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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Mount Pleasant, SC

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Mount Pleasant, SC Written by Brittany Slagle

Just around 100,000 people call the suburb of Mount Pleasant home. The city’s booming population can be attributed to its favorable year-round temperature, high-quality public school system, low crime rate, a plethora of job openings, and plenty of artistic and cultural attractions. The town’s location in a prosperous area and its many attractive features make Mount Pleasant one of the best places to live in the country.

Are you looking to move to this city? Here are ten things to know before moving to Mount Pleasant, SC!

1. Sewee Indians first settled in Mount Pleasant

The Sewee Indians were the first settlers in what is now Mount Pleasant. In 1680, Europeans started moving into the area and establishing permanent communities. In addition, in 1803, an Englishman named James Hibben parceled out a former plantation.

Hibben’s research and planning were crucial to the establishment of Mount Pleasant as a city. As more and more land was purchased, the city expanded. During the 1800s, it was a popular vacation spot for Charleston locals.

Modern bridges, such as the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, now link Mount Pleasant to its neighbors. Mount Pleasant has survived major hurricanes like Hugo and Andrew. Moreover, as a result of these weather events, the population of the city has doubled.

2. Get a job in the tech or education sector

The job market in Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area is robust. In addition, the Charleston International Airport facilitates international trade and travel.

The Charleston economy has benefited from Boeing’s 2011 relocation there. Currently, Boeing 727s are being manufactured in its Charleston facility. Several other related industries have also flourished, such as the tech and biomedical sectors.

College-related occupations are another option to consider. Charleston Southern University, the Citadel, and the College of Charleston are all within easy driving distance and are great places to get a job. 

3. Eat at Graze or Langdon’s Restaurant

The culinary scene in Mount Pleasant is among the greatest in all of South Carolina. Dig into some shrimp and grits, a regional specialty. Southern staples like barbeque, mac & cheese, and Frogmore stew are also delicious options. Keep in mind that South Carolina barbecue sauce could have a stronger mustard flavor. But at most barbecue restaurants, you get to choose from a variety of sauces.

Do you like eating raw oysters? If so, the Lowcountry Oyster Festival is just what you need. Come and shuck some oysters or compete in the oyster-eating contest.

Try the pork chops at Langdon’s Restaurant and Wine Bar for a taste of exquisite dining. Other popular restaurants in the area include Graze and the Long Island Cafe. A meal of fresh scallops and catfish is sure to please.

4. Don’t miss the Old Village

Looking for some Mount Pleasant fun? The Old Village is Mount Pleasant’s most interesting historic district. This area manages to be both historic and up-to-date in its appeal. In 1973, it was deemed historically significant enough to be added to the National Register of Historic Places.

This area of metropolitan Charleston was once favored by the city’s elite. Take a stroll down the live oak-lined lanes and pop into some hip boutiques. Get yourself a handcrafted milkshake from one of the Old Village establishments. You can also go to Pitt Street Bridge and watch the boats go past. 

5. Visit the Patriots Point Maritime and Naval Museum

Also rich in history is the Patriots Point Maritime and Naval Museum, perfect for a day trip with the kids or a romantic evening out. 

The aircraft carrier USS Yorktown serves as the museum’s home for all of its historical treasures. Visitors can explore the ship’s 29 vintage planes, as well as a submarine and Vietnam Support basecamp on the grounds.

6. The city has eight different golf courses

Stunning golf courses are a major draw for people considering a move to the Mount Pleasant area. Mount Pleasant locals have their pick of eight different golf courses in the region. While some golfers are dedicated to their favorite course, others enjoy exploring new courses. 

One of the courses, River Towne Golf Course, was created and designed by Arnold Palmer himself and has won numerous awards. Arthur Hill created the course at Dunes West Golf and River Club, which features stunning views of the Wando River and its surroundings.

7. The median home price is higher than the national average

Mt. Pleasant offers some of the most expensive non-beach real estate in the area, second only to downtown Charleston. The simple fact is that over the past decade, real estate prices in Mount Pleasant have risen dramatically due to the high demand from homebuyers. The median home price in this city is $720,528.

However, since there is always someone looking to buy a house in the Mount Pleasant area, property there is a solid investment. Home values in the neighborhood have been appreciating steadily and are among the highest in the metro area.

8. The city has traffic issues

Mount Pleasant is a popular destination for both locals and tourists looking to unwind, and as a result, the area experiences a fair amount of traffic. This is especially true since the city’s commercial core has expanded rapidly over the past decade, resulting in a significant increase in vehicle trips. People who want to stay in less congested areas may want to check out places like Old Mt. Pleasant, which is located just across the Ravenel Bridge from the city proper.

9. Visit one of the beaches near the city

Mount Pleasant is located near the shore, so you will have easy access to the water. If you are lucky enough to call Mount Pleasant home, you can spend time at the beautiful beaches in the area and enjoy the great outdoors.

Remember that there are other islands accessible from the coast. If you’re a local, some popular destinations are James Island and the Isle of Palms. If you become tired of lounging on the beaches, exploring the adjacent islands is an exciting alternative.

10. The city’s schools are rated highly in the state

Mount Pleasant is committed to investing in the future of its community via quality education. The city’s public schools have consistently outperformed the state average, earning an “excellent” grade from the South Carolina Department of Education. 

Schools of all types, including magnets, charters, and traditional public schools, make up the Charleston County School District (CCSD). Your child will benefit from the CCSD’s excellent education system because it is the state’s second-largest school district. The three best Mount Pleasant public schools are Moultrie Middle School, James B. Edwards Elementary School, and Wando High School.

To Sum it All Up

Living in Mount Pleasant has a lot to offer, such as great schools, a thriving job market, an amazing food scene, and rich history. However, there’s also the problem of traffic in this city and the high real estate prices.

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