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Key takeaways

  • Washington is one of the top 10 greenest states in the country and residents take recycling and eco-friendly behaviors very seriously.
  • The state gets a lot of rain and gray skies. So if you need plenty of sunshine year round, this may not be the place for you.
  • Houses in Washington are known to be pretty pricey and this trend is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Why You Should Move to Washington

Known for its snow-capped volcanic mountains, breathtaking national parks, and fertile agricultural land, Washington is perfect for lovers of nature. And while you get drunk on amazing views, you also will be able to enjoy a fantastic cup of wine. That’s because the state has over 900 wineries and is the 2nd largest premium-wine producer in the US.

But people looking to hold on to their money might not want to move to this state. Mainly because they have a high sales tax of 6.5% (which is around the highest in the nation). And the homes in the state can also easily drain your bank account. 

Keep reading to get an even better picture of Washington to see if this state is the perfect place for you to call home.

Washington’s Housing Market

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Get To Know Washington

What is the population of Washington?

Currently, 7.5 million people call the state of Washington home. However, I’m sure the population would double if the state could get all that rain under control.

What are the employment opportunities in Washington?

In 2019 a study concluded that Washington was the second best state in the country for job opportunities. The state is home to Amazon, Boeing, Nintendo, Starbucks and Microsoft. So finding a job should be easier to do here than in many other states.  

However, if you want a comfortable salary, it’ll be best to get a job as a pharmacist, development manager or Human Resource manager (of course, there are plenty of more high paying careers).

How are the schools in Washington?

Washington has very high performing school districts. But this shouldn’t be surprising considering its robust economy and infrastructure. These factors normally go hand-in-hand.

The best school district in Washington is the Snoqualmie Valley School District. And it’s one of just six districts in the nation to be awarded the AP Honor Rolls distinction for six years in a row.

What are the healthcare options in Washington?

The Washington healthcare system was recently ranked the 8th best in the nation according to the Social Security Research Center. 

​​The state spends $8,072 per capita on health care and has 60 hospitals. Making it a great place to call home if you value peace of mind as far as your health is concerned.

How is the weather in Washington?

While the state boasts having the perfect Summer weather (it rarely gets above 90 degrees), the rest of the seasons leave a bit to be desired. 

Winters can get pretty cold and the entire year is filled with many wet and gloomy days (due to the high amount of rain the state gets).

What is there to do in Washington?

It’s safe to say that most of your time will be spent recycling (I’m only half joking). But Washington does have a good amount of activities to keep you busy. 

For instance, Washington is widely considered the 8th most active state in the country. And as such, you’ll likely spend a good amount of time hiking, camping, skiing, and other fun outdoor activities.

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