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Key takeaways

  • Victorville offers the best of small-town living while still being close to all of the state amenities.
  • Local buyer agents have a pulse on the market and are standing by to assist you in your search for a new home. Seller agents are also available to market and sell your home as quickly as possible, as well as help with your transition. 
  • Victorville’s historic Route 66 roots are alive and thriving all over the city: museums, restaurants, and creative arts call back to that iconic American aesthetic.

Top Real Estate Agents In Victorville

Unpretentious, idyllic, and welcoming, Victorville is a real estate oasis in California’s high desert. For those who’ve wanted to get out of the city but maintain their California roots, Victorville is the perfect oasis. As more people flock to this desert gem, the Victorville real estate market experienced a 43% increase from 2019 to 2020.

If Victorville piques your interest, take the first step towards finding your Victorville dream home by finding information on a Victorville realtor. Fill out our agent form to find highly rated agents in Victorville. But first, get to know the market by reading on.

Victorville’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


With current property values in Victorville averaging $373,000, which makes finding an ideal home easy and affordable. Additionally, the city’s average household income is $53,957. Victorville’s current housing market is moderate, with real estate listings on the market 41 days on average. However, sought-after homes have been selling in only 21 days and at 3% over list price.

Best Buyer Agents In Victorville

When it comes to purchasing property, it’s important to know what to do, but equally important to know what not to do. Simple mistakes can be made by even veteran home buyers, but this can be especially true for first-time home buyers. Selecting a Victorville real estate agent that’s right for the job can make the journey to your new home a smooth one. 

For a first-rate home buying experience, it helps to find a first-rate realtor in Victorville, CA. Fill out our agent form today to find a Victorville, CA realtor that matches your real estate needs. You’ll find experienced realtors like:

Angela Knight

Personal connections with unparalleled expertise define Angela’s business. Angela takes pride in “treating her clients like family.”

Derrick DeVille

With almost 15 years of realty experience in the area, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows the High Desert market like Derrick. Derrick is well-known for his professionalism, organizational skills, and work ethic when it comes to satisfying his client’s real estate needs.

India Visser

India aims to make your real estate transaction as simple and stress-free as possible. India will be there for you from day one and beyond. She serves all of Southern California, so if you should ever want to move to the city or beach in the future, she’s got you covered.

Best Seller Agents In Victorville

Whether you’re leaving Victorville or upgrading to a new home in the area, a seller’s agent is there to maximize interest and revenue. The best sellers also utilize home-staging, photography, and social media to upsell your home.

A talented and trustworthy Victorville realtor can help you properly market your listing while expediting the home sale process. To discover your next seller agent, fill out our form to connect with top agents like:

Stefani Angel

Stefani is a gifted seller, ranking in the top 5% in her area. Stefani also offers a military discount, which could come in handy to Victorville’s nearly 6000 veteran citizens.

Matthew Jerkins

A real estate agent who truly is full-service, Matt strives to sell homes above their perceived value, while getting you into your new home as quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible. Matt sees value where others don’t, and that powerful tool is what adds to his proven results.

Claudia Morales Rothwell

Forward-thinking, personable, and well-informed Claudia is a maverick in the Victorville housing market. Her extensive experience and her ability to put her clients at ease leads to stress-free selling journeys.

Get To Know Victorville

Victorville is a tight-knit community where locals look out for one another and value local businesses over national chains. That same sense of community carries over to education, employment opportunities, and healthcare.

Here’s a look at the city and its offerings therein:

What is the population of Victorville?

Victorville’s current population sits at 122,385.

What are the employment opportunities in Victorville?

ZipRecruiter presently lists over 3000 job postings for Victorville, ranging from $30k-$100k annual salary.

What are the public schools in Victorville?

Victorville boasts two respected school districts, their beautiful and modern facilities offering the best for the area’s students. Victory Elementary School District is made up of 19 schools, holds nearly 20,000 students, and averages 25 students per classroom. Victor Valley Union High School District comprises 10,000 students, 9 schools, and 28 students per classroom.

What are the healthcare options in Victorville?

Victorville has a network of three major healthcare centers: Desert Valley Hospital, Kaiser Permanente High Desert, and Victor Valley Global Medical center. All reside in close proximity to most Victorville neighborhoods.

What’s the weather like in Victorville?

Like most cities in California, Victorville is no stranger to earthquakes. Although, Victorville doesn’t lay on any major fault line and rarely sees any significant seismic activity. Droughts can happen as the city is in the heart of the desert, but they are rare. Flash floods during the rain season can also occur.

What is there to do in Victorville?

The best way to pick up the local culture is to immerse yourself in it. An absolute Victorville must-see is the Route 66 museum. From there, locals can head over to the dog-friendly Mojave Riverwalk and take in the backdrop of panoramic mountains. After a day of desert walks or work, Victorville residents can chow down at local eateries. Favorite culinary hot spots include the High Desert Farmers Market or Restaurant’s Row.

Hottest Zip Codes

These attractive zip codes in Victorville are a wonderful place to start your search:


The heart of Victorville is home to the Downtown area, Mojave Narrow Regional Park, and Restaurant’s Row. This is where the town laid its foundation in yesteryear, but today is the pulse of the city’s activity.


Just to the east of Victorville is Apple Valley. This is a newer area founded in 1988. Its quaint charm and affordability draw in many soon-to-be locals. Here you can find a low-cost home where you can sit in your pool while looking at the snow-capped mountains in the distance.


If desert calm is what you crave, look no further than Hesperia. Located just a bit south of Victorville, this area is surrounded by the Mojave Desert and offers a one-of-a-kind living experience. At night, look up, feel the gentle wind, and stargaze under the quiet solitude of the desert.

Find Your Victorville Real Estate Agent

If you’re a potential buyer looking for a place away from the city and are ready for desert living, Victorville might just be for you. The affordability, incomparable scenery, and history behind this city will give you a sense of home. 

The next step in the process is to fill out our agent form and let us know if you’re buying or selling. You’ll discover the right Victorville, CA realtor to help you join the oasis that is Victorville.