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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Cornelius, NC

Written by Aislyn Hobbs

The lovely and prosperous town of Cornelius sits just north of Charlotte and Huntersville, and it has something wonderful to offer everyone. Several local landmarks in Cornelius, like Potts Plantation, date back to the time of the United States’ foundation or just thereafter. These days, most people associate Cornelius with its idyllic lakeside setting. 

Situated on the shores of Lake Norman, this area is popular among swimmers, boaters, and anybody else who appreciates a waterfront vista. Parents that value education highly also tend to settle in Cornelius because of its great school and library systems. Politician Thom Tillis and NASCAR racer Ricky Rudd are just two of the famous persons who have called Cornelius home.

Let’s check out ten things to know before moving to Cornelius, NC.

1. Housing costs higher than the national average

With a cost of living that is only 2% more than the national average, Cornelius manages to remain reasonably priced while being one of the wealthiest cities in its vicinity.

Transportation, electricity, and healthcare are just a few of the areas where you can save by relocating to Cornelius. 

Houses have an average price of $496,907. Although home prices are higher than the state average, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck here!

2. Live in 100 Norman Place, Harborside, or Bailey’s Glen

It is to be expected that a community as sophisticated and refined as Cornelius would have numerous separate neighborhoods, all ready for newcomers to call home. Despite being smaller than Charlotte, Cornelius offers a wide variety of communities to discover! Take a look at a few nearby options:

With its picture-perfect views of Lake Norman and large mansions, 100 Norman Place is likely one of the most costly properties in the town when it comes to wealthy communities. If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly and low-maintenance option, you might want to consider the Harborside Townhomes. On the other hand, Bailey’s Glen is a great option for retirees and those who are getting on in years.

3. A lower-than-average crime rate

Contemplating the move to Cornelius and concerned about safety? Rest assured, with an impressive A rating on Areavibes, Cornelius proves to be a secure place to reside. 

The overall crime rate is substantially lower at 53% below the national average, with a 58% reduction in violent crime and a 52% decrease in property crime. Policing is handled by the Cornelius Police Department, further contributing to the community’s safety.

4. It rains a lot but doesn’t show much

It’s safe to say that Cornelius has a typical Southern climate. There will be a lot of rain and high humidity, but very little snow. Summertime highs reach 89 degrees Fahrenheit, while wintertime lows hover around 28 degrees. 

Rainfall in Cornelius exceeds the national average, averaging 43 inches per year, compared to 38 inches throughout the nation. Meanwhile, with only 3 inches of snowfall compared to 28 inches nationally, Cornelius is noticeably less snowy than the average American city. 

5. Lake Norman is a major attraction

Cornelius is conveniently located on the southeastern corner of Lake Norman, allowing residents easy access to the lake. In order to take advantage of the lake’s amenities, many people will travel from Charlotte to Cornelius and other neighboring towns.

Lake Norman, one of the top attractions in Charlotte, offers breathtaking beaches as well as boating, fishing, camping, hiking, and a world of other outdoor activities. One of the nicest things about Cornelius is Lake Norman, one of the biggest man-made lakes in North Carolina. It has 520 miles of shoreline.

Love scenic hiking paths? You’re going to adore Lake Norman State Park!

6. Charlotte is 30 minutes away

It takes around half an hour to drive the twenty miles to Charlotte. It’s a 20-mile journey via Highway 77, which is easier and more convenient. A lot of people travel all the way from Charlotte to Cornelius to spend the day at Lake Norman or eat at one of the best restaurants in the area! 

One reason people are migrating to Cornelius is because it is so close to Charlotte! There will be others just like you if you decide to leave your job in Charlotte and relocate to Cornelius. A large number of Cornelius residents commute to the city center for employment.

7. Eat at 131 Main Restaurant, Fresh Chef Kitchen, or The Harp & Crown

With four locations presently, 131 Main Restaurant has been a staple for locals and visitors alike since its founding in Cornelius, North Carolina. This Cornelius restaurant is ideal for celebrating holidays, birthdays, or loved ones with dishes like Cedar Plank Salmon or Barrel Cut Filet Mignon.

Fresh Chef Kitchen is a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner and is devoted to using only the freshest foods. The menu at Fresh Chef Kitchen is extensive, featuring salads, sandwiches, and even spaghetti alfredo with blackened chicken.

A cuisine as daring as the experience they aim to provide at their stunning restaurant, The Harp & Crown, is the result of a fusion of classic recipes with contemporary flavors. Menu items include the world-famous Harp Battered Fish and Chips, Irish Meatloaf, and Guinness Pot Pie.

8. Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District serves the city

There are a lot of great public and private schools in Cornelius. With five public schools serving around 5,700 students, Cornelius is part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District. 

Cornelius public schools have a larger percentage of children who score proficient or above in reading and math compared to the state average. 

9. There are many job openings available in Cornelius and Charlotte

Relocating to Cornelius will make your job search much easier than in other places. Among the over 26,000 available positions in Charlotte and over 20,000 in Cornelius, North Carolina, you’re sure to find the perfect job. 

In addition to having nationally acclaimed schools, Cornelius is home to several noteworthy businesses such as Lowes Corporate and the Nascar industry, which are just a short drive north. Many high-ranking executives go to Cornelius from nearby Mooresville to work for Lowes Corporate, Ingersoll Rand, or one of the many other Charlotte corporations.

10. Explore the outdoors at Bailey Road Park or Ramsey Creek

Cornelius has plenty of parks to choose from if you’re on the hunt for adventure. On Lake Norman, you can find Jetton Park, among other popular sites. Beach, tennis courts, trails, and picnic spaces are all part of the 104-acre park. Disc golf, hiking, and playgrounds for kids are just a few of the amenities offered by the spacious 66-acre Bailey Road Park. 

Ramsey Creek is a beautiful beach spot on Lake Norman, situated on 43 acres of coastline. Because of how fast it fills up, you should arrive early; by 10 a.m., it becomes quite crowded. Ramsey Creek is a great place to go fishing, boating, or hiking.

Children can enjoy themselves at Robbins Park’s fantastic playground, which is located in a nature-based theme park and offers paths, tennis courts, and disc golf.

In Conclusion

 With its small-town charm yet close proximity to bustling Charlotte, Cornelius offers the best of both worlds. This lakeside community provides natural beauty, outdoor recreation, high-performing schools, low crime, and a reasonable cost of living. 

While the rainy climate may take some adjusting to, Cornelius’ many parks, beaches, trails, and other attractions make it easy to stay active year-round. Between the job opportunities, great dining options, and neighborhoods to suit different lifestyles, this North Carolina town has something for everyone. 

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