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Key takeaways

  • Homes in Stockton are surprisingly affordable compared to other California cities.
  • The Stockton real estate market is highly competitive, with homes selling in 10 days on average.
  • Sellers may be able to get 4% above their initial price for desirable real estate listings.

Top Real Estate Agents In Stockton

Located along the beautiful San Joaquin River, Stockton is a hidden gem in California’s Central Valley. Despite its close proximity to Sacramento and the San Francisco bay area, Stockton is an affordable oasis in the Golden State’s expensive real estate market.

However, cheap homes create competition. Buyers and sellers alike will need the help of an experienced Stockton, CA realtor to make their real estate dreams a reality.

Stockton’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


Even the best Stockton realtor has to keep up with the times. To make your property search more manageable, it’s important to study up on the current market. Here’s everything you need to know about Stockton’s real estate climate:

  • DataUSA reports the median household income in Stockton, CA at $54,297—a bit lower than the national average of $61,937.
  • The median sale price for Stockton homes is $360,000. This figure is up 14.3% from the previous year.
  • Homes in Stockton go fast, spending a short average of only 10 days on the market. This is why 59.2% of properties end up selling above their listing price.

Best Buyer Agents In Stockton

Closing on a home in Stockton can be difficult. If you’re looking to beat the crowds and find property quickly, the right Stockton, California realtor will be crucial. 

To start the process, fill out the form and quickly discover a highly-rated Stockton real estate agent in the area, such as:

Ashlee Prudhel

Ashlee Prudhel consistently ranks in the top 10 real estate agents from the San Joaquin county. In her 7 years of experience, Ashlee has developed skills as a buyer agent, relocation specialist, and property manager.

Ronny Sono

As a highly recommended buyer agent, Ronny Sono earned a five-star rating for his work with local clients. Ronny specializes in the Stockton neighborhoods of Elk Grove and Laguna West.

Kimberlee Williams

Kimberlee Williams has 15 years of real estate experience in the Stockton area. Kimberlee’s 67 positive reviews repeatedly highlight her work with single-family homes and her negotiation skills.

Best Seller Agents In Stockton

Hot homes in Stockton can sell for up to 4% above listing price—but not without the help of an experienced seller agent. 

Be sure to fill out our agent form today to partner with the right realtor in Stockton, CA, such as:

Angie Garibay

In her 20 years of experience, Angie Garibay has dedicated her career to helping the Stockton community. Not only is Angie an experienced listing agent and short sale specialist, she also spent years fixing up Stockton homes to create housing for low income residents.

Pat Holkesvig

Pat Holkesvig has been a real estate listing broker associate for 18 years. In that time, she’s earned a five-star rating with 171 positive reviews. Her specialties include relocation and high-end properties—and her degree in finance shows she’s not afraid to search for a good deal.

Janet Ramirez

Janet is a Stockton real estate agent selling an average of 74 homes per year. Working as a listing agent, Janet Ramirez has earned over 70 positive reviews with specialties including short-sale, house flipping, and single-family homes.

Get To Know Stockton

Stockton has more to offer than just affordable real estate. If you’re planning to call this northern California city your new home, here are the facts every Stocktonian should know:

What is the population of Stockton?

In 2019, the Census estimated Stockton’s population at 312,697—a 7% growth over the past decade.

What are the employment opportunities in Stockton?

Stockton’s biggest employers include Dameron Hospital, the California State Government, and the University of Pacific.

What are the public schools in Stockton?

The Stockton Unified School District is home to 50 elementary schools, 49 middle schools, and 16 high schools. There are also 25 charter schools and 129 private schools in the region.

What are the healthcare options in Stockton?

There are 82 hospitals near Stockton, CA. Some highly rated medical facilities in the city include Dameron Hospital and St. Joseph’s Medical Center.

What’s the weather like in Stockton?

Stockton is significantly lower on the earthquake index than the state-wide average. However, its rating is still more substantial than other parts of the country. Stockton also ranks a single point higher on the tornado index than California as a whole.

What is there to do in Stockton?

Check out the Stockton Children’s Museum or the Pixie Woods Amusement Park for some family-friendly fun. Locals can also grab a bite to eat at Market Tavern in the Lincoln Shopping Center.

Hottest Zip Codes

Stockton’s unique neighborhoods are part of the city’s charm. Discover where you’d like to purchase your next home by checking out some of these popular zip codes:


Commonly known as Woodbrige, this area is rated the #1 zip code for home buyers on Niche. The median property value for this rural suburb is $383,000.


A great neighborhood for families, Elk Grove offers a homeowner highly rated public schools and a spacious suburban layout. The median property value in this zip code is a bit higher, at $431,000.


Lincoln Village is located on the quiet outskirts of Stockton. This area has a great selection of family homes, and the median property value is reasonably priced at $254,100.

Find Your Stockton Real Estate Agent

Although it rarely rains in central California, finding the right Stockton home is like weathering a storm. It may be difficult in the moment, but the end result is always clear skies. 

Reach those clear skies faster by filling out our form today. You’ll quickly discover a top real estate agent in Stockton, CA!