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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Sandwich, MA

Written by Adam Berns

Sandwich, a suburban town an hour southeast of Boston, bears a rich history dating back to its 1639 incorporation, making it Cape Cod’s oldest town, established shortly after Plymouth Colony. Initially sustained by fishing and seaports, it now thrives primarily as a residential area, renowned for tourism, golfing, glassware, and glass blowing. 

The town boasts antique stores, museums, and scenic spots like Shawme-Crowell State Forest, Massachusetts State Game Farm, and stunning beaches. Former residence of TV personality Duff Goldman, Sandwich shines as the most charming town in Barnstable County.

Here are ten things to know before moving to Sandwich, Massachusetts.

1. Sandwich’s cost of living is 31% higher than the national average

While the cost of living in Sandwich is 31% higher than the national average, it is still quite reasonable compared to other cities in Massachusetts. The town is known for its notoriously high property taxes. Most things, including food and utilities, will be subject to the Boston tax if you decide to relocate to Sandwich. 

A gallon of Milk costs $2.54, a loaf of bread $1.39, and a gallon of Gasoline is $2.09. The city’s median home price is $631,673, which is much higher than the national average.

2. Sandwich is a safe place to live

Curious about the safety of Sandwich? Sandwich is a remarkably safe city, boasting a total crime rate that is 54% lower than the Massachusetts average. Property crime is down 59% and violent crime is down 38%. 

There are twenty-two officers serving the Sandwich community as members of the Sandwich Police Department.

3. The winters are cold and it rains a lot in Sandwich

Sandwich gets the typical East Coast weather—cold winters and wet seasons—which some people actually like. Temperatures range from 21 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 79 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. 

With an average of 47 inches per year, Sandwich receives far more rainfall than the national average. At the same time, Sandwich receives exactly 28 inches of snow per year, which is the national average.

4. Visit fun places like Heritage Museums and Gardens or The Ridge Club

Heritage Museums and Gardens combines a huge botanical garden with museums and a little cafe for a fascinating and useful visit. What a lovely spot to unwind for the day!

The Ridge Club is a popular Cape Cod golf course that attracts players from across the state. It is also a vital part of the Sandwich community. This is the perfect place for golf lovers!

Known worldwide for its glass-blowing business, the Sandwich Glass Museum showcases the craft in all its glory.

5. Cape Cod Healthcare and Indyne, Incorporated are two major employers in Sandwich

The Sandwich area is home to several well-known businesses, including Cape Cod Healthcare and Indyne, Incorporated. The average hourly earnings in Sandwich is $22.46 and the average annual salary is $71,000.

Sandwich is a great place to live since there are many opportunities in many different industries, particularly in the local business community! 

6. Savor great food at Fishermen’s View, Café Chew, or Seafood Sam’s

Sandwich has a ton of fun things to do, but it also has some delicious food! 

When it comes to lunch, few places can compare to Café Chew. For those who want to dine al fresco, they also have an extensive menu. 

The finest seafood from the East Coast is served at Seafood Sam’s, a much-loved Sandwich restaurant. This locally-owned establishment is a favorite because of the excellent cooks that prepare the food.

What can we say, we’re on Cape Cod! Sandwich has many excellent seafood restaurants. Another popular spot in the area, Fishermen’s View offers outside seating with water views.

7. Relax at Sandy Neck Beach or Scusset Beach

When you need a place to kick back and relax, Sandy Neck Beach is where it’s at. On top of being over 4700 acres in size, this beach is famous for providing people with a breathtaking view of the ocean. 

Among the best spots in Sandwich, Scusset Beach is well worth your time. Famous coastal landmarks can be found in this open space. There are a lot of activities to do at the beach, including camping, hiking, and fishing. 

8. Sandwich Public School District serves the city

Schoolchildren in Sandwich are educated by the Sandwich Public School District. There are 4 schools serving PK-12 students: Forestdale Elementary School, Oak Ridge School, Henry T. Wing School, and Sandwich High School. The district has about 2,300 students total enrolled, and the student-teacher ratio is approximately 13:1.

Everyone in Sandwich, including students, can use the Sandwich Public Library.

9. Visit the Sandwich Boardwalk

Located in Sandwich, the Sandwich Boardwalk is a must-see historic site. The original construction took place in the 1800s, but it has since undergone extensive restoration to make it weatherproof.

It is considered one of the nicest viewpoints in Sandwich due to its peaceful location. The boardwalk provides a great vantage point from which to take in the scenery and the beautiful lake below. Additionally, National Geographic named the boardwalk one of the best in the nation!

10. Severe traffic congestion in summer months

Being a popular Cape Cod vacation destination, the population of Sandwich swells significantly in the summer as tourists and second-home owners flock to the area. 

This leads to a major increase in traffic congestion, especially on Route 6A, Route 6, and other key roads leading to popular beaches like Sandy Neck Beach. The traffic can become unbearable on weekends and during peak season. 

To Sum it All Up

Overall, Sandwich offers quintessential small-town New England charm – rich history, natural scenery, recreational activities, and a lively community. However, the high cost of living and severe traffic congestion in summer are significant obstacles. 

For those seeking beautiful Cape Cod living with beach access, Sandwich has appeal. But its expenses, congestion, and seasonal isolation may deter some. 

Sandwich provides a high quality of life for those who can manage its drawbacks and embrace its many assets. 

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