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Pros and Cons of Moving to Corpus Christi, TX

Written by Marquette Carney

Welcome to Corpus Christi, Texas. 

A city known for its ideal conditions for kiteboarding, windsurfing, and sailing. And many people assume, given this reputation,  that this city will blow them away. 

To that, I say “slow your roll”. 

Because like all cities, there’s more to Corpus Christi than meets the eye. 

In fact, I would wager if you knew a little bit more about this city, you might think twice before moving here. 

That’s why, in this video, I’ll cover the pros and cons of moving to Corpus Christi so you can make an informed decision. 

Let’s get started!

Con #3, Dirty areas

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a lot of people in Corpus Christi have no home training. 

To say that some spots in the city are filled with litter would be an understatement. And to make matters worse, a lot of these litter-filled locations happen to be near the coastline. 

Which causes some popular fishing spots to close down. And sadly creates a harmful environment for marine life. 

I don’t want to say Corpus Christi is trash. But, uhh, it’s starting to look that way. 

Con #2, Weather

This one could either be a pro or a con, depending on your preference.

But if you’re the type of person who’s fond of having 4 seasons, Corpus Christi is not for you. 

This place remains pretty warm year-round. And the humidity can make you feel like you live in a perpetual sauna–but without the old men who like to have long, butt-naked conversations. 

The weather also has a tendency to fluctuate at the drop of a dime. 

For example, a sunny day can quickly turn to rain before you know it. 

Lastly, there’s a lot of wind in Corpus Christi. Which is cool if you fancy kite surfing. But if you happen to be a wig or toupee connoisseur, prepare to be exposed. 

But before you blow into town, you need to be warned of the worst con of all. 

Con #1, Crime rate

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do…well, apparently what they’re gonna do is move to Corpus Christi. 

Because this area’s crime rate is out of control.

At the time of this recording, the crime rate is 117% higher than the national average. The city is specifically known to have a ton of car break-ins. Even in the nicer areas. 

So if you have to move to the city, make sure to get a place with a garage. 

But before you start blaming theft for your missing items, keep in mind that it’s possible the wind just blew your belongings away. 

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Ok, now let’s check out some pros of living in Corpus Christi.

Pro #3, Food

Corpus Christi has a ton of diversity in the area. 

And with that diversity comes diverse flavors. 

This city will quickly spoil you with its freshly-caught seafood, authentic Mexican food, and plentiful Asian and Italian dishes. 

And did I mention they have a Whataburger?

To be honest, the food here may be worth ducking a stray bullet or two. And when you pair it with this next pro, you might start thinking the cons don’t matter. 

Pro #2, Cost of living

If you consider yourself frugal or a follower of the cult of Dave Ramsey, then you’ll love Corpus Christi. 

Because the cost of living here is surprisingly low.

It’s the 15th most affordable city in the US and the second most affordable city in Texas. 

And when you consider that Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, you’ll be saving even more money in Corpus Christi. 

However, keep in mind that this place isn’t known for abundant job opportunities. So, try to have a good-paying job lined up before you move here. 

Pro #1, Things to do

Corpus Christi is guaranteed to keep you entertained. 

And it doesn’t matter if you prefer indoor or outdoor activities, there are plenty of options to go around. 

For example, outdoor lovers will have a blast visiting the beaches in the area. They’ll be able to go surfing, fishing, sailing, kiteboarding, and more. 

More cultured personnel will enjoy visiting The Art Museum of South Texas and the Texas State Aquarium. 

And fans of tv shows like Law and Order will appreciate being able to watch robberies in real-time. 

See, it’s impossible to be bored in Corpus Christi!

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