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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Gainesville, FL

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Gainesville, FL Written by Adam Berns

Are you considering moving to Gainesville, Florida, but you’re not sure what life there is like? Well, this post is just for you.

 Gainesville is one of the nicest places to live in Florida, with lots to do and see. This city is home to college students, retirees, and families. With a population of 132,000 people, this beautiful city is filled with breathtaking outdoor scenery. Stay with us, as we discuss 10 things you must know before moving to Gainesville, FL!

1. A cheap cost of living

Gainesville’s cost of living is 8.7% lower than the national average, which is a significant advantage if you’re relocating from a more expensive region. With an average annual income of $58,000, you will be able to live comfortably in this city.

You can also buy your dream home sooner if you put away some of the extra money you’ll be receiving thanks to the absence of a state income tax.

However, the cost of utilities and electricity is 19% higher than the national average, and the cost of groceries and transportation when shopping is 4% higher than the national average. You can budget $3.57 for a gallon of milk and $2.77 for bread at the supermarket. 

2. Warm summers and mild winters

Gainesville has warm summers and mild winters. It rains a lot in this city, so be sure to bring your umbrella with you. The average temperature is between 54 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

You don’t have to worry about shoveling snow off your driveway because it doesn’t snow in Gainesville. And you’d be pleased to know that natural disasters such as hurricanes hardly ever occur in this city.

However, the city experiences a high level of humidity due to constant precipitation. When the humidity changes in the harsh summer, strong afternoon thunderstorms occur, which some people find very unpleasant.

3. Diverse transportation options

In Gainesville, you have lots of transportation options to explore. Some of them include bikes, scooters, motorbikes, RT buses, Uber, and cars.

However, bikes, scooters, and motorcycles can’t be used when it rains, so having your own car is the most hassle-free option.

Gainesville has an airport, although it’s rather small for a college town that constantly receives visitors from neighboring states and countries. This airport has very few direct destinations, and this makes international travel difficult from this airport.

The closest airport for direct international travel is in Jacksonville, roughly an hour and a half from Gainesville, or can drive two hours to Orlando if you prefer.

4. Top-notch education system

Gainesville is a college town since it is home to the University of Florida, which is one of the best in the nation. The most common majors in the school include General Biology, Psychology, and Business Administration.

Santa Fe College is another top-rated school in Gainesville. The city is home to 9 other higher institutions, so if you plan to study in the area, you have more than enough options to choose from.

And if you have kids, the city also has excellent elementary and high schools where they can get the best education.

5. Retirees and families get great healthcare

Gainesville is known for its standard healthcare system and top-tier hospitals. The most notable ones are The UF Health Shands Hospital, recognized among the top 50 hospitals in the state, and North Florida Regional Hospital.

These hospitals specialize in neurology, cardiology, surgery, and senior care. And even better, they offer wonderful healthcare to retirees and families. If healthcare is a major priority for you, you’d totally love Gainesville.

6. High record of crime

Gainesville has quite a high crime rate, for a city of its size. The city has a crime rate of 328.23 per 1,000  people. There’s a 1 in 134 chance of being a victim of violent crime, and a 1 in 31 chance of being a victim of property crime.

However, some parts of Gainesville, such as the West, are free of crime.  If you’re planning to move, you should be on the lookout for safe areas like this and also take safety precautions to keep yourself and your belongings safe.

7. Affordable housing cost

If you’re hoping to purchase a house in this city, you’re in luck! The reasonable housing costs in Gainesville is a major draw for families. The median home price is $291,168, which is cheaper than the median home price in Florida ($406,988) and the United States as a whole ($428,700)

There is, however, competition in the housing market as a house put up for sale sells in just 2 weeks. 

 We’d advise that you reach out to good realtors to make the process of getting a good house in a great location easy for you.

8. Selective job opportunities and seasonal markets

Being a college town with good health care, most job opportunities available in Gainesville are in the education and healthcare industries.

Other companies that aren’t in these industries prefer to give out part-time jobs, especially to students. And this is understandable because once colleges are on break, the market goes down and the local economy is affected.

But if you work in the healthcare or education sector or you’re a retiree, you’ll thrive well living in Gainesville.

9. Gainesville has tons of fun attraction sites

There are numerous exciting places to visit in this city, from museums that showcase Gainesville’s history and culture, to parks where you can have fun doing outdoorsy activities. Museums in Greenville. A few places to check out include:

  • Canopy Climbers
  • Butterfly Rainforest
  • Gainesville Community Playhouse.
  • The Cade Museum for Innovation and Creativity

Likewise, Gainesville is a bustling city with an amazing nightlife scene. Of course, you can’t expect anything less from a college town.

10. Yummy food is plentiful in Gainesville

An amazing way to wrap up a day out at the museum or park is to treat yourself to delicious Gainesville cuisine.

Although some restaurants sell sub-par food because students buy cheap food, there are lots of fantastic restaurants like Embers Wood Grill and Satchel’s Pizza where yummy delicacies like tacos, fresh seafood, burritos, traditional Mexican food, and pizzas are made. Point is, you’ll definitely find something to satisfy your cravings in this city.

In Summary

Gainesville is a fantastic place to call home because of its low cost of living, excellent educational and medical facilities, low housing costs, and abundance of fun attractions. Though the downsides might make you think otherwise, it is ultimately your choice to decide whether or not Gainesville is the ideal place for you to live.

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