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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Greenville, SC

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Greenville SC Written by Adam Berns

Making plans to relocate to Greenville? You’ll definitely need some information before making the move, but not to worry; we’ve got you covered.

Lately, Greenville has caught the attention of many people thinking of moving to a new location, and this is because of its reputation as a pleasant, little city filled with sociable and pleasant locals. We’ll be discussing 10 things you should know before making the move to Greenville SC in this post, so let’s get started!

1. An affordable cost of living

Greenville is one of the most reasonably priced and genuinely pleasant southern cities. The cost of living, which is 5% lower than the U.S average, is surprisingly low, given all the city’s wonderful services and employment opportunities. So yeah, you don’t have to be Bill Gates to live here.

 You can enjoy the delights of the South without breaking the bank, thanks to the much lower housing and transportation costs, compared to other major southern cities like Charleston and Atlanta. Quite a number of people are relocating to Greenville, SC because they don’t have to spend as much here. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place where they’ll spend less?

2. A lovely Downtown area

The Downtown area in Greenville is everything you could want and more. Recognized by Attractions of America as one of the Country’s Top 10 Downtowns, it has long been a favorite spot for residents and visitors of the Upstate to dine, shop, and have a good time

Downtown’s walkability, the cafes, breweries, and outdoor plazas are just some of the things that make it a go-to place for everyone. The Liberty Bridge and Falls Park are two major attraction sites in this area. It also plays host to a variety of annual fairs, festivals, and other events, including live entertainment.

3. A great educational system

If you have kids, you would want to secure them a spot at excellent schools that will allow them to flourish and succeed, right? Well, Greenville, fortunately for you, has a fantastic educational system. In fact, one of the things that draw people to Greenville is the city’s passion for education.

Greenville’s public school system is highly rated and among the best in South Carolina, making the city an attractive option for families. There are also a number of excellent private schools to choose from.

Numerous higher institutions can also be found in Greenville and the surrounding area. Some examples are Greenville Technical College, Furman University, and North Greenville University. 

4. A thriving economy

Greenville’s rapid development has been attributed to its ability to improve the local economy, bring in talent, and draw big businesses. The United States Census Bureau released a report ranking Greenville as the fourth fastest-growing city in America. 

Greenville is often called the “economic engine of South Carolina” because of the wide variety of businesses and industries it hosts. This city is home to more corporate headquarters than any other area in South Carolina. There are many Fortune 500 firms in the city, such as 3M, Lockheed, GE, and many others. So you pretty much won’t have trouble getting a job here.

5. Proximity to other cities

One of the many great things about living in Greenville is its convenient access to neighboring states. If you wake up one morning in the mood to get away, large cities like Asheville, Charlotte, and Atlanta are only a few hours’ drive from the city. 

 Greenville’s accessibility to these larger cities provides numerous advantages. For instance, many people who move because of their jobs end up living in Greenville even though they work in nearby cities. This is because the city has so much to offer.

6. A great weather

The climate in Greenville is subtropical and humid. Despite experiencing all four seasons here, you can expect pleasant and temperate conditions year-round. If you’re a sucker for favorable weather that lets you have fun, Greenville is just right for you.

Temperatures in Greenville’s summertime often hover around 80 degrees, which makes it hot and muggy. The average daily temperature in January is 42.2 degrees Fahrenheit, and the winters are brief and cold. The city receives an average of 3.36 inches of rain in April, the least amount of rain in a year, while the highest monthly total rainfall is in July.

And with an average of 220 sunny days each year, Greenville is a great area to bask in the sun. 

7. Lots of fun things to do 

With its many parks, gardens, playgrounds, and other outdoor spaces, Greenville is a fantastic destination for those who love nature and outdoor activities. 

Greenville’s Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail is a top attraction for locals and visitors alike. If you’re in the mood for something more adventurous, Paris Mountain State Park, 10 minutes away from the city center, has four lakes and a swimming area for visitors to enjoy.

Moving to Greenville will also allow you to take part in the city’s many annual festivals and events. One thing or the other is always going on in the city all year round. There’s also an abundance of free weekly outdoor activities, festivals, and concerts, so residents never have to worry about getting bored. 

8. High crime rate

The city of Greenville isn’t without its flaws. So we’ll be honest here: there is crime in Greenville. As a matter of fact, with an average of 3,496 violent and property crimes per year, the city’s crime rate is higher than both the state and national average. 

As the city grows, authorities have struggled to maintain order throughout. Of course, no city is perfect, and there are certainly parts of this one to avoid. It’s best to carry out proper research if you’re planning to move to Greenville, so you can be aware of the dangerous places to steer clear of. Also, be on the alert and keep your belongings safe, would ya?

9. Heavy traffic and poor transportation system

The traffic is surprisingly terrible for a city like Greenville. Every year, Greenville sees a rise in population, and with it comes an increase in traffic congestion. 

The downtown area is quite walkable, but we can’t say the same for the other parts of Greenville, since getting around the rest of the city requires a car. If you don’t live Downtown, you will probably need a car to get around because the city’s public transportation infrastructure is quite weak.

10. The housing is pretty expensive

Although Greenville’s cost of living as a whole is pretty affordable, home prices have been shooting through the roof. The median price of a home in Greenville is $349,900 and it’d be tough to get a decent place there for under $300,000.

Young couples and families that are just starting out may find it difficult to get a home that’s relatively affordable. But if you prefer to rent an apartment, budget for an average monthly rent of about $1,300.

To sum it all up

Is Greenville the right place for you? While this city might not be perfect, it’s a pretty decent place to live. Considering all the amazing things this city has to offer, while also looking at the downsides to see if they’re worth risking, would help you make your decision.

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