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Key takeaways

  • Bakersfield is becoming increasingly popular for people who want access to all the perks of Los Angeles—without its notorious sky-high prices.
  • Homes in Bakersfield are in high demand, and houses don’t stay on the market for long due to their incredible value.
  • Many real estate agents in Bakersfield are locals who understand the changing dynamics of this up-and-coming market, as well as how to make the most of a commuter city.

Top Real Estate Agents In Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a mid-sized city in Kern County, California that’s quickly becoming a hotspot for Californians looking to escape the hustle (and high prices) of Los Angeles. It’s proximity to L.A. makes it ideal for commuters who want more for their money. On average, purchasing a home in Bakersfield costs three times less than in L.A., which means it might be time to call a Bakersfield real estate agent. 

Below is everything you need to know about the Bakersfield area and how to discover the top buyer and seller agents who work there.

Bakersfield’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


Bakersfield’s affordability is a huge draw for homebuyers, and high demand means sellers can move property quickly:

  • The median household income in Bakersfield is about $60,000. This average income is rising, as average earnings increased by over 5% in the last year alone.
  • In Bakersfield, the average home is valued at $257,200, which is below the national average. 
  • The average home in Bakersfield only stays on the market for 13 days, so it’s essential to work with a Bakersfield realtor who is knowledgeable about this fast-paced market.

Best Buyer Agents In Bakersfield

If you hope to buy property in this blossoming city, having an experienced Bakersfield CA realtor on your side will help you navigate the exciting (and sometimes confusing) process of buying a home. 

To discover top-tier buyer agents in the area, fill out form today and find agents like:

Eric Mora

Born and raised in Bakersfield, Eric Mora knows this city’s market like the back of his hand—which makes him a pro at finding his clients their dream homes. With over 15 years of real estate experience, he’s received hundreds of positive reviews that speak to his strength as a buyer’s agent and his commitment to helping clients find the perfect house in Bakersfield.

Bart Tipton

Bart Tipton is the founder of Prestige Properties, which is a premier real estate agency that has accumulated over 150 million dollars in sales. He leads a team that’s become famous in the Bakersfield real estate community. Not only does Bart have a reputation for success, but he’s also known for his warm, personalized approach—a key to earning his title as a top real estate broker in Bakersfield CA.

Phi Markendorf

As a respected member of the Watson Realty team, Phi Markendorf has an impeccable reputation. If you’re looking for the best realtor to show you the ins and outs of the Bakersfield area housing market, Phi is a great choice. Her commitment to helping clients truly understand the buying process makes her stand out from the crowd.

Best Seller Agents In Bakersfield

Since the average home in Bakersfield sits on the market for less than two weeks, having an agent who can help you get the most out of your prized asset is essential. Connecting with the best realtor in Bakersfield CA for your needs can make a world of a difference when you want to capitalize on the city’s increasing popularity. 

When you fill out our agent form, you’ll discover agents who make selling homes simple—agents like: 

Terri Collins

As a true industry veteran, Terri Collins has been working in the Bakersfield real estate market since she was in college. Her years of experience have made her knowledgeable about every aspect of the market including construction, insurance, resale, and relocation. Terri is part of a hard-working team who’ve transformed the way Bakersfield does real estate—for the better!

Brian Hicks

To set himself apart from the competition, Brian Hicks focuses on creating a unique, successful marketing strategy for all his clients’ homes. His extensive experience has helped him command the best prices for his clients, all while assuring them their property is in the best hands.

Suzanne Harandi

With over 22 years of real estate experience, Suzanne Harandi has watched the real estate business change over the years—and she’s adapted with every development. Her strong negotiation skills and industry expertise allow her to command the best prices for her clients. Suzanne is also incredibly committed to her community, as she’s known for her work helping the homeless. 

Get To Know Bakersfield

What is the population of Bakersfield?

Approximately 377,917 people call this city home, making Bakersfield the ninth most populous city in California.  

What are the employment opportunities in Bakersfield?

Bakersfield has a healthy job market, and many residents work in the agriculture, distribution, oil, and energy sectors. Since the city is within commuting distance to Los Angeles, locals can also take advantage of the diverse job market L.A. has to offer.  

What are the public schools in Bakersfield?

The public school system in Bakersfield consists of 44 schools and serves about 30,000 students.  

What are the healthcare options in Bakersfield?

Bakersfield is home to several hospitals including Adventist Health, Bakersfield Family Medical Center, Memorial Hospital, and Bakersfield Heart Center.  

Are there natural disasters in Bakersfield?

Like many cities in California, Bakersfield is at risk for natural disasters like earthquakes, wildfires, and floods. However, the city has a robust emergency preparedness and mitigation plan in place. 

What is there to do in Bakersfield?

With multiple museums, a large arena and convention center, and the 90-year-old Fox Theatre, there’s more to do in Bakersfield than you might expect from a city its size. Nature lovers will appreciate the city’s proximity to outdoor attractions like Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon.

Hottest Zip Codes

Choosing a world-class realtor is one key to success, and so is knowing which neighborhoods make the most sense for you. Take a look at Bakersfield’s best: 


This neighborhood is home to Bakersfield’s downtown district, offering residents easy access to attractions like movie theaters, the Rabobank Arena, and the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and Science.


Known as Olde Stockdale, this neighborhood boasts the highest per capita median income in the city.


The Seven Oaks community is a relatively affluent area that strikes a great balance between residential and commercial spaces.

Find Your Bakersfield Real Estate Agent

As the market in Bakersfield continues to boom in popularity, there’s no better time to dive into the exciting world of real estate. Whether you want to purchase a home that’s sure to give you a return on your investment or you want to sell your existing property in a flash, an experienced agent will allow you take advantage of Bakersfield’s amazing opportunities. 

To start the process, fill out our agent form today and let us know whether you’re aiming to buy or sell.