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8 Things to Know Before Moving to Woodland, CA

Written by Brittany Slagle

Woodland, nestled in Yolo County, California’s Central Valley and Greater Sacramento Region, serves as the county seat. Its downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods boast an impressive array of beautiful historic buildings, reflecting the city’s rich heritage. Currently commemorating its sesquicentennial, Woodland stands proud with one of the country’s finest concentrations of food and agricultural businesses, complemented by a burgeoning research and technology sector.

Recognizing its allure, Livability.com honored the City of Woodland as one of the “Top 100 Best Places to Live in America” for 2021, ranking it second among all locales in California. Let’s check out what makes this city so unique, as we look at eight things to know before moving to Woodland, CA.

1. The city is home to many small businesses

The local economy in Woodland is quite robust, with interesting places to shop. For example, the Nest is a gift shop and home goods boutique with a carefully curated range of items guaranteed to make any house a home. The Woodland Opera House is a great place to perform some retail therapy since it hosts a wide range of vendors selling everything from clothing and jewelry to home decor and unique gifts. 

If you’re looking for some new ways to spice up your weekly meal plan, check out the artisan cheeses and locally grown fruits and veggies at the Woodland Farmers Market, which takes place every Saturday.

2. Enjoy excellent cuisine at Morgan’s on Main, Maria’s Cantina, or Kitchen 428

Woodland is home to many excellent restaurants, from cozy cafes run by local families to sophisticated fine dining establishments. Morgan’s on Main is a highlight because it offers a contemporary take on traditional American fare in a stunningly renovated landmark. 

Kitchen 428 is an Italian restaurant with a homey vibe, serving authentic dishes, including pasta and pizza, cooked in wood-burning ovens. Maria’s Cantina has some of the best Mexican food in the area, and the guacamole and margaritas are cooked from scratch every day.

3. Learn about the city’s history at Gibson House Museum or Yolo County Historical Museum

Historic buildings and landmarks throughout Woodland attest to the city’s long and illustrious past. One of the most prominent is the Gibson House Museum, a wonderfully restored Victorian residence that offers a peek into life in the late 19th century. In addition to being a beautiful building, the Woodland Opera House (built in 1885) is also significant since it often hosts contemporary theatrical productions.

Yolo County Historical Museum is a great place to get a feel for the area’s past and gain knowledge about the county’s rich agricultural background through its collection of artifacts.

4. Woodland Regional Park and The Woodland Aquatic Center are perfect spots to enjoy the outdoors

Woodland is a fantastic place to visit if you’re a fan of the great outdoors. There are 25 parks in the city, and one of the most beautiful is Woodland Regional Park, which has miles of pathways for walking and biking, a fishing pond, and picnic spaces. 

The Woodland Aquatic Center is a great place for families to have fun together, with its pool and water slide. 

5. Embrace the community spirit with Stroll Through History or First Friday Art Walk

Being part of such a close-knit community is one of the many benefits of calling Woodland home. Stroll Through History, where tourists are given a guided tour of the city’s historic homes and structures, is just one of several annual events that take place in the city. 

In addition, the First Friday Art Walk is a great opportunity to view the city’s gallery scene and meet the creative minds behind the artwork.

6. A cost of living index of 128

The cost of living in Woodland is 28% higher than the national average. A year’s worth of living expenses for a single person in Woodland is $40,389, which is higher than the national average of $38,433. This includes but is not limited to the cost of housing, food, child care, transportation, healthcare, taxes, and other miscellaneous expenses.

The city equally has a median home price of $530,004 and a median home rent of $2,200. So if you’re looking to move to Woodland, be prepared to spend quite above the national average.

7. It doesn’t snow in Woodland

The weather in Woodland is pleasant thanks to the region’s Mediterranean climate. Temperatures in the mid-60s to mid-90s and plenty of sunshine characterize the summers, while the mid-30s to mid-50s range describes the mild winters. The winters receive a lot of rainfall, whereas the summers are often dry. 

The 21 inches of rain that fall on average each year in Woodland make it a great place to plant fruit trees and vegetable gardens. However, the city averages 0 inches of snow per year, so you’ll not be seeing any snow here.

8. Violent and property crime rates are higher than the national average

In Woodland, the violent crime rate stands at 26.7, surpassing the US average of 22.7. Similarly, the property crime rate in Woodland, sits at 44.4, also exceeding the national average of 35.4. This indicates that both violent and property crimes are pretty high in Woodland when compared to the rest of the country. Residents should ensure to be security conscious and be on the alert at all times. 

In Conclusion

Woodland, CA, offers a blend of historic charm, a vibrant culinary scene, ample outdoor activities, and a close-knit community spirit. With its rich heritage showcased in historic landmarks and museums, diverse dining options, numerous parks, and community-centered events, Woodland holds appeal for residents and newcomers alike. 

However, the city’s higher-than-average cost of living and elevated crime rates, both in violent and property crime, are aspects to consider. While enjoying the pleasant Mediterranean climate and diverse amenities, residents should remain vigilant regarding security. Overall, Woodland presents a mix of positives and challenges for those considering making it their home. 

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