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Key takeaways

  • Property values in Long Beach are well above the national average and continue to rise each year—making the area a great market for sellers.
  • Homes tend to stay on the market for a while in Long Beach, which may give buyers a chance to negotiate if they hire the right agent.
  • The suburban neighborhoods in Long Beach range from dense to sparse. Less populated areas, like Lakewood Village and Bixby Knolls, may offer slightly more affordable properties than some of the city’s busier neighborhoods.

Top Real Estate Agents In Long Beach

Resting at the southernmost edge of Los Angeles county, the coast of Long Beach has become a popular destination for homeowners. With sand, surf, and plenty of space, it’s no surprise that people are moving out of the city and flocking to this beautiful town.

In an area with so many neighborhoods and a competitive housing market, the right Long Beach realtor will be crucial when buying or selling a home. With an experienced professional at your side and a little insider knowledge, you’ll be on your way to real estate success in no time.

Long Beach’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


Even the best realtor in Long Beach CA can’t do everything for you. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the housing market before you begin the process of buying or selling real estate. 

Here are a few of the facts you should know about Long Beach:

  • According to the 2019 census, the median household income in Long Beach stands at $63,017—a smidge above the national average of $61,937.
  • Long Beach real estate is no walk in the park. The median home value for Long Beach is $675,000—an increase of 14.4% from the previous year. 
  • Despite being a fairly competitive area, Long Beach homes spend an average of 41 days on the market before being sold. 

Best Buyer Agents In Long Beach

When you’re dealing with expensive homes, the right Long Beach CA realtor will be crucial to scoring a deal on real estate. With homes in this area spending some time on the market, buyers may be able to negotiate for a better price.

If you’re looking to purchase a home, remember to fill out our form to discover one of Long Beach’s best realtors. Here are a few names you may be matched with:

Eileen Rivera

Leader of the Rivera Group for 26 years, Eileen Rivera is an experienced realtor in Long Beach. She strives to put her clients first, garnering over 200 positive reviews. Eileen prides herself on her negotiation skills and specialties as a buyer agent and relocation expert.

Janice Sadler

Janice Sadler is a highly recommended buyer agent for the Long Beach area. Since 2010, Janice has received over 260 five-star reviews for her customer service skills and knowledge of the Long Beach housing market.

Autumn Anderson

Listed as one of Yelp’s Top 10 Long Beach buyer agents, Autumn Anderson has 30 five-star reviews. She works with 54% buyers and 46% sellers, and falls in the top 20% of homes closed in the area. She is committed to creating a safe process by offering virtual tours, extensive cleaning measures, and socially distanced viewings.

Best Seller Agents In Long Beach

As property values rise, Long Beach homeowners will need the right seller agent to help them make a profit. By filling out our seller’s form, we can pair you with the right real estate agent in Long Beach to meet your listing needs. Below are a few of the top realtors in the area that you may be able to work with:

Beatrix Whipple

Founder of the Whipple Group, Beatrix Whipple is one of the area’s premier agents. With over 100 five-star reviews and 19 years of experience, Beatrix notes that her specialties include working as a listing agent, short-sale homes, and relocation.

Melinda Elmer

Though Melinda Elmer has experience as both a buyer and seller agent, her nearly 100 positive reviews on Century 21 consistently praise her sales skills. Melinda ranks in the top 1% of agents for her area; receiving awards from both the Women’s Council of Realtors and Los Angeles Magazine.

Costanza Genoese-Zerbi

Costanza Genoese-Zerbi has gained 145 five-star reviews since 2016. Costanza describes herself as a market expert with effective negotiating skills, making her a great match for sellers who want to earn top value for their property.

Get To Know Long Beach

If you’re planning to call sunny Long Beach your new home, you’ll probably want to learn a little bit about the area. Here’s everything you need to know about the city of Long Beach, California:

What is the population of Long Beach?

DataUSA states that the current population of Long Beach is 467,353—a narrow 0.5% decline from the previous year.

What are the employment opportunities in Long Beach?

The biggest industries in Long Beach include aerospace and aviation, financial services, and healthcare. Long Beach also benefits from a large number of tourists each year, creating ample job opportunities in the hospitality industry.

How are the schools in Long Beach?

The Long Beach Unified School District has won several nationwide and global awards, and has been listed as one of the top 20 school systems in the world. 

What are the healthcare options in Long Beach?

There are 127 hospitals in the Long Beach area, including Long Beach Medical Center, St. Mary’s, and the VA Long Beach.

Are there natural disasters in Long Beach?

Long Beach and the state of California are considerably higher on the earthquake index than the national average. Due to close proximity to the ocean, Long Beach residents should also be on guard for flooding and high surf.

What is there to do in Long Beach?

Besides its miles of coastline, Long Beach offers plenty of other entertainment options. Check out the Long Beach boardwalk, watch the Long Beach Grand Prix in April, or visit the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Hottest Zip Codes

Looking in the right neighborhood can completely change your real estate search. To get a better idea of the perfect area for you, here are some of the most popular zip codes in Long Beach:


Known as Belmont Shore, this neighborhood is great for families who want quality schools nearby. Niche lists this zip code as the #1 place to live in Long Beach, and the median home value falls on the higher end of the spectrum at $857,100.


With a significantly low crime rate, convenient amenities, and nearby coastline, Bixby Knolls is considered one of the best areas to live in Long Beach. The median home price is a bit lower than Belmont Shore, at $582,300.


Lakewood Village is located at the northern corner of Long Beach City. This neighborhood’s location gives it a quiet, suburban feel. Residents love Lakewood Village for its small businesses, affordable homes, and walkability.

Find Your Long Beach Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re in it for the beaches, the schools, or the luxury real estate—Long Beach is a great city for California homeowners. Though the market may be competitive, buyers and sellers alike can achieve their goals with the right Long Beach realtor at their side. 

Now that you’re equipped to handle the city’s housing market, it’s time to make Long Beach your new home. Get started today by filling out our form and inputting whether you intend to buy or sell.