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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Boulder City, NV

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Boulder City, NV Written by Aislyn Hobbs

One of the nicest locations to live in Nevada, Boulder City in Clark County is full of small-town charm and historical heritage. Because of its proximity to the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Black Canyon, and the Colorado River, Boulder City is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. 

The city is only 26 miles southeast of Las Vegas, which is where all the action and glitz can be found thanks to its numerous casinos and world-class entertainment, but it has become a calm spot to live for those looking to escape the bright lights and frantic pace of “Sin City.” 

Originally founded in 1931 to house workers on the Hoover Dam, this quaint community has since blossomed into a thriving town with a wide variety of attractions and activities sure to please inhabitants of all ages.

Are you looking to move to Boulder City? Check out ten things to know before moving!

1. The cost of living is 12% higher than the national average

Boulder City is a more affordable alternative to Las Vegas, with a cost of living that is only 12% higher than the U.S. average. The median home price is $435,891, higher than the average of $428,000, found across the country. 

With an average annual household income of $83,943, a person in Boulder City would need to make at least $62,792 per year to afford the cost of living there.

2. The city has a thriving tourist sector

In case you weren’t aware, the median household income in Boulder City is 30% over the U.S. average. Boulder City’s labor market has grown by 3.5% over the past year, thanks to the city’s booming tourist, food service, public administration, and retail trade businesses. 

Over the next decade, employment across all sectors is expected to increase by 40.3%. If you’re looking for work and are considering a move to Boulder City, Nevada, the Las Vegas Valley Water District, Boulder City Hospital, and the City of Boulder City are among the best spots to move your career forward.

3. Enjoy 290 sunny days in a year

Boulder City has a typical desert climate, with hot summers and chilly winters, low humidity, and few cloudy days. The city also has extremely low annual precipitation, with barely five inches of rain and no snow on average. Boulder City boasts more than 290 sunny days every year, luring visitors for its pleasant climate.

Temperatures rarely drop below 28 degrees or climb over 110 degrees, averaging between 36 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Attend nearby Nevada State College or College of Southern Nevada – Henderson Campus

Boulder City is a part of the Clark County School District, which includes some of the best schools in the country. The city is well-known for its high graduation rate; an estimated 87.6% of its citizens hold a high school diploma, and 22.2% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

If you’re looking for a place to further your education in the area, Nevada State College and College of Southern Nevada – Henderson Campus are both convenient good options.

5. The Hoover Dam is close to this city

Over 16 million people benefit from the irrigation water and hydroelectric power generated by the Hoover Dam, which is located in the Black Canyon on the Colorado River. The Hoover Dam, built between 1931 and 1936, was a symbol of American industry and the resilience of the American workforce in the face of the worst economic conditions since the Civil War.

The American Society of Civil Engineers has recognized the Hoover Dam as one of the Seven Modern Engineering Wonders of the World, making it more than just a significant monument and construction in Boulder City.

6. Boulder City is safe to live in

With a crime rate that is 58% lower than the U.S. average, Boulder City is a great place to live if your peace of mind is paramount. The odds of becoming a victim of a violent crime are one in 647, and the odds of becoming a victim of property crime are one in 104. 

The low crime rate in Boulder City is partially attributable to the fact that it is one of only two cities in Nevada that do not permit casinos. However, although Boulder City has a reputation for being a relatively safe place to live, you should still take precautions and pay attention to your surroundings at all times. 

7. A great location for retirees

U.S. News & World Report consistently rates Boulder City among the best places to retire in the United States. Boulder City and the surrounding Las Vegas Valley have historically been popular among retirees because of Nevada’s low or nonexistent state income tax and generally tax-friendly atmosphere. 

Well-known for its thriving senior population, Boulder City is home to a wide variety of 55+ neighborhoods and adult communities situated close to stunning natural beauty and convenient access to a wide range of popular services and conveniences.

8. Attend The Pumpkinman Triathlon or Art in the Park

Living in Boulder City guarantees you will never be bored, as the city has various events and festivals throughout the year. Attending one of Boulder City’s many festivals, events, or celebrations is the best way to admire local art and enjoy the Christmas season. 

Live music, art demonstrations, kid-friendly activities, and free raffles are just some of the highlights of Art in the Park, one of the largest outdoor juried art festivals in the Southwest.

Boulder offers wine walks where you can sample local vintages while taking in the sights. The Pumpkinman Triathlon is a fun event for teams of two or three people, and it begins near Lake Mead and concludes in Boulder City’s Wilbur Square.

9. Visit the Betassi Preserve

In Boulder, outdoor enthusiasts can have a good time at any time of year. In the summer, most ski and snowboard trails are used by mountain bikers. Seasonal events can be enjoyed by the community year-round. Within a short drive, you can reach a plethora of paths perfect for hiking, biking, skiing, or snowboarding.

Betasso Preserve is home to seven fantastic routes perfect for hikers and mountain bikers. All of them are dog-friendly for hikers and allow mountain biking on five of them. 

10. A short commute time

People who drive to work each day will be relieved to learn that their commute times will be cut down significantly for those who settle in Boulder. Residents of Boulder have a far shorter travel time than that of citizens of many other American cities, at only 19 minutes. 

Less than half of Boulder’s population commutes to work alone by car; the others take advantage of carpooling or the city’s excellent public transportation system. More than 10% of year-round workers do so from their homes. As a result, there will be a lot more space on the roads for other commuters.

Final Thoughts

Boulder locals are living the kind of lives that most Americans only dreamed about. The city has a thriving economy, a short commute time, great educational opportunities, and safety for its residents. Its suburban setting embraces the outdoors and modern amenities, from starlight skies to great weather. There’s no doubt that you’ll absolutely love living in this city.ย 

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