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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Brookhaven, GA

Written by Adam Berns

Beginning with the arrival of the first European settler, John Evins, in 1810, Brookhaven has deep American origins. A number of Atlantans established vacation houses in the Brookhaven region at the turn of the twentieth century. Not long after, in 1924, the community formally became known as North Atlanta, and the development of country clubs and homes commenced. Despite the charter’s dissolution in 1965, the region kept expanding. 

New homes, hotels, and the medical complex of Emory University are all contributing to Brookhaven’s ongoing expansion. Located less than fifteen miles south of Atlanta, this community is home to a number of gorgeous parks and provides convenient access to the capital city.

Let’s check out ten things to know before moving to Brookhaven, GA.

1. Living expenses in Brookhaven at 28% higher than the national average

Brookhaven has a 28% higher cost of living compared to the rest of the country. In Brookhaven, real estate is where most of your money will go. At $677,272, the median price of a property in Brookhaven is quite high. 

The real estate market in Brookhaven is only moderately competitive, despite a 4% increase in prices and a 25% decrease in days on the market. Houses typically sell for 1% less than their listed price and don’t even sit on the market for a month. The current market conditions make it an ideal opportunity to purchase one of the stunning houses available in Brookhaven.

2. Live in areas like Lynwood Park, North Brookhaven, Peachtree Road, or Brookhaven Village

Brookhaven has everything you could possibly need. Lynwood Park, North Brookhaven, and Brookhaven Village are three of the finest areas in Brookhaven. 

You might want to consider Peachtree Road as a potential location in Brookhaven if condo living is your preference. The North Brookhaven developments are perfect for anyone looking for a classic suburban setting. Great parks and trails, Peachtree Golf Club, and schools are all within easy reach from this location. 

Try Brookhaven Village if you want to be in the middle of a diverse and lively community. Another fantastic Brookhaven neighborhood, Lynwood Park is historically and culturally rich because of its African-American population.

3. The weather in Brookhaven is hot

If you enjoy warm weather, Brookhaven is the perfect place for you! Although winters in Brookhaven are brief, they are chilly and humid, and summers are hot and muggy. 

On average, Brookhaven experiences highs of more than 82°F during the summer. The average high temperature in January is 49.8°F, making it the coldest month. With an annual snowfall of only approximately 2.64 inches, Brookhaven is the perfect place to ditch your snow boots.

4. Take in the culture at Oglethorpe Museum of Art

In search of culture? The Museum of Art at Oglethorpe University is the place to go. Throughout the year, this 7,000-square-foot venue hosts a plethora of smaller exhibitions in addition to three main ones. 

There is nothing else in the Southeast US similar to this museum, as it showcases internationally acclaimed exhibitions.

5. Eat at Terra Terroir or Arnette’s Chop Shop

Participating in all the incredible Brookhaven activities will surely make you hungry! People staying in Brookhaven are spoiled for choice. Some of the best eateries in town are listed here.

Visit Terra Terroir if you’re looking for a less formal setting. Enjoy a wide selection of healthful food, a rustic atmosphere, and an extensive wine list at this American cafe. It’s ideal for a little romantic outing!

Visit Arnette’s Chop Shop if you’re in the mood for a fancy dinner in a spectacular setting. Customers have been raving about Arnette’s and giving it 5 stars since it first opened in 2003. Dedicated to developing an innovative, consistently delicious meal influenced by the South, Chef Stephen has been with the establishment since the start.

6. Work in the hospitality, sales, or scientific industry

At $87,252 per year, the average income of households in Brookhaven is growing at a rate of approximately 10.6 percent every year. 

Health care and social support, the hospitality and food service industries, and professional, scientific, and technical services account for the majority of Brookhaven City citizens’ occupations. The city is also home to many people who work in sales, management, and the financial and commercial sectors. 

7. Attend the Food Truck Roundup or Doggy Dip Day

Brookhaven is a great place for families to find events that are suitable for children. For every Wednesday in April through October, Blackburn Park hosts a Food Truck Roundup, where you can enjoy tasty meals. 

Each September, the dog-loving community gathers at Murphey Candler Park’s pool for Doggy Dip Day. Music, art sellers, cuisine, and a children’s area are all part of the Cherry Blossom Festival, which is held annually in March and is Brookhaven’s main event.

8. Visit Ashford Park or Murphey Candler Park

Everyone loves Brookhaven’s abundance of parks, whether they’re locals or tourists. And we’re not referring to a small park with a couple of benches here; the city has plenty of fantastic areas to go for walks and play.

There are two brand-new play structures, a plethora of swings, a seesaw, a massive sandbox, and a toy park area at the newly restored Ashford Park. An extra perk for kids is watching the MARTA trains go past quickly. As a family-friendly park, Murphey Candler has three playgrounds, hiking paths, and a swimming pool. 

There are plenty of opportunities for children (who aren’t afraid of dogs) to enjoy Brookhaven Park with their canine companions and their owners. There is a playground and paths in the park in addition to enough space for running around.

9. Check out Brookhaven’s historical homes in Capital City Club 

While all the modern conveniences in Brookhaven are certainly attractive, people also love how the town has preserved its historic character, particularly in its many lovely historic homes. Actually, in 1910, it was the pioneering Georgia village that was planned around a golf course. 

The beautiful homes in historic Brookhaven will likely appear in many films. Taking a stroll or jog around the Capital City Club will give you a feel of the beautiful, tree-lined neighborhood.

10. The violence and property crime rates are higher than the national average

Brookhaven has higher crime rates compared to the national averages, marked by a 24.4 violent crime rate (in contrast to the national 22.7) and a property crime rate of 38.9 (versus 35.4 nationwide).  

Since the crime rate in Brookhaven is higher than the national average, locals should be extra careful when they’re out and about.

Final Thoughts

Brookhaven, GA, boasts deep historical roots, rapid modern development, diverse neighborhoods, and proximity to Atlanta. However, the city has higher living costs, and caution is advised due to elevated crime rates. 

Thus, rich in parks, culture, and dining options, Brookhaven offers a vibrant lifestyle but demands vigilance amidst safety concerns. 

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