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10 Things to Know Before Moving to West Hartford, CT

10 Things to Know Before Moving to West Hartford, CT Written by Allie Gardner

There are always certain cities in a given state that seem to be the envy of everyone else. West Hartford is one such place in the state of Connecticut. The suburb  is home to some of the most beautiful houses and communities in the state, as well as an excellent school system and a wide selection of dining and shopping options sure to please the whole family. 

It also attracts individuals from all across Connecticut on the weekends because of its abundance of clubs and pubs. 

Let’s talk about ten things to know before moving to West Hartford, CT!

1. The city has one of the best school districts

When relocating their family, parents place a high priority on the quality of the local educational options. When comparing the 87 school districts in Connecticut, West Hartford’s ranks 10th. There are more than 25 schools in the area, both public and private, serving students from preschool through high school. 

You can send your kids to the school you think will help them the most out of all the options available. Why not relocate to a community known for its excellent public schools if you care about your children’s future success? Enroll your kid in a public or private school in West Hartford to give them the best possible start in life. 

2. Enjoy the outdoors at Elizabeth Park

Most people enjoy going for walks and taking in the outdoors when the warm Connecticut summer days arrive around the middle of May. West Hartford is home to numerous parks and gardens perfect for sightseeing, photography, picnicking, and other outdoor activities.

 Elizabeth Park, one of the city’s most famous parks, features 102 acres of gorgeous grass. This park is open every day of the year and hosts a variety of activities, including outdoor concerts, tours, talks, and gardening courses. If you get hungry while you’re there, you can stop by the Pond House Cafe. There’s a good reason why so many people in West Hartford like to spend time in this park: it’s beautiful to look at and smells wonderful.

3. Blue Black Square has all you need

It’s likely that if you live anywhere in Connecticut, you’ve been to West Hartford’s Blue Back Square a number of times. Whether you’re searching for a casual place to eat with the family, a more formal setting for a high-stakes business meeting, or somewhere to grab a few drinks with friends, this town center offers it all. The Cheesecake Factory, one of the most well-known eateries in Blue Back Square, offers a staggering 21 pages of food options, from spaghetti and chicken to burgers and tacos, guaranteeing that you will leave the restaurant feeling well-pleased.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Rizzuto’s Restaurant and Bar are two fine dining establishments that serve mouthwatering steak and Italian meals, respectively. Not only that! In addition to its many dining options, Blue Back Square also features cafes, specialty shops, and well-known retailers such as Charming Charlie’s and Crate & Barrel. 

4. Do all of your shopping at Westfarms Mall

Have you ever had to get someone a gift or found yourself in need of an outfit on short notice? Finding a store that offers everything you need can be a major hassle, especially if time is of the essence. The folks over in West Hartford need not fret! The renowned Westfarms Mall can be found in West Hartford, and it features over 160 stores and services that are open every day of the week. 

You can do all of your shopping in one convenient location, including retailers like White House Black Market, Pacsun, Vans, and necessary department stores like JCPenney and Nordstrom. 

5. Get a job in the insurance sector

West Hartford is the place to be if you are looking for a job in the insurance sector. The Hartford area has more insurance industry experts per capita than any other city in the United States, earning it the moniker “Insurance Capital of the World.” In this Connecticut metropolis, you’ll find branches or headquarters of major insurance providers like Aetna, The Hartford, Travelers, United Healthcare, Lincoln Financial Group, and Cigna. 

There are other job opportunities besides those in the insurance industry. Hartford Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital, and Connecticut Children’s Hospital are just a few of the medical facilities in the area where you can get employment in the healthcare industry. 

6. Get around the city on CT Transit Bus 

West Hartford provides various public transportation alternatives for its inhabitants. You can tour the city by using the CT Transit Bus System or use the Hartford Dash Shuttle to navigate Downtown Hartford for free on weekdays and during significant events.

You can also benefit from CTfastrak, which is Connecticut’s first high-speed bus transit system that utilizes bus-only paths when commuting to and from Hartford. Additionally, the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield Rail Program (NHHS) is available, enabling residents to travel to cities between New Haven and Springfield, MA.

7. Take the kids to The Children’s Museum

If your kids are interested in science and animals, they’ll love The Children’s Museum. This place features amazing science displays and live animals to fascinate and educate young visitors. There’s also an interesting colorology section with displays about environmental issues. 

You won’t find another place where you can enter a sperm whale replication of this size and detail.

8. The summers are warm, and the winters are cold

West Hartford has hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. The annual average temperature is about 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with temperatures rarely falling below 5 degrees or rising over 91 degrees.

During the warm season, which begins on May 30 and ends on September 16, average daily high temperatures are above 74 degrees Fahrenheit. With an average high of 83 degrees and a low of 65 degrees, July is the hottest month of the year in West Hartford.

On average, there are 175 days a year in West Hartford, where the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. West Hartford receives an average of 44.9 inches of rain in a year, higher than the national average.

9. Violent crime is at an all-time low

With a violent crime rate of 0.73 per 1000 people, violent crime in West Hartford is lower than the national average. However, the property crime rate is 36.3, slightly higher than the US average of 35.4.

Considering the fact that this suburb is close to Hartford city, where the crime rate is quite high, West Hartford is a relatively safe city to live in.

10. Living here costs 11% more than the national average

The cost of living in West Hartford is around the same as the state average. At 111.7, this town’s cost of living is 11% higher than the national average. Transportation, utilities, and other expenses cost higher than in many other cities.

However, housing costs are less than the national average. The city’s median home price is $395,987, which is lower than the national average.

Final Thoughts

Living in West Hartford offers plenty of benefits, such as great schools, a healthy job market, outdoor opportunities, and an exciting shopping scene. However, it’s important to consider the city’s cost of living, which is higher than the national average.

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