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9 Things You Need To Know About Living In Kennesaw, GA

9 Things You Need To Know About Living In Kennesaw, GA Written by Allie Gardner

Kennesaw, located in Georgia’s Cobb County, is a rapidly expanding city. It is 27 miles northwest of Atlanta and has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Kennesaw is most well-known for the Civil War that took place there, known as the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. Nearly four thousand people perished in the battle. A national park has been established there, providing a fascinating glimpse into the past of this remarkable city.

Kennesaw, Georgia, is home to a growing economy, plentiful job opportunities, fantastic housing alternatives, and stunning natural landscapes. Everything in the city screams “Come on in!” Read on to find out nine things you need to know about living in Kennesaw, GA!

1. Get a job in nearby Atlanta 

Many of the locals in Kennesaw drive roughly 27 miles to Atlanta each day to get to work. The average time for this journey is around 40 minutes to and fro. The city of Marietta is closer to Kennesaw, so some workers choose to commute there instead. The unemployment rate in the city is quite low, at 3.1%.

Some of the largest businesses in Kennesaw are CryoLife, Kennesaw State University, OnePath, Enercon Services, and Automated Logic, which all contribute to the city’s median household income of $62,657.

2. Living here costs 8% more than the national average

Kennesaw has a higher cost of living than the rest of the country, by around 8 percent. While housing, utilities, and transportation costs are greater for Kennesaw residents, residents save money on groceries and healthcare.

The median price of a property in Kennesaw is $392,996. Rental prices in Kennesaw start at $1,343 a month for a small apartment with two bedrooms and go up to $1,547 monthly for a large house with four bedrooms.

3. It rains 53 inches a year

Kennesaw weather features hot and muggy summers and chilly and damp winters, giving residents a taste of all four seasons. The summers average in the low 70s and the summer highs in the upper 80s, while the winters average in the mid-30s and low 50s. An umbrella is a necessity in this city, as it receives an average of 53 inches of rain a year.

In spite of the rain that Kennesaw weather typically brings, there are enough bright, sunny days to enjoy the great outdoors. Clear days in Kennesaw are perfect for seeing landmarks like Swift Cantrell Park, Adams Park, and the Smith-Gilbert Gardens.

4. Attend Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw is home to the excellent Cobb County School District, which is perfect for raising a family. Numerous elementary, high, and even tertiary institutions are available to students. The Kennesaw public schools Baker Road Elementary, Awtrey Middle, McClure Middle, Harrison High, and Kell High stand out.

Kennesaw State University is the only collegiate campus in the city. The political science, software engineering, and communication disciplines at this prestigious university are among the best in the world.

5. Attend The Big Shanty Festival downtown 

The downtown area is where locals go to get the best entertainment, dining, and shopping. Downtown Kennesaw is about 35 minutes from Atlanta and boasts an inviting and interesting old-town atmosphere. Small shops surround the cobblestone streets, which have been meticulously laid out. 

Many festivals and events can be found in Downtown Kennesaw. For instance, every year, lots of people show up for the Big Shanty Festival. And if you’re hungry, there are plenty of excellent eateries in the vicinity.

6. Try out great cuisine at Copeland’s of New Orleans or Caper’s Restaurant and Bar

Kennesaw has a fantastic restaurant scene, whether you prefer eating out or staying in and ordering food. You can grab some freshly baked goodies from Copeland’s of New Orleans or some rotisserie chicken from The Rotisserie Shop. Caper’s Restaurant and Bar is another great eatery in the area, and it’s known for its fresh fish and salads. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a fun night out, stop by Marlow’s Tavern, a laid-back American bar, or Bahama Breeze if you’re in the mood for something tropical.

7. Catch a game with the family at Fifth Third Bank Stadium

Kennesaw has everything a family could want, from excellent schools and a variety of housing and recreational options to a wealth of useful amenities. Watch a game at Fifth Third Bank Stadium, practice your spins at Sparkles Roller Rinks, and knock down some pins at Brunswick Zone XL. 

There are also numerous beautiful parks and green spots where families can spend quality time together. In addition, Kennesaw is home to a number of excellent educational institutions and community resources. So, if you’re looking for some excitement, Kennesaw has it all.

8. Visit Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park or Smith-Gilbert Gardens

The city is full of stunning outdoor recreation spots. Visit the beautiful Lake Acworth, take a stroll through the historic Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, hike the challenging Noonday Creek Trail, test your ninja skills at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, and tour the beautiful Smith-Gilbert Gardens.

There is always something new to discover every corner you turn to.

9. There are a lot of Pine trees in the city

Kennesaw is covered in pine trees, some of which grow dangerously close to neighborhoods. Having a tree that close to your house could pose a threat due to the possibility of a falling tree.

Furthermore, pine trees produce a lot of pollen, making it difficult for persons with seasonal allergies to live here, particularly in the spring.

In Summary

Kennesaw residents enjoy easy access to the outdoors, lots of family-friendly amenities, an exceptional food scene, and a thriving economy. However, the city is not a good place for people with allergies. Also, if you’re not a fan of frequent downpours, Kennesaw might not be for you.

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