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8 Things to Know Before Moving to Huntersville, NC

A bridge in a wooded area near Huntersville, NC Written by Aislyn Hobbs

Huntersville, North Carolina, is a fast-expanding suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, about 14 miles to the north. 

As a result of its history as a cotton-growing hub, the area was first known as Craigshed. It was renamed Huntersville after Robert Boston Hunter, the largest cotton planter and landowner in the area. The year 1873 marks Huntersville’s official incorporation as a town.

Huntersville’s proximity to man-made Lake Norman makes it a popular destination for those interested in various outdoor pursuits. Let’s check out eight things to know before moving to this town!

1. The cost of living is 10% higher than the national average

Huntersville has a cost of living that is around 20% more than the state average and 10% above the national average. You can save money on healthcare and utilities in Huntersville, but you’ll have to pay more for food, transportation, and housing.

At a rate of 1.050%, property taxes on a median-priced home in Huntersville (where the median home price is $510,603) come to around $4,410 each year. The city also has an average monthly rental cost of $1,444.

2. It hardly snows in Huntersville

Located in North Carolina’s Piedmont, Huntersville has a mild temperature and all four seasons. Temperatures in the summer can exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while the winters can get down into the low 20s. Precipitation, primarily in the form of rain, is typical in the region throughout the year. Snow, on the other hand, isn’t all that common. The weather is mild and pleasant in the spring and fall, and the turning of the leaves in the fall is a magnificent sight to behold.

The annual snowfall average in Huntersville is 3 inches, and the city enjoys an average of 212 sunny days each year.

3. It’s a safe place to live

When compared to other parts of the United States, Huntersville is a safe city. The property crime rate is 29.3, which is much lower than the national average of 35.4, while the violent crime rate is 12.2, which is significantly lower than the national average of 22.7. 

Since violent and property crimes are less common in Huntersville than in most of the United States, residents can go about their daily lives with a greater sense of safety.

4. Commute to nearby Charlotte for work

If you search for job openings in Huntersville, you’ll find not only large corporations but also small enterprises that can provide excellent prospects for professional growth. Some of Huntersville’s top employers are Askoustis Technologies, Metrolina Greenhouses, Forbo Siegling, Parks Chevrolet at the Lake, and PlayPower. 

The average annual income for a resident of Huntersville is $67,000. A great deal for the local workforce who travels the roughly 20-minute 14-mile journey from Huntersville to Charlotte each day.

5. The city is served by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District 

About 18,560 children under the age of 18 call Huntersville home, making up more than 31% of the total population. 

Top Huntersville schools that are part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District are Huntersville Elementary School, Francis Bradley Middle School, Lake Norman Charter School (ranked 11th top school in North Carolina), and Merancas Middle College High School

Davidson College and Johnson C. Smith University are two notable higher institutions within easy commuting distance to Huntersville.

The North County Regional Library is open to all residents and provides them with free use of its collection of books, DVDs, and other materials.

6. Lake Norman is close to the city

Huntersville’s location near Lake Norman’s southernmost point is a major selling point for the community. Lake Norman is a large lake (50 square miles) perfect for outdoor activities. It’s a great attraction for visitors to the Charlotte region. Lake Norman is the ideal choice for many newcomers to Charlotte who are looking for access to a major body of water.

Lake Norman, with its 520 miles of shoreline, is North Carolina’s largest artificial lake. Lake Norman State Park is also an excellent destination for hikers and anyone interested in exploring the outdoors.

7. Charlotte is less than 30 minutes away

Huntersville is a short trip north of Charlotte, taking anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.  People in Huntersville who want to go to a Panthers game, a Hornets game, or a night on the town in Charlotte just need to hop on Highway 77.

Because of its proximity to Charlotte, more and more individuals are choosing to settle in Huntersville rather than other nearby communities. This city has seen a population boom from 14,000 to the current count of 60,000 in just 20 years.

8. Take the kids to Discovery Place Kids

The whole family can enjoy the hands-on exhibits at Discovery Place Kids – Huntersville, a children’s museum. This is a fantastic place to spend a rainy day since there are so many things to do and learn, and you’ll have so much fun doing it that you won’t even realize you’re learning. 

Getting a membership is a good idea if you plan on visiting more than once. Tuesday nights are their late nights!

In Conclusion

Huntersville, North Carolina, is a wonderful spot to settle down and begin a new chapter in life. Due to its proximity to the major city, it is a fantastic community for those who want to be close to the action in Charlotte, whether it be a Panthers or Hornets game or just a night out with friends.

However, keep in mind that Huntersville’s cost of living is 10% higher than the national average. 

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