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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Palm Coast, FL

Written by Aislyn Hobbs

If you’re looking to live in a place that blends the beauty of coastal living with the warmth of a tight-knit community, then Palm Coast, Florida, is the place for you.

Palm Coast is located in Flagler County and has a population of 102,569 residents. From its beautiful beaches to its friendly community, this city is a great place to live. Nevertheless, before you start packing your bags, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with crucial things that will help you seamlessly transition into life in this city.

Let’s consider ten things to know before moving to Palm Coast, FL!

1. Summers are hot and humid

Palm Coast experiences hot and humid summers characteristic of its subtropical climate. Daytime temperatures typically soar into the 90s Fahrenheit during the summer months. The hottest month in Palm Coast is typically July, where you can expect temperatures to frequently exceed 90ยฐF. It may feel hotter due to the high temperatures and humidity.

These hot and sticky conditions are a hallmark of summer in Palm Coast, making it essential to stay hydrated and seek shade during the peak of the day.

2. Living expenses are less than the national average by 1.3%

Compared to some other parts of Florida, Palm Coast has a slightly lower cost of living. The cost of living here is 1.3% less than the national average.

Housing is affordable, as the median home price is $362,312. Here, you can find various housing options, including single-family homes, apartments, and condos. Taxes, transportation, healthcare, and groceries are also less than the national average. A carton of eggs costs $2.08, and a gallon of milk costs $2.25.

If you’re moving from a more expensive place, you’d be able to save more money while living here.

3. Enjoy recreational activities at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

If you love the outdoors, Palm Coast is the place to be. With its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, you can enjoy a wide range of water activities. The city also boasts numerous parks for outdoor enthusiasts, one of which is Washington Oaks Gardens State Park.

This coastal park offers a range of activities such as hiking, picnicking, swimming, boating, surging, fishing, and bird watching amid stunning natural beauty. You can explore the formal gardens with unique plant species and stroll along the scenic Coquina Rock Beach, perfect for shell collecting. The park’s serene environment and well-maintained trails make it an excellent spot for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful day in the outdoors.

Enjoying outdoor activities in Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is a delightful experience, and you’d love hanging out here.

4. Family-friendly environment

Palm Coast is well known for being a family-friendly environment. This picturesque city boasts a safe and welcoming atmosphere, making it ideal for families. Its well-maintained parks, like James F. Holland Memorial Park and Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, offer playgrounds, sports facilities, and picnic areas for quality family time. 

The city also has excellent schools, recreational programs, and a strong sense of community. With its safe neighborhoods and beautiful natural surroundings, rest assured that Palm Coast provides a nurturing environment for families to thrive and enjoy a high quality of life.

5. Palm Coast is a retiree haven

Palm Coast is a popular destination for retirees seeking a serene and comfortable haven. This coastal city offers a relaxed lifestyle, abundant recreational opportunities, and a mild climate, making it an attractive retirement spot.

The presence of numerous golf courses, parks, and walking trails caters to active retirees, while the tranquil beaches and cultural events provide leisurely pursuits. Additionally, Palm Coast boasts a low cost of living compared to some other Florida cities, making it financially appealing to retirees.

With its welcoming community and amenities, Palm Coast is often considered an ideal place to enjoy the golden years. If you’re a retiree or about to retire, then Palm Coast would be an excellent fit for you. 

6. Coastal Cloud is a top employer in this city

Coastal Cloud is widely recognized as one of the top employers in Palm Coast. This technology consulting firm offers a range of job opportunities and has a significant impact on the local job market. They contribute to the area’s economic development, provide skill development programs for their employees, and actively engage in community initiatives.

Coastal Cloud’s presence enhances the city’s reputation as a great place to work and live, solidifying its position as a top employer in Palm Coast. Consulting, software development, project management, sales and marketing, data analysis, customer support and service, technical support, and business development are potential job opportunities available at Coastal Cloud.

Other top employers include Legacy Vacation Resorts, Palm Coast Data, and the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce.

7. Palm Coast is a hurricane-prone area

Palm Coast is considered a hurricane-prone area due to its location along the Atlantic coast. This region experiences a heightened risk of hurricanes, especially during the Atlantic hurricane season from June to November.

The city has a comprehensive emergency management system to keep residents informed. Ensure to familiarize yourself with evacuation routes, stock up on emergency supplies, and have a hurricane plan in place.

8. Most residents rely on personal vehicles

Personal vehicles are the predominant means of transportation in Palm Coast. The city’s suburban layout and reliance on road networks make private cars the most practical choice for commuting and daily travel. With well-maintained roadways and highways, residents and visitors find personal vehicles convenient and efficient for getting around Palm Coast and accessing neighboring areas.

While other transportation options exist, such as public transit and biking, they are generally not used often due to their limited nature. This means you might have to get a car while living in this city. Although owning a personal car makes getting around easier, buying a car can be pretty expensive, depending on your budget.

9. There are 12 schools in Palm Coast

This city offers a generally good quality of education with a mix of public and private schools. There are 12 schools in Palm Coast, including 8 public schools and 4 private schools. The Flagler County School District oversees public education and maintains favorable graduation rates.

Here, you have lots of school choices available, allowing you to select schools that align with your kids’ needs. Christ the King Lutheran School, Freedomschoolers Academy, Belle Terre Elementary School, and Indian Trails Middle School

10. The city has unique local attractions

Palm Coast offers a diverse array of unique local attractions, including the scenic Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, interactive experiences with marine life at Marineland Dolphin Adventure, the historic Princess Place Preserve, luxury relaxation at Hammock Beach Resort, outdoor activities along the Linear Park trail, the Florida Agricultural Museum showcasing the state’s farming heritage, and a glimpse into history at the Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park.

These unique local attractions in this city offer a blend of natural beauty, history, and recreational opportunities, making it an appealing destination for residents and visitors alike.


Moving to Palm Coast, Florida, offers a chance to experience a laid-back coastal lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities and a strong sense of community.ย  prepared for the tropical climate, consider job opportunities, and take advantage of the local attractions to make the most of your new life in this charming city, Palm Coast, FL.

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