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9 Things to Know Before Moving to Navarre, FL

9 Things to Know Before Moving to Navarre, FL Written by Adam Berns

North Florida’s Navarre is quickly developing into one of the most desirable locations in the country. Thousands of people a year learn about this lovely seaside city and its abundant opportunities.

Navarre provides its residents with a high quality of life at a low cost, including access to the sea, sun, fresh air, outstanding cuisine, safety, excellent chances for personal and professional growth, and a low standard of living.

Let’s check out nine things to know before moving to Navarre, FL.

1. Spend a sunny day at Navarre’s beaches

The beaches of Navarre are among the most stunning in all of North America. Visitors to this area for the first time will be awed by the miles of pure white sand that make up the coastline.

Navarre is an excellent area to go swimming because the Gulf of Mexico is warm and calm most of the time. The long expanse of white sand beach that greets visitors from afar is sure to impress those who are here for the first time.

Navarre Main Beach (Pier Beach), Navarre East Beach, Opal Beach, and Soundside Beach all offer great spots to kick back, cast a line, or participate in other water-based activities. As a result of the attention paid to environmental issues, marine life is rich and diverse.

2. There are less crowds of tourists

Navarre Beaches are less congested and more accommodating than those in other parts of Florida. You can find secluded beaches that are completely devoid of other people, even in the middle of the summer.

This is due to the vastness of the coastline in comparison to the relatively small population living there.

3. Enjoy 230 sunny days a year

The climate in Navarre is beautiful, being subtropical with lengthy summers and around 230 days of sunshine annually. The weather is temperate and pleasant, even in January and February.

The winter season is characterized by weather more typical of spring than winter. Navarre has a long beach season, from April to October, and even March and November can have pleasant days.

4. The cost of living is only 5% higher than the national average

Navarre is a perfect and highly sought-after location because of its reasonable cost of living. Not many people expect Navarre to be an affordable alternative to nearby Pensacola or a step up in quality of life compared to Destin.

The average cost of living in Navarre is 105.7, which is only 5.7% higher than the U.S. average. The median home price in Navarre is $414,783, while a year’s worth of living expenses for a single person in the city, including mortgage or rent, groceries, child care, transportation, healthcare, and other miscellaneous costs, comes to $38,804.

5. The military, schools, healthcare centers, and tech companies are the city’s major employers

Navarre, like many other communities in the panhandle, relies heavily on defense, academia, health, technology, and tourism to sustain its economy. And if you’re one of the many who would rather keep their workplace and home life separate, you’re not alone. Most of Navarre’s workforce commutes to neighboring cities like Milton and Pensacola for their daily grind.

The military is deeply rooted in the whole Florida Panhandle, including Navarre. It’s safe to say that the Air Force is the area’s biggest military employer. In addition to Eglin Air Force Base, there is also Hurlburt Field. Both places can be found west of Navarre, in the direction of Fort Walton and Shalimar.

University professionals in the area are very evenly distributed between the University of West Florida and Pensacola State College, which together make up the largest educational employer in the region. The highly acclaimed Santa Rosa School District employs experts in public center work.

A number of impressive technology and software companies call this region home. There are also Patni Computer Systems and Torch Technologies, in addition to Apple. Patni Computer Systems helps both large and small businesses by taking on their software outsourcing needs. When it comes to defense, Torch Technologies is the company to call.

6. Explore Adventures Unlimited Outdoor Center, Gulf Breeze Zoo, or Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge

Entertainment options in Navarre range from lighthearted and informative to adventurous and exciting. Visit the Adventures Unlimited Outdoor Center for ziplining, kayaking, canoeing, and more before you hit the beach. Learn more about the unique animals that call the Navarre Coast home by paying a visit to the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge. Remember to take part in local environmental workshops. 

The Gulf Breeze Zoo is a great place to visit with the kids since you can get up close and personal with animals like hippos, giraffes, and sloths.

7. Get around the city on rentable scooters

If you don’t have a car, getting around Navarre is still possible. Locals and tourists alike can take advantage of the city’s convenient public and private transportation options. 

Legal scooters are very popular in Navarre. Scooters are abundant in the city and can be rented for short periods of time. They’re also a great chance to appreciate the city’s natural beauty and Navarre’s shores. 

Navarre’s Sunshine Shuttle is the go-to for convenient, comfortable, and prompt transportation to and from important events.

There are many alternatives to ridesharing, such as taxis and private cars. To help you get to and from the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport, Fly VPS provides a list of transportation options, including bus, shuttle, taxi, and limo services.

8. The city is clean and healthy

Navarre’s robust tourism sector is the engine that keeps the region’s economy humming.

While it’s true that many vacationers leave trash behind, this cannot be compared to the massive amounts of pollution produced by factories all over the world. In addition, the city is rapidly cleaned up after major events that attract a lot of visitors.

Since there are fewer people living there, air pollution from vehicles is not nearly as much of an issue as it is in major cities.

9. Enjoy a relaxed pace of life

Navarre is a city that, despite its rapid growth, offers the kind of slow, pleasant pace of life that is characteristic of many places in the American South.

Navarra is a terrific area to raise a family because of its peaceful lifestyle, pristine natural setting, and excellent educational opportunities.

In Summary

Navarre offers the best of beach town living, with its stunning beaches, amazing weather, relaxed pace of life, thriving economy, and other fun places to visit, besides the beaches. If you’re looking to live in a small beach town that has all you need, Navarre is a great option.  

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