higher than both the state of California’s cost of living ($45,534) and the national average ($38,433).

2. Sebastopol’s weather is just perfect

The beautiful weather is one of the best things about relocating to Sebastopol. Too much heat is an issue in many California regions. The rest of it is too chilly. But the city that fits the bill perfectly is Sebastopol! Sunny skies, mild temperatures, and gentle winds are what you can expect, as Sebastopol weather allows you to do whatever you choose, whether it’s visiting wine country or playing golf. 

The warmth varies from 58 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and sunshine is available all year round! Lows are between 36 and 49 degrees Fahrenheit. January sees an average of 10 rainy days, making it the wettest month overall. A raincoat is an absolute need in light of this.

3. There are a number of unique stores in Sebastopol

While Sebastopol may be lacking in big businesses, it more than makes up for it in unique, locally-owned specialty shops, many of which can be found at The Barlow. This one-of-a-kind culinary and arts center draws in both locals and visitors. 

Think of Sebastopol Kitchen & Table furniture and cookware, Littlefour’s handcrafted home goods, and the Soap Cauldron’s handcrafted soaps and skin care items, just to mention a few.

4. A low crime rate

With a violent crime rate of 17.3 compared to the national average of 22.7, Sebastopol is a reasonably safe city. Additionally, compared to the national average of 35.4, Sebastopol’s property crime rate is 28. 

This contributes to Sebastopol’s low rates of violent and property crimes, making it an excellent area to live.

5. Sebastopol’s schools are rated highly on GreatSchools

If you are seeking decent schools, relocating to Sebastopol with children can be a relief! There are many schools that are highly regarded. Gravenstein Elementary, Hillcrest Middle, and Twin Hills Charter are among the most prestigious. In addition, SunRidge Charter School, Orchard View School, and Analy High School are available. 

You can find these schools with ratings ranging from 8 out of 10 on GreatSchools. In addition to consistently high exam scores, they are excellent with kids from low-income backgrounds and diverse groups.

6. Ragle Ranch Park is a perfect place to hang out for families

Located in West Sebastopol, Ragle Ranch Park offers a multitude of activities perfect for families. Everybody can find their game on one of the many available fields, including soccer, tennis, and softball. 

Young couples seeking a fun activity for date night can enjoy sand volleyball, while hikers will find the backcountry routes to their liking. The stunning beauty of this place is preserved by Sonoma County.

7. Check out nearby wineries such as Marimar Torres Estates, Kosta Browne Winery, and River Road Vineyards

Near Sebastopol, you’ll find an abundance of wineries. Countless wineries offer tours and tastings where you can find new favorites among Marimar Torres Estates, Kosta Browne Winery, River Road Vineyards, and countless more. 

The Spirit Works Distillery, Woodfour Brewing, and Crooked Goat Brewing are all located in Sebastopol, so if you prefer hard liquor or artisan beers, you’re in luck. 

8. Get fresh food from Andy’s Produce Market and the local Farmers’ Market

Sebastopol is home to two of California’s most famous outdoor farmers markets, Andy’s Produce Market and the local Farmers’ Market, making it easy to acquire food straight from the farm. 

Shoppers in Sebastopol and the neighboring Santa Rosa area often visit the Community Market, which bills itself as “Sonoma County’s only worker-run, natural food store.” It’s a favorite among Sebastopol and Santa Rosa residents for all things food-related.

To Sum it All Up

Moving to Sebastopol, CA, promises a delightful blend of nature, community, and a relaxed lifestyle. With excellent schools, family-friendly parks, an abundance of wineries, and access to fresh produce markets, Sebastopol caters to various interests. 

Ultimately, this small town exudes charm and offers a tranquil haven for those seeking a quieter yet fulfilling way of life amidst California’s beauty and culture. However, keep in mind that living in this town comes with a higher cost of living.

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