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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Tampa, FL

Tampa Florida. A beach lovers paradise.  Listen, Tampa is one of those cities that you never want to leave when you visit. Which is probably why so many people are flocking to the city.  And yea, I know. Florida gets a bad rap. Almost every time you turn on the news you hear something different […]
Skyline of Charlotte, NC
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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Charlotte, NC

If you’re on the fence about moving to Charlotte N.C, then listen up! While there are pros and cons to living in any city, there are certainly more pros to living in Charlotte.
skyline view of Raleigh, NC
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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Raleigh, NC

If there’s one thing the locals love about Raleigh, it’s the amount of diversity you can find here. Every day more and more people are moving from out of state to Raleigh due to its quality of life and affordability.
Man holding cash down payment with house in background
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How Much Money Should You Put Down On A House?

Wondering how much money is required to put down in order to become a homeowner? Read on to discover what a typical down payment on a house could look like.
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What Is Owner Financing?

Interested in buying a home using owner financing? Read on to assess the pros and cons of owner financing to determine if it's the right move for you!
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How long does it take to sell a house

The average time to sell a house is 72 days. In this short guide, we’ll go over the factors that affect the speed of home sales.
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What Is A Non Qualifying Mortgage?

Wondering, what are non qualifying mortgages? We've got answers! Read on to learn about the alternative home loan becoming more readily available today.
Exterior of new build houses
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No Closing Cost Mortgage: Everything You Need To Know

Intimidated by upfront closing costs on your new home? There's a potential solution. Discover how no closing cost mortgage loans can help seal the deal!
Exterior white house with red for sale and foreclosure signn
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How To Buy A Foreclosed Home

Considering buying a foreclosed home property? Follow these incremental steps to assess whether purchasing a foreclosure fits your financial situation.
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What Is A Lender Credit?

Asking, what is a lender credit? This credit makes the upfront cost of buying a home a bit more manageable. Determine if a lender credit is right for you!