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Key takeaways

  • Vancouver, Washington is a city with close proximity to the ocean, mountain-top skiing, and vast forests. In essence, it provides a little something for everyone.
  • Whether you’re buying or selling a home in the area, finding a Vancouver, WA realtor is imperative to not only getting the best deal possible, but educating yourself for further real estate transactions.
  • With several zip codes in the area, we’ll break down key hot-spots, and what it’s like to reside on different sides of the city to find which is best for you.

Top Real Estate Agents In Vancouver

Vancouver, Washington is a city at the center of adventure, with a close-knit community, and zero income tax. Located just 10 minutes north of Portland on the Columbia River, Vancouver’s ideal and picturesque location has led to a steep rise in its housing market over the last year. 

Whether you’ve had Vancouver as your target destination or if you’re just discovering this charming city, these resources are here to assist you in your search. Follow along our guide, then fill out our agent form to find an experienced real estate professional who can turn your housing dreams into reality.

Vancouver’s Housing Market

Median household income


Average home price


Average days on market


Rising Portland real estate values have driven many out of the city and into its suburbs. Vancouver is a popular choice, as the average median sale price has risen to $399,900. That’s a great value when compared to homes just 10 miles south in Portland—which average nearly $100,000 more in cost. 

Within the Vancouver real estate market, the median household income sits at $61,714, making home ownership much more manageable. 

That said, most greater Vancouver properties are selling in a lightning-quick 3-7 days, with over 50% of listed homes in 2020 selling for more than their list price!

Best Buyer Agents In Vancouver

Securing the perfect home in a highly competitive Vancouver real estate market can be tough. The process can be especially daunting for first-time or potential buyers. Even seasoned homeowners can learn a thing or two from a top-notch realtor.

For a quick and easy home buying transaction, fill out our real estate agent form today to find the best realtor in Vancouver, like:

Leigh Calvert of Hasson Group

A specialist at home relocation and finding the right neighborhood for your family, Leigh is patient with your first home buying experience and will be there for your next. Just ask his many repeat clients.

Brandi Whitaker

This Vancouver realtor takes a scientific approach to real estate, putting to use her Bachelors of Science. Brandi incorporates tools learned while in the lab—data gathering, strategy, and organization to find you the right home, at the right price.

The Blom Team

Located in the East part of town near Camas, this team takes the time to care and educate you with your first home purchase by planning for potential obstacles and strategizing to get you the very best. If you’re searching for a team that’s family-owned and operated, look no further than the Blom Team.

Best Seller Agents In Vancouver

Taking advantage of the red-hot real estate market is a smart idea. Whether you’re leveraging the situation to upgrade to a new home, or perhaps leaving the area, it’s equally important to have excellent representation. The right Vancouver real estate agent wisely markets your home, stages it for viewing, and could potentially have a buyer already in mind. 

No matter what your goals are, a seller agent is there to help quicken the sales process. To find the right partner, fill out our form to connect with Vancouver area realtors like:

April Treacy

A well-rounded real estate professional and local area expert. April teams up with her husband to bring an old-school work ethic to the modern world. Their approach brings lightning quick sales for a wide array of clientele. Going with April means going with success.

Jessica Eisenhauer

Jessica and her team have been ranked number 1 for the last 3 years in the Oregon-Washington area. A go-getter if there ever was one; Jessica sold 55 homes her first year in the business, while working a separate full-time job. Lucky for you, she’s since dedicated herself entirely to real estate. Imagine what you can accomplish together.

Lori Lanning

Perhaps you’re looking for a different approach for your next property. If so, Lori specializes in luxury condo sales. Lori has over 15 years of experience in the condo market and will suit all of your real estate needs. Her offices are located on the edge of the Willamette River.

Get To Know Vancouver

With its majestic views, small-town vibes, and vast active-lifestyle options, Vancouver has something for everyone. Get a better feel for “The Couv” with this list of city data, trends, and entertainment choices:

What is the population of Vancouver?

As of 2020, the US Census puts Vancouver’s population at 184,463.

What are the employment opportunities in Vancouver?

Even in a small town, there are nearly 14,000 employment opportunities presently posted on ZipRecruiter alone; ranging from Dental Hygienist to Railroad Engineer.

What are the public schools in Vancouver?

Vancouver Public Schools is a system of 36 schools, ranging from K-12.  Vancouver iTech Preparatory and the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics are among the highly-rated in the area.

What are the healthcare options in Vancouver?

Vancouver shares much of its hospital network with Portland. This system of medical centers offers some of the west coast’s best possible healthcare. 5-star rated Randall Children’s Hospital and Ray Hickey Hospice House provide the very best for your loved ones.

What’s the weather like in Vancouver?

Similar to virtually any city on the west coast, Vancouver is susceptible to earthquakes. However, the odds of a major earthquake hitting the area are fairly low.

What is there to do in Vancouver?

Vancouver’s entertainment options suit just about every type of lifestyle. If adventure is what you seek, head to Columbia River Gorge and hike to the threshold of Syncline Cliff. If food and drinks are what you crave are what you crave, Vancouver is the perfect place for you. Stop in at one of the many farm to table restaurants or sample craft beer at a “brewfest,” a multi-seasonal celebration of local breweries.

Hottest Zip Codes

These wide-ranging zip codes in Vancouver offer many different options for Vancouver living. Find the one that’s best for you:


To find the heart of Vancouver, all avenues go through Esther Short. This area is trendy and holds much of the culture and heritage of Vancouver. Easy walkability to dining, shops, art galleries, and Esther Short Park; 5 acres of public space full of luscious greenery, playgrounds, and a rose garden.


Located in close proximity to Vancouver Lake, Lake Shore residents enjoy the natural beauty of the land and a close-knit feeling. The area is close enough to Vancouver proper and its amenities while not living a busy city life.


If you’re seeking a bit of a quieter living experience, look into Camas, located about 15 miles outside of Vancouver. Camas has become a budding hot spot for real estate; its affordability, school system, extensive greenery, parks, and hiking trails have led families to flock to the area.

Find Your Vancouver Real Estate Agent

Young professionals, established families, and retirees all call Vancouver home—it’s a city with amenities for everyone. Familiarize yourself now if you’re planning a move to the area. Beautiful scenery and clean air await you in Vancouver. And if you’ve been in the city for years, you’ll have lots to talk about with your new Vancouver realtor.

The next step is to fill out a form and let us know whether you’re buying or selling. From there, you can begin or continue to live your West Coast dream.