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8 Things to Know Before Moving to Livermore, CA

8 Things to Know Before Moving to Livermore, CA Written by Zach Spanton

Beautiful Livermore can be found in the middle of the East Bay. Livermore is a fantastic area to live, work, and play because of its fascinating past, beautiful natural features, and many outdoor activities.

Livermore is home to a thriving cultural scene and top-notch educational institutions that are widely accessible to locals. The city also has a wealth of excellent wineries and breweries. In addition to its obvious advantages, the area’s prime location is a major selling point. 

Let’s check out eight things to know before moving to Livermore, CA!

1. The city has a small-town feel

Livermore was founded as an agricultural community in the 1840s. Robert Livermore, a local rancher, inspired the town’s name. As a result, the city of Livermore retains a strong sense of its agricultural past. 

Tourists are always taken aback by how kind and cozy the city is. Livermore has maintained its community feel while becoming a major suburb with several tourist attractions.

2. It’s a safe place to live

A low crime rate in comparison to the rest of California and the country makes Livermore feel even smaller than it is. The crime rate of Livermore is 25 per 1,000 people, although the incidence of violent crime is much lower.

With a violent crime rate of around one in five hundred each year, Livermore is one of the safest communities in the Bay Area.

3. Get around the city on the WHEELS bus system

Livermore’s residents can take advantage of the WHEELS bus system, which connects the city with neighboring Dublin, Pleasanton, and other communities in Alameda County. 

Connected to BART, this bus network makes it easier to get around the whole Bay Area.

4. The cost of living is 81% higher than the national average

At an index of 181, Livermore’s cost of living is much higher than the national average. The annual cost of living for a single person in Livermore is $56,505 (this includes housing, food, child care, transportation, healthcare, taxes, and other necessities).

This hefty price tag can be mostly attributed to the high median home price, at $1,064,335. Simply put, living in Livermore does not come cheap.

5. A prime location

Livermore is conveniently located near the Tri-Valley’s easternmost tip. Livermore is only 35 miles from San Francisco, putting you close enough to the major metropolis to ensure you never get bored.

Spend a relaxing weekend in San Francisco. Your family will have a great day exploring California’s most famous city. Your family will benefit from being so close to many different ethnic neighborhoods, including Chinatown, where they can interact with individuals from all over the world.

Because of its convenient position, Livermore is also closer to the airports in Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. This is crucial if your work requires you to constantly be on the go. If you need to fly frequently for work or business, having quick and easy access to the airport is a must.

6. Work at Valley Care Medical Center or Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union

At 3.1%, the unemployment rate in Livermore is lower than the national average. The number of available jobs in Livermore has grown by 1.4% during the past 12 months. Over the next decade, employment is expected to increase by 38.7 percent, which is greater than the national average of 33.5 percent.

The area economy is robust, with a number of notable service providers like the Valley Care Medical Center, Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union, and Oak Grove Technologies LLC.

7. Bask in nature at Sycamore Grove or Brushy Peak Regional Preserve

Those who visit or live in Livermore will never run out of things to do in the great outdoors. There are more than 40 parks in the city, ranging in size from little pocket parks to vast green belts. Sycamore Grove, Del Valle Regional Park, and Brushy Peak Regional Preserve are some of the most visited parks in the area. 

Hiking, biking, or just taking a stroll around Sycamore Grove is a wonderful way to spend time. The camping, fishing, and boating opportunities in Del Valle Regional Park are unrivaled. Visitors love the picturesque pathways and breathtaking vistas at Brushy Peak Regional Preserve.

8. The city hosts a ton of community events

Livermore also has a reputation for its exciting local festivals. One of the oldest and most well-attended rodeos in the United States is the annual Livermore Rodeo, held in June. Another annual event that draws crowds from near and far is the Livermore Wine Country Festival, which takes place in May. 

In addition to the Downtown Livermore Farmers’ Market and the Livermore Shakespeare Festival, the Livermore Art Walk is another one of the city’s most well-attended events.

To Sum it All Up

The city of Livermore, California, is a fantastic area to settle down. There is always something to do in this thriving area, thanks to its abundance of natural attractions, recreational opportunities, commercial establishments, family-friendly venues, and social gatherings. However, the cost of living in this city is relatively high, so you should be prepared for this.

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