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8 Things to Know Before Moving to Lake Lure, NC

Written by Brittany Slagle

Real estate on a mountain with water access is quite scarce. When you live in Lake Lure, North Carolina, you get to experience the finest of both lakeside and mountain lifestyles. There is a wide range of architectural styles represented in the area, from historic to ultra-modern, slightly rustic to cutting-edge.

Moreover, the town is steeped in history and character. It is a source of pride for locals, along with the area’s rich history and abundance of modern-day leisure options.

Here are eight things to know before moving to Lake Lure, NC.

1. There are limited job opportunities in Lake Lure

Lake Lure has limited employment prospects despite its promising income figures. With a per capita income of $54,197 and a median household income of $70,958, the area grapples with a higher unemployment rate of 7%, surpassing the national average of 3.9%. 

Job growth lags notably at 8.44%, significantly lower than the US average of 30.54%. While there are small businesses like Apple Valley Mountain Village and Lake Lure Inn & Spa, the region faces challenges in providing ample job opportunities for its residents.

2. It rains a lot in Lake Lure

Lake Lure, renowned for its temperate climate all year round, experiences pleasant summers ranging from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and relatively mild winters seldom dropping below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Its moderate climate results from its elevation and distance from large water bodies, shielding it from extreme temperatures. Moreover, consistent rainfall throughout the year fosters abundant greenery that adds to the beauty of the scenic backdrop surrounding the lake.

With an annual average of 56 inches of rainfall, Lake Lure surpasses the national average of 38 inches per year. Snowfall in Lake Lure typically amounts to about 4 inches annually, contrasting with the US average of 28 inches annually.

Lake Lure enjoys an average of 218 sunny days yearly, slightly surpassing the national average of 205 sunny days annually.

3. A very safe place to live in

Comparing crime statistics, Lake Lure stands out as a notably safer location than the broader United States. The area records a remarkably low violent crime rate of 5, substantially lower than the US average of 22.7. 

Similarly, Lake Lure has a property crime rate of 33.5, slightly under the US average of 35.4. Hence, for those seeking a secure place to reside, Lake Lure emerges as an excellent and safe option.

4. A relatively low cost of living but high housing costs

Lake Lure offers a relatively affordable cost of living, scoring 81.5 on the BestPlaces Cost of Living index. The total annual cost for a single adult in Lake Lure, estimated at $36,613, remains below the North Carolina and national averages.

Despite the overall lower cost, the city faces higher housing expenses, with an average home value of $463,605, exceeding the national average of $430,000. These higher housing costs are primarily influenced by its scenic waterfront location. 

5. Savor delicious meals at La Strada Italian Grill

Complementing its hospitable atmosphere, Lake Lure offers an impressive selection of dining experiences. Local eateries span from moderately priced to more upscale venues, such as the delightful dining experience coupled with breathtaking views at La Strada Italian Grill.

Both locals and tourists also cherish the opportunity to savor distinctive, high-quality wines at Burntshirt Vineyards’ Tasting Room and Bistro.

6. Play golf at Apple Valley Golf Course or attend the Fourth of July fireworks show

In Lake Lure, the great outdoors is literally just outside your door. There are two semi-private, 18-hole golf courses in the town. Apple Valley Golf Course and Bald Mountain Golf Course provide distinctive mountain golf experiences.

The town’s Fourth of July fireworks show is only one example of the town’s long-running annual traditions. Since the 1980s, the community of Lake Lure has held a biannual Arts & Crafts Festival. Many talented artists and craftspeople showcase their wares and expertise during the event.

7. “Dirty Dancing” was shot in Lake Lure

It’s understandable if some features of Lake Lure seem familiar to first-time visitors. The 1987 romantic comedy “Dirty Dancing” was filmed primarily in this area. 

The movie is set in the early 1960s, but there are still areas of town that look and feel just like the lakeside neighborhood where the protagonists hang out. Every year in September, Lake Lure hosts the Lake Lure Dance Festival to honor the town’s role in the film.

8. Check out Cedar Creek Stables or Rumbling Bald Resort

It may be a cliche, but it’s still true in Lake Lure. This breathtaking mountain setting has a lot going for it.

Chimney Rock State Park can be seen from several spots along Lake Lure. The park is great for hiking, community engagement, and seeing mountains up to 75 miles away. Cruises and rallies for motorcycles are also popular on the mountain roads that wind around Lake Lure. If you’d rather let a horse carry you, Cedar Creek Stables offers trail-ride adventures that take you into the mountain valleys.

Luxury resorts and residential subdivisions have contributed to Lake Lure’s growth in recent years. Rumbling Bald Resort, located at the southern end of the village, is home to almost half of the total population. The resort has a marina and a recreation center where guests and locals may enjoy water sports, land games, a variety of foods and drinks, and swimming both in the lake and in man-made pools on the beach.

In Summary

Before moving to Lake Lure, North Carolina, it’s essential to consider various aspects of life in this picturesque town. Job opportunities are limited, but the area boasts a safe environment with low crime rates. The cost of living is relatively affordable, yet housing costs are higher due to the scenic waterfront location. Embrace the abundance of outdoor activities,  indulge in local dining experiences, and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty surrounding the lake. 

Overall, Lake Lure presents a blend of serene mountain living with lakeside charm, making it an attractive place for those seeking a tranquil yet vibrant community nestled in nature’s embrace.

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