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8 Things to Know Before Moving to San Ramon, CA

Written by Aislyn Hobbs

Moving to a new city is always an exciting adventure, but it can also be a bit daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Not to worry, though, that’s why we’re here. 

Nestled in the East Bay region, San Ramon, California, is a charming and rapidly growing city that offers a high quality of life. This city is located in Contra Costa County and is home to 87,879 people.

Let’s talk about eight things you need to know before moving to San Ramon, CA!

1. There are 19 public schools in San Ramon

San Ramon boasts excellent public schools, making it an ideal place for you if you’re moving with your family. There are 19 public schools in this region under the San Ramon Valley Unified School District that consistently rank high in statewide assessments.

Some of its schools, like Golden View Elementary School, Gale Ranch Middle School, and Dougherty Valley High School, are renowned for their academic excellence.

There are also 7 private schools in the city, so you can choose from various options to find the school that best meets your kids’ needs.

2. The crime rate is less than the national average

San Ramon is known for its relatively low crime rate compared to many other cities in the United States. The city’s violent crime rate is 8.4%, which is less than the national average of 22.7%. The property crime rate is 19.2%, also lower than the national average of 35.4%.

San Ramon’s commitment to public safety and a strong community policing presence contribute to this reputation. While no place is entirely without crime, San Ramon’s residents generally enjoy a safe living environment with a focus on crime prevention and community engagement.

While living here, ensure you stay safe and work with local law enforcement to maintain and improve the city’s safety record.

3. Hot and dry summers

San Ramon experiences hot and dry summers, with the hottest month typically being July.

Summer in this city is often characterized by high temperatures, which can soar into the mid-90s and occasionally over 100°F. The region also sees extended periods of sunshine with very little rainfall. These dry conditions and high temperatures contribute to the heightened risk of heatwaves and wildfires during the summer months.

Ensure you take precautions to stay cool and hydrated during the scorching summer days and remain aware of the fire danger associated with the hot, dry conditions.

4. Chevron is a top employer in this city

With its headquarters in San Ramon, Chevron is a major employer in the area and a global energy company. It offers diverse employment opportunities across various fields and significantly contributes to the local economy.

Chevron’s San Ramon campus emphasizes innovation and technology development, particularly in the energy sector. The company actively engages with the community through philanthropic efforts and supports local initiatives. Its presence not only benefits job seekers but also fosters technological advancements and community well-being.

Chevron offers job opportunities in engineering, technology and innovation, finance and accounting, environmental and sustainability, geosciences, health and safety, human resources, supply chain and logistics, legal and compliance, marketing and sales, energy trading and risk management, and administrative roles.

5. Traffic is an issue

San Ramon residents face significant traffic issues due to factors like population growth, heavy commuting to nearby job centers, limited public transportation options, school-related traffic, and infrastructure challenges.

Efforts to address these problems are ongoing, involving road improvements, traffic management strategies, and regional coordination. Solving the traffic congestion problem is vital for enhancing the quality of life in San Ramon and sustaining its growth.

6. Participate in recreational activities at Central Park

Central Park is a prominent and popular recreational area in San Ramon. It offers a variety of amenities and features, including sports fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, walking trails, and a lake.

The park serves as a hub for community gatherings, outdoor activities, and events throughout the year. It’s a cherished green space for residents and visitors to enjoy in San Ramon, and you’d enjoy participating in outdoor activities here.

7. Cultural Diversity

San Ramon is characterized by its cultural diversity. This includes a rich tapestry of ethnicities such as Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, European, Middle Eastern, Latin American, African, African American, Pacific Islander, and Native American communities.

This diverse population enriches the city’s identity, fostering inclusivity and unity while contributing a wide range of traditions, languages, and cultural perspectives to the community. San Ramon’s multicultural environment is a defining feature of its vibrant and dynamic character.

Here, you’ll find a diverse range of cuisines, festivals, and events to enjoy. The International Festival held annually also showcases this diversity, featuring food, music, and art from around the world.

8. The cost of living is 150.9% higher than the national average

While San Ramon offers a high quality of life, it comes with a price tag. The cost of living here is 150.9% above the national average.

Groceries and utilities are both higher than the national average by 30%. A loaf of bread is sold for $5.05, a gallon of milk goes for $3.16, and a bunch of bananas costs $4.37. Transportation and healthcare expenses are 34% and 28% higher than the national average, respectively.

The median home price is $1,536,120, which is way higher than the national average of $416,000. It’s important to plan your budget before relocating to this city. 


San Ramon, CA, is a great place to call home, given its top-notch schools, low crime rate, job opportunities, and diverse community. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the high cost of living, the dry summers, and traffic congestion, which are common challenges. 

With proper planning and a willingness to embrace the city’s unique character, you’d be ready to relocate to San Ramon, CA! 

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