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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Greeley, CO

Written by Zach Spanton

Situated approximately 49 miles northeast of Denver, Greeley, Colorado is the tenth most populous city in the state, with a population of roughly 108,795. Greeley, located in the heart of Weld County, was formerly a tiny agricultural and pioneering community. The New York newspaperman Horace Greeley was the inspiration for the name Greeley. 

Residents call Greeley the “City of Churches” due to the abundance of churches and sanctuaries, and the importance of religion to the early inhabitants. If you’re looking for a place to call home that offers first-rate medical care, excellent educational opportunities, exciting extracurriculars, cultural landmarks, and a thriving economy, go no farther than Greeley. 

Here are ten things to know before moving to Greeley, Colorado.

1. Greeley is home to The University of Northern Colorado

One of Colorado’s premier universities, the University of Northern Colorado, is located in Greeley. The locals really get into the university’s sporting events and other activities. With over 13,000 students and counting, the university ranks high among Greeley’s employers. 

More than six colleges make up this public research university, which employs 1,820 full- and part-time workers and 837 professors. 

Numerous other excellent public and private schools in the city also provide a wide range of educational and extracurricular opportunities for students.

2. Explore the outdoors at Pheasant Run Park, Greeley Ice Haus, or Poudre River Trail

People who call Greeley home adore nature! It doesn’t matter the season; you can always count on seeing people out in nature. Summer or winter, there’s always something to do in nature. On one side, you can see breathtaking mountain vistas, while on the other, you can see ranches and wildlife in their natural habitat. At Greeley Ice Haus, you can take part in ice skating all year round. There are 57 city parks in Greeley that you can visit with your family.

Visit Monfort Park for some soccer, Pheasant Run Park and Charlie and Laura Archibeque Park for some outdoor fun, or Island Grove Regional Park for a visit to Aven’s Village and its playground. Visit the Poudre River Trail, which spans 21 miles, if you’re in the mood for a pleasant stroll or trek. 

3. Learn about the city’s history in the Greeley History Museum or the Meeker House Museum

There are further ways in which Greeley is committed to education. Museums such as the White-Plumb Farm Learning Center, the Greeley History Museum, and the Meeker House Museum all contribute to the town’s rich past. 

For a one-of-a-kind look into life in pre-Civil War Greeley, head to the Centennial Village Museum, a living history museum. It has over 35 ancient structures, eight acres of beautifully landscaped land, traditional farm animals, and costumed interpreters. Other museums worth seeing in Greeley are the Lee Maxwell Washing Machine Museum and the Colorado Model Railroad Museum.

4. A cost of living index of 93

The cost of living in Greeley is 7% lower than the national average. Living in Greeley will make your money stretch far. When compared to other Colorado cities, you’ll find that almost everything is significantly cheaper here. The median salary is $64,550.

The city has a median home price of $408,388, which is lower than the national average of $430,000.

5. Attend local festivals like The Greeley Stampede, Festival of Trees, and OktoBREWfest

It seems like every weekend in Greeley, there’s a new exciting festival or event! The Greeley Stampede, the biggest Fourth of July rodeo and celebration in the US is the most lively summer event. A rodeo, fireworks display, parade, carnival rides, and performances by famous musicians are all part of the two-week event. Beer, food, live music, and contests are all part of the OktoBREWfest, a downtown celebration that happens every fall. 

Festival of Trees and Greeley Lights the Night Parade are two winter holiday events that bring the community together. The lobbies on the first and second levels of the Union Colony Civic Center are covered in stunning Christmas trees and ornaments during the Festival of Trees.

Just by taking a drive about town and taking in the murals, you can see that art is very important to the people of Greeley. There are a lot of them, and they all detail the people and events of the city. Numerous art galleries and centers can be found in downtown Greeley, which has been designated as a Colorado Certified Creative District. When it comes to venues for live entertainment in Northern Colorado, few can compare to Union Colony Civic Center. 

Tointon Gallery in Greeley welcomes artwork from all Greeley residents and seeks to showcase the rich variety of artistic expression in the city. There are a number of performing arts organizations at the University of Northern Colorado that host free public performances. 

7. Greeley is in a convenient location

When you call Greeley home, you’re practically in the heart of Colorado’s top outdoor attractions. With Denver to the north, Loveland to the south, and Fort Collins to the west, there’s always a great excuse to go away. There are several fantastic ski resorts, such as Breckenridge and Loveland Ski Area, within a three-hour drive, while Cheyenne, Wyoming is about an hour away.

Because of its convenient location (only 1½ hours away), Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular destination for mountain climbers and hikers. Being in Greeley places you smack dab in the center of the Front Range. 

8. The weather is mostly pleasant

During the spring, summer, and occasionally fall, Greeley often experiences temperatures ranging from the 60s to the 80s. Even if it snows and is bitterly cold today, the weather will likely be sunny and fifty degrees tomorrow. Snow and ice melt quickly in Greeley’s bright weather.  It won’t be there for more than a day or two. 

Averaging daily highs exceeding 79 degrees, the hot season begins in early June and continues until mid-September, a duration of around three and a half months. During the cold season, which begins in the latter half of November and continues well into February, daily maximum temperatures rarely rise beyond 49 degrees. December is the chilliest month, with lows of 17 and highs of 41 degrees.

9. Eat at Fat Alberts, Taqueria Los Comales, or Greeley Chophouse

More than 165 restaurants serving dishes from around the globe can be found in Greeley. From informal taco joints to posh steakhouses, you name it, you can find it. Pick from dozens of mouth-watering options! 

For upscale dining, many choose the Greeley Chophouse. Delicious sandwiches are the specialty of Fat Alberts, seafood is the star at Lucky Fins, and classic Mexican cuisine is served at Taqueria Los Comales. With so many tantalizing alternatives, choosing a restaurant in Greeley is a breeze.

10. Work in sectors like agriculture, health, or education

Greeley is a fantastic location for job seekers, whether they are young professionals or seasoned entrepreneurs. The Greeley area is home to a diverse range of businesses that provide goods and services to the local community. These include agriculture, energy production, food processing, construction, health and wellness, education, and business services. 

These are just a few of the largest employers in Greeley: the University of Northern Colorado, Select Energy Services, JBS USA & Affiliates, Banner Health: North Colorado Medical Center, Xerox Business Services LLC, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Considering the diverse educational opportunities, thriving job sectors like agriculture and healthcare, lower cost of living, rich cultural scene, and proximity to nature and major cities, Greeley, CO, is a welcoming and vibrant place to live, offering a balanced blend of fun, affordability, and opportunities. 

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