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10 Things to know before moving to Chandler, AZ

10 Things to know before moving to Chandler, AZ Written by Brittany Slagle

Located in Maricopa County to the southeast of Phoenix, Chandler is often referred to as a suburb of the greater Phoenix area. At approximately 257,000 residents and growing at a pace of 1.42 percent yearly, Chandler is one of Arizona’s most desirable places to call home.

Chandler was selected as the only winner from the state of Arizona for the National Civic League’s 61st annual “All-America City” award due to the city’s diversity, rebuilt downtown, shopping centers, wonderful restaurants, new parks, coffee shops, and annual events.

Here are ten things to know before moving to Chandler, AZ!

1. Wood-fired pizza, Italian food, and craft cocktails; you’ll find them all here

The diverse selection of excellent, locally owned restaurants in Chandler is sure to please any diner. The local restaurant scene is dynamic and ever-changing, so no matter what you’re in the mood for, you can always find a new cafe, gastropub, or eatery to try. Enjoy a delicious lunch with loved ones at one of Chandler’s many restaurants, which include a fusion of local and international cuisines. 

Head to Craft 64 (Chandler) for some wood-fired pizza. The Hidden House is an intimate cottage restaurant serving cuisines from diverse cultures. The Sicilian Butcher Chandler has some of the best craft cocktails in town.

2. Tons of dog-friendly parks and facilities

Don’t worry if you’re bringing your pets with you to Chandler. Your pets will enjoy living in Chandler as much as you do due to the city’s reputation as a dog-friendly place with many dog-friendly businesses.

Snedigar Sportsplex Dog Park was designed just for dogs, so you can take your furry friend on a walk here. Shawnee Park offers many fun things to do with your dog and even has a smaller, fenced area for smaller dogs. Places like SanTan Brewing Company and Helluva Brewing Company have dog-friendly patios

3. Housing, utilities, and transportation costs are higher than the national average

Compared to the national average, the cost of living in Chandler is 14% higher, while in comparison to the rest of Arizona, it’s only 7% higher. Although most of the costs associated with maintaining one’s standard of life in Chandler are manageable, the average cost of living is somewhat higher than the national average because of certain fixed charges.

Local food, transportation, and housing expenditures rose by more than two percent over the previous year. The cost of housing is higher than the national average, at $509,910, while the cost of utilities is 6% higher, and the cost of transportation is 3% higher.

The average annual income in Chandler is $64,817, while the median hourly earnings are $26.92, suggesting that a person needs to earn at least $56,000 per year to afford the cost of living there.

4. Luxury housing in Chandler is still relatively affordable

Home prices in Chandler have risen over the previous year, but compared to nearby Scottsdale, where similarly sized and styled luxury houses can be purchased for much more, Chandler is still a bargain.

Compared to Scottsdale, which is only around 18 miles away, the cost of living is about 15% lower in Chandler. Because of Scottsdale’s high prices, many people who want to live in a similar area for less money wind up purchasing property in Chandler instead.

One of the major appeals for anyone looking to buy a house in the area is the abundance of options, including both master-planned neighborhoods and close-knit communities, many of which have tennis courts, pools, and other top-quality features.

5. A thriving economy with a promising tech sector

Chandler is home to a thriving business community and is frequently dubbed the “Community of Innovation” for its welcoming attitude toward both established corporations and new ventures. The city’s economic future is bright because of its attractiveness to highly trained employees and their families. 

Many electronic firms are relocating to the area as it attracts them with its affordable housing, excellent educational prospects, and welcoming culture as it transitions to a high-tech future. ASML Holding, Microchip Technology, and Fugro are just a few of the excellent employers in the Chandler area.

6. Chandler is usually hotter than the rest of Arizona

Chandler is located in Arizona and as such, experiences hot and dry summers and clear, cold winters typical of a desert climate. Though April, March, and November tend to have milder temperatures than the rest of the year, July can see highs of up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and January sees lows of approximately 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average annual low temperature is only approximately 11 degrees Fahrenheit. Chandler is consistently hotter than the rest of Arizona due to its lack of annual snowfall. The city sees a yearly average of 297 sunny days and 9 inches of rain.

7. There are tons of facilities offering family-friendly activities

Chandler is full of family-friendly activities, so you and the little ones will never be bored here. Many year-round events and attractions cater specifically to families, making this an excellent destination for people of all ages looking to have a good time. As one might expect from a city that prides itself on its modernity and youth, there is no shortage of kid-friendly events and cultural institutions to check out.

Allow your kids explore their imagination through color and technology in Crayola Experience Chandler. Makutu’s Island is a family fun center with an amusement park and arcade. To learn more about the city’s history and culture, visit Chandler Museum or Arizona Railway Museum.

8. Visit Spirit House, The Ostrich, or Bourbon Jacks American Tavern for exciting nightlife

Chandler has the best live music of any city in the valley and a fun, relaxed atmosphere for partying at night. You won’t find a better area to live than Chandler if you enjoy going out for drinks with pals after a long day at the office, taking dates to interesting places, or showing off your dance moves at local nightclubs.

The Ostrich is a vintage-style cocktail bar you can visit with friends. For locally distilled gin and whiskey, check out Spirit House. Sway to live music with your friends at Bourbon Jacks American Tavern. 

9. The city’s increase in population has led to increased traffic

Because of the city’s expanding population, Chandler now has more vehicles than ever before. Those who work outside the city, or even those who do have to get home at some point after a day at the office, will have longer commutes as a result.

Travel times at peak hours of the day, such as morning or evening rush hour, are increasing yearly. While you might not have to cover a large distance daily, you could still find yourself spending more time in the car than you had initially anticipated when moving to Chandler.

10. Downtown Chandler has been renovated and refurbished

New pedestrian walkways, bike routes, and an eye toward historic architectural preservation and inspiration are just some of the ways in which downtown Chandler has been renovated to bring it up to speed with the high-tech image the city seeks to preserve. 

With the annual April Chalk Walk and other monthly parades and festivals, Downtown Chandler has become one of Arizona’s most exciting weekend destinations.

Final Thoughts

Chandler has a lot to offer its residents; great food, luxury outing, a thriving economy, and exciting Downtown, among others. However, you should also consider other factors such as its high cost of living, summer heat and humidity, and traffic.

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