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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Florence, SC

Written by Brittany Slagle

Located in the heart of South Carolina, Florence is a beautiful city with its unique blend of history, culture, and Southern charm. This city is the county seat of Florence County and has a population of 40,036.

Before you pack your bags and move to this city, there are certain essential things you should know.

Let’s talk about ten things to know before moving to Florence, SC!

1. Southern charm and hospitality

Florence, South Carolina, embodies Southern charm and hospitality through its warm, welcoming atmosphere and friendly community.

Known for its rich history, gracious locals, and slower pace of life, Florence offers a blend of traditional Southern culture and modern amenities. The city prides itself on its polite manners, genuine friendliness, and strong sense of community, creating an environment where visitors often experience the quintessential Southern hospitality firsthand.

From the hospitality of the people to the delicious traditional cuisine and the beautifully preserved historic sites, Florence represents the epitome of Southern charm, and you’ll feel at home in this city.

2. Summer is warm and humid in Florence

Summers in Florence are characterized by warm and humid conditions. Temperatures typically range from the high 80s to the low 90s Fahrenheit throughout the season. The hottest month in Florence is usually July, where temperatures can soar, frequently reaching the mid-90s Fahrenheit or higher.

The high humidity during this time can make the heat feel even more intense, often resulting in muggy days, making air conditioning and swimming spots valuable in this season.

Ensure you stay hydrated and always stay in a well-ventilated environment during the summer months in this city.

3. Living costs are 20.4% lower than the national average

Living in Florence is quite affordable, with the cost of living being less than the national average by 20.4%.

Transportation expenses, taxes, healthcare, utilities, groceries, and housing costs are all less than the national average. Here, the median home price is $206,291, which is less than the national average of $430,000. Also, a gallon of milk costs $3.45.

Florence’s cost of living makes it an attractive place to call home if you’re seeking a more economical lifestyle.

4. Healthcare is a thriving industry

Healthcare is a robust and vital industry in Florence, offering various job opportunities. The region boasts multiple healthcare facilities, such as McLeod Health and MUSC Health Florence Medical Center, which serve the community and create numerous job openings.

Job roles within these healthcare institutions include positions for doctors, nurses, medical technicians, administrative staff, support personnel, and various specialists such as pharmacists, physical therapists, and medical assistants. There are also opportunities for healthcare management, IT support, and other administrative roles within the healthcare sector in Florence, SC.

If you’re interested in working in the healthcare industry, you can explore these facilities’ websites or job search engines to find current job openings and employment opportunities.

5. Florence has 57 schools

Florence provides a robust education system with a blend of public and private institutions offering diverse programs and strong student support. The school is home to 57 schools, which include 41 public schools and 16 private schools. These schools emphasize academic excellence and offer Advanced Placement courses and technical training.

Royall Elementary School, John W. Moore Middle School, and South Florence High School are some of the schools in this city.

Higher education options like Francis Marion University and Florence-Darlington Technical College further enhance educational opportunities. With dedicated teachers, varied extracurricular activities, and community involvement, the education system in this city aims to prepare students for successful futures by fostering a supportive learning environment. 

6. Enjoy recreational activities at Ebenezer Park

Ebenezer Park in Florence offers a range of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy. The park boasts walking trails perfect for strolls or invigorating hikes through the natural surroundings. The park’s lake provides an opportunity for fishing enthusiasts to spend a relaxing day by the water. Additionally, the picnic areas are great for gatherings, providing a serene setting for outdoor meals and socializing.

Here, you can engage in various outdoor activities like bird-watching, nature photography, and simply enjoying the serene atmosphere. The well-maintained grounds and the scenic beauty of Ebenezer Park make it an ideal destination for individuals and families seeking a peaceful escape and recreational enjoyment amidst nature. You’d enjoy hanging out here.

In this city, personal vehicles are a prevalent transportation choice among residents. This is due to the city’s infrastructure and layout, which are conducive to car travel.

Many residents own and rely on their vehicles for daily commuting and getting around the city. With well-maintained roads and highways, ample parking facilities, and a relatively lower population density, personal vehicles are the preferred mode of transportation, offering convenience and flexibility for navigating Florence and its surrounding areas.

While public transportation options like buses are available, the widespread use and ownership of cars make them the primary choice for most residents in the city.

8. Savor delicious meals at Julia Belle’s Restaurant

Julia Belle’s Restaurant stands out as an exceptional spot to savor delicious food. Known for its dedication to Southern-style cooking, the eatery offers a delightful array of comfort foods that highlight traditional flavors and local culinary heritage.

The restaurant provides a warm and inviting ambiance, creating an atmosphere perfect for enjoying hearty, home-cooked meals.

Whether it’s their classic Southern dishes, delectable comfort food, or friendly service, Julia Belle’s is a must-visit dining destination for anyone seeking a taste of flavorful, well-prepared cuisine in Florence.

9. Community Involvement is a big deal in Florence

In Florence community involvement is vibrant and multifaceted. Residents actively participate in various initiatives, events, and organizations dedicated to bettering the city.

From charity drives to local festivals, there’s a strong culture of collaboration and support among residents. Institutions, schools, and religious organizations also contribute to fostering a close-knit community and encouraging civic engagement and social cohesion.

Overall, Florence’s residents are committed to enhancing the city’s quality of life through active involvement and support for local causes and events.

10. Crime rates are higher than the national average

Unfortunately, Florence has a high record of crime rates. The city’s property crime rate is 95.1%, which is very high when compared to the national average of 35.4. The violent crime rate of 49.2 is also significantly higher than the national average of 22.7.

This means that residents of this city are at a high risk of becoming either victims of violent crime or property crime. Ensure you take all the necessary precautions to stay safe in this city.

Also, research neighborhoods where crime occurrences are minimal, in order to make the right choice.


Moving to a new city like Florence, SC, can be an exciting adventure. The quality of education, robust health sector, recreational opportunity offerings, and low cost of living are the perks of living in this city. However, make sure you consider the hot summers and high crime rate here before making the move to Florence, SC! 

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