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8 Things to Know Before Moving to Hayward, CA

8 Things to Know Before Moving to Hayward, CA Written by Leigh Cooper

Hayward, California, is a wonderful spot to plant permanent roots and is worth considering if you’re in the market for a property in the Bay Area. 

Despite being small, this East Bay city delivers quite a punch. There is a deep respect for the environment and the arts, as well as a robust tradition of fine dining. Moreover, it is located close to the major technological centers of San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco. 

Let’s talk about eight things to know before moving to Hayward, CA!

1. Head over Downtown for some fun

Hayward may be one of the Bay Area’s smallest cities, but its residents are extremely close. You won’t need to leave Hayward on the weekends, as there are always fun things to do right here. 

Many people start their days by strolling downtown Mission Boulevard, where colorful murals adorn the walls of cafes, bars, and shops. The city of Hayward has funded over 200 murals throughout the city. In addition, there is a clickable map that shows residents where to look for tile and paint murals that aren’t in the typical tourist spots. 

Most Hayward residents cool off in the Hayward Plunge, a city-run indoor pool, and park, during the dog days of summer. The Century Theater, located on Foothill Boulevard close to downtown, is another popular choice. If you’re interested in Hayward’s agricultural and industrial background, the Hayward Area Historical Society is located not far from the Century Theater. 

2.  Reaching the rest of the Bay Area is easy

Hayward is one of many Bay Area bedroom communities, but it stands apart from the crowd. The town is known as the “heart of the bay” because of its central location in the Bay Area. 

The San Mateo-Hayward Bridge connects the city to the cities on the other side of the bay, making it convenient for commuters. The 92 crosses the span and connects with the 280 close to the west side’s College of San Mateo. Half Moon Bay, a small city on the Pacific coast, is connected to the rest of the peninsula by the same road. 

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge can be reached from either Oakland or San Francisco by taking either the 880 or 580 North. If you’re headed to Oakland International Airport or just stopping through town, the 880 is your best bet.

3. Enjoy some good food at  La Piñata or Val’s Burgers

Hayward has long served as a safe haven for those seeking asylum in the United States. 

Up until the 1980s, the majority of occupations were in manufacturing and food canning. Therefore many people migrated there in search of them. This multicultural legacy lives on today in the many unique establishments that populate Hayward’s historic downtown. The neighboring city of Fremont is well-known for its Afghani cuisine, but when it comes to Spanish and Mexican cuisine, Hayward is unrivaled. 

The popular restaurant La Piata has been feeding customers for nearly 30 years. Despite its modest size, the restaurant hosts a mariachi band every Thursday. The 30-year-old Taco Uruapan, which started as a food truck, has become another community mainstay. 

While Spanish cuisine is popular, there are still quite a few relics from the ’50s that would not look out of place in any of your favorite Grease scenes. Hayward’s Vintage Alley is a collector’s dream, and after you’ve exhausted the treasures there, you can refuel at Val’s Burgers, a classic diner from the 1950s. 

4. Spend your evenings at The World Famous Turf Club or Palace Poker Casino

Despite its reputation as a bedroom suburb, Hayward offers lots of nighttime activities. 

Bars and eateries in the area thrive thanks to a constant stream of college students from nearby CSU East Bay in search of food and merriment. There is a concentration of nightclubs and bars between Foothill and Mission Boulevards, making it a favorite hangout spot after dark. 

On Friday and Saturday nights, you can catch live music and friendly competition at the World Famous Turf Club. Those who prefer late-night entertainment will be pleased to know that the Dirty Bird Lounge can be found only down the street from the historic Century Theater. The Palace Poker Casino is open around-the-clock, so you can always play some poker with your buddies. 

5. Enjoy 257 sunny days in a year

With a high of 71 degrees in the middle of summer and a low of 42 degrees in the middle of winter, the weather in town is always bearable. With only 18 inches of rain per year and no snow, residents enjoy hardly ever having to seek shelter from the rain or storm. 

Hayward has 257 sunny days per year out of 365, so un protection gear like sunglasses and sunscreen is frequently seen on residents. From September through December and March through June, the inhabitants take full advantage of the pleasant weather by spending time outside.

6. Attend nearby California State University, East Bay, or Chabot Community College

Hayward Unified School District is the first stop in a student’s educational journey in Hayward. The district’s educational philosophy centers on the three R’s: Rigor, Responsibility, and Results. Students who are encouraged to prioritize their education, take responsibility for their actions, and aim high achieve academic success year after year. Private school students in Hayward also have access to a high-quality education provided by religion and specialized instruction.

Many graduates continue their education at nearby CSU East Bay. The local campus has over a hundred different areas of study, small classes, and award-winning faculty, making it very attractive to prospective students. Chabot Community College in Hayward is the best option for individuals who only want to go to school for two years and earn an associate’s degree. If you have school-aged children, consider postponing the transfer until the summer months rather than in the middle of the school year.

7. The cost of living is 68% higher than the national average

Hayward has a cost of living index of 168.2. The cost of living in Hayward is substantially greater than the national average, rising by 86% for housing costs and 30% for utilities. The cost of getting around, such as using the bus or filling up the gas tank, is 34% greater than the national average. In Hayward, healthcare costs are 28% higher than the U.S. average.

The city has a median home rent of $2226, and the median home value is $839,475.

8. The unemployment rate is higher than the national average

With an unemployment rate of 4.10%, Hayward is not the best place to look for work if you haven’t lined up a job before you move there. This figure is higher than the national average of 3.6%. Kaiser Permanente, the County of Alameda, the Hayward Unified School District, and California State University, East Bay, are just a few of the major employers in the area, each of which employs thousands of residents.

Hayward, however, is an excellent area to work in because it is filled with high-tech enterprises, corporate offices, and several manufacturers. Do your homework on the job market there thoroughly before making a move.

Final Thoughts 

Living in Hayward offers access to amazing food, top-notch schools, great weather, and a convenient location in the Bay area. However, this city also has a high cost of living and an unemployment rate slightly higher than the national average. 

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